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    As KMAT exam is approaching near, for which merely three days are left, students must be getting tensed over last attempt of the coming academic session. For the September applicants of KMAT 2016, the exam is just three days away, in case you are still not in the loop of it, worry not! We will provide you with the needed help. This article explains everything related to KMAT preparation tips and KMAT exam pattern, so that you can get a sigh of relief.

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    First of all, let us tell you about some basics of KMAT. The exam is conducted four times in a year, which helps the candidates for saving an extra year spent in preparation. For September session, the exam is scheduled to conduct on September 11, 2016. KMAT will comprise of 120 questions in total and the exam will be conducted in traditional pen & paper based mode. The paper is divided in three sections, namely:

    1. Verbal Ability

    2. Quantitative Ability

    3. Logical Reasoning

    Surely, the difficulty level of attempting KMAT exam is lesser than other management exams like CAT,IIFT and others. This gives an extra edge to KMAT exam as loads of applicants apply for this exam. Due to the large number of applicants, the competition will be escalated to different level. But, no worries, we will give you an antidote in form of last minute preparatory tips.

    Before giving you some tips on how to attempt KMAT exam, let us get acquainted with KMAT exam pattern, as to know which section carries what amount of weightage. This will help you to get a fair idea of preparing every section in accordance to managing time and preparing effectively.

    KMAT Exam Pattern

    The total number of questions asked in KMAT (MBA/MCA/PGDM) 2016 is 120 divided among 4 sections viz. Verbal Ability, Quantitative Ability, Logical Reasoning and General Science. There is no negative marking. Candidates will be awarded one mark for each correct answer. No marks will be deducted for questions not attempted. Questions asked in KMAT is of moderate level and Secondary standard.

    SectionQuestionsDuration (In minutes)
    1. Language Comprehension (Verbal Ability)4040
    2. Mathematical Skills (Quantitative Ability)4040
    3. Basic Aptitude (Logical Reasoning + General Awareness)4040

    Preparatory Tips for KMAT exam

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    Preparatory Tips for Quantitative Aptitude (Mathematical Skills)

    Try to learn as many formulas as you can, get a clear understanding of formulas and try to be on toes for mathematical calculations. This section includes a thorough knowledge on varied categories like Arithmetic Progression, Ratios and Proportion, Geometric mean, Algebra, Median, Profit & Loss, Trigonometry etc. In two days you can’t attain a through a knowledge of Quant section, so we will recommend you to go through previous year’s MAT exam papers, so that one can get a fair idea of type of questions, he/she will need to attempt in the exam.

    Preparatory Tips for Language Comprehension

    English comprehension section looks easy, but actually it’s a tricky one! So don’t get fooled by this one. This area of KMAT exam will check candidate's knowledge on Syllogisms, Contextual Usage, Jumbled paragraphs, Sentence correction etc. Language comprehension is said to be the easiest section among all the sections, as its tests your basic knowledge, which you must have studied in your school time. Revisit and revise your grammar books and try to attempt the mock questions provided in the book, this will strengthen what you have studied earlier. Watching English movies can also help to escalate your voab. READ, SPEAK, LISTEN and WRITE as much as you can!

    Preparatory Tips for Critical Reasoning (Logical Reasoning)

    Try solving puzzles, problems and questions around you. Ask to yourself, these four questions- WHEN, WHAT, WHERE and WHY to analyse the problems which will help you crack this section in better terms. KMAT aspirant can improve his/her reasoning ability by solving puzzles within a time limit. This will be help you in time management too. Practice solving puzzle, twice in a day. Time management is the most important key in solving the puzzle of preparation of KMAT exam. Critical Reasoning section includes logical reasoning, Assertions and reasons, Identification of strong arguments and Weak arguments, linear arrangement etc.

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    Last Minute Guidelines

    In the hassle of preparation, students tend to forget important details about the exam, which they used to remember before. Below are some helping tips which will help you till the last minute of KMAT exam so that you can remember every bit of the exam, in order to achieve fruitful results.

    1. Try to plan your time strategically and denote that time accordingly to each section, while attempting KMAT exam. Plan in advance, how much time you want to devote to each section in accordance to the section which you consider is strongest on your part in comparison to the section to which your consider your weakest preparation. Devote your initial hours to your strongest area.
    2. Writing speed, sometimes can act as a biggest drawback for candidates attempting exam. Work on your speed of writing as this will ultimately help in time management. You won’t be hassled while writing KMAT exam and would be able to complete exam on time which will enable you to revise your exam and revision is like giving a final touch to everything you have done in exam duration.
    3. Since, you have stressed yourself way too much in preparation process, the last day is the time to chill and relax. Keep the last day for nothing. KMAT aspirants has been studying for quite an ample amount of time and they deserve to keep their brain on rest before giving a final shot, so we recommend that at last hours of KMAT exam just EAT, PLAY and SLEEP!
    4. Attempt your KMAT exam with all the confidence. At times nervousness can spoil the game and can lead to disappointing results. You know you have prepared well for exam and being confident is your right, no one can snatch that from you. So worry not and be confident!

    We suggest you to go through the KMAT question paper thoroughly at the beginning and solve the easier questions first and save the difficult ones for last, as they consume more time and your time management won’t take a toll, if you do this.



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    Is there negative marking for Kerala mat July session

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    Hello Shilpa, No, there is no negative marking provision.

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