KMAT 2020 Quantitative Ability Topic Wise Preparation With Questions, Best Books, Important Topics

    KMAT Quantitative Ability has 40 questions which candidates must solve in ideally 40 minutes despite there is no sectional time limit. Quantitative Ability tests a candidate’s capability to solve mathematical problems in a limited time.

    Table of Contents

    KMAT 2020 Paper is divided into 3 parts- Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, Quantitative Ability and Logical Reasoning. KMAT 2020 syllabusis of 10+2 or equivalent level.

    • Quantitative Ability section assesses the ability of a candidate to solve numerical problems with accuracy and speed.
    • It will have questions to evaluate how students can work with numbers, do numerical calculations and understand various mathematical problems.
    • Candidates will be awarded +1 marks for each correct response.
    • There is no negative marking applicable for this exam. See KMAT Paper Pattern

    KMAT 2020 Exam Pattern

    KMAT 2020 questions are asked in the form of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). There is a total of 40 questions in each section. The difficulty level of the exam is moderate. For Quantitative Aptitude sections, maximum questions can be expected from the Arithmetic.

    Topics such as Simple and Compound Interest, Profit and Loss, Percentage, etc carries maximum marks. This is followed by questions on Geometry, Mensuration, Probability and other such chapters. Applicants who have practiced numerous problems will face no challenge in this section.

    Basic Preparation Tips and Tricks for KMAT 2020 Quantitative Aptitude

    The questions asked in quantitative aptitude section are not tough but tricky. Following are some tips that will help candidates prepare better for this section:

    • Time, distance and speed: Using Progressions (Arithmetic & Harmonic)

    In questions where there is a situation when a person is going from point A to point B at various speeds and taking various times. Now, distance is constant while speed and time is inversely proportional to each other. This can be used to find out that:

    1. If the speeds that are mentioned are in AP, then the time taken will be in HP.
    2. If the mentioned speeds are in HP, then the time taken will be in AP.
    • Use Approximations: To approximate Actual values

    If applicants need to find the actual value of a given fraction, then represent the numerator as sum or difference of terms related to denominator.

    Eg: To fine the approximate value of 1449/132 then,
    1449 = 1320 + 132 – 3
    1449/132 = 10 + 1 – a small value ≈ little less than 11 (actual value is 10.977)

    • Profit and Loss: Important shortcuts
    1. Profit percentage = [profit (quantity) / (Total quantity – profit)] x 100
    2. Loss percentage = [Loss (quantity) / (Total quantity + loss)] x 100
    • Aspirants should practice around 50 questions for each topic to master all kinds of questions that can be asked.

    KMAT 2020 Quantitative Aptitude Important Topics

    In KMAT, most questions asked are about Arithmetic and Algebra. So, we have laid more stress on the chapter that come under these. The 4 main topics in Arithmetic and Algebra are mentioned below-

    • Profit and Loss
    • Inequalities
    • Time, speed and distance
    • Average

    KMAT 2020 Quantitative Ability Sample Questions

    KMAT Quantitative Ability Questions for Profit and Loss

    Ques. If 17 balls are sold at INR 720, a loss equal to the cost price of 5 balls occurs. The cost price of a ball is

    A. INR 45                 B. INR 50                   C. INR 55                 D. INR 60

    Ans. The answer can be arrived at by using this direct formula, Cp of ball = selling price of all balls / [total balls – loss (no of balls)]

    = 720/ (17-5)

    = INR 60

    Ques. A shopkeeper uses a weight of 460 gm instead of 500 gm and sells the article at the cost price. What is the profit percentage?

    A.40%                   B.23%                    C.8 +16/23 %                      D.20%

    Ans.  Profit percentage = [(500 – 460)/460] x 100

    = (40/460) x100

    Ques. On selling an article for INR 576 a trader loses 4%. For gaining 25/6 % he must sell the article for

    A. INR 655    B. INR 676        C. INR 625       D. INR 600

    Ans. By using this formula, previous selling price x 100 x (1+ gain percent)/ (1 – loss percent)

    = 576 x 100 x (1+25/600)/ (1 – 4/100)

    = INR 625

    KMAT Quantitative Ability Questions For Time, Speed and Distance

    Ques. Raj, Rohit and Kiran start from the same place and travel in the same direction at speeds of 30, 40 and 60 kmph respectively. Rohit starts 2 hours after Raj. If Rohit and Kiran overtake Raj at the same instant, how many hours after Raj did Kiran start?

    Ans. The speeds are in HP, so time taken will be in AP. Time difference between Raj and Rohit is 2 hours, so the time difference between Rohit and Kiran will also be 2 hours. So, Kiran started 4 hours after Raj.

    Ques. Rishi Bedi can swim a certain course against the river flow in 84 minutes; he can swim the same course with the river flow in 9 minutes less than he can swim in still water. How long would he take to swim the course with the river flow?

    Ans. Speed of Rishi is Rb and Speed of the river is R. Hence, Rishi Bedi’s speeds against the river flow, in still water and with the river flow are,
    Rb - R, Rb and Rb + R.
    This is an AP.
    Hence, the time taken will be in HP.
    The time taken to row down with the stream is t, then 84, t+9 and t are in HP. So, t + 9 = (2 * 84 * t) / (84 + t)
    t^2 + 93t + 756 = 168t
    t^2 - 75t + 756 = 0
    t = 63 or 12

    For Inequalities

    Ques. Minimum value of (a + b + c) (1/a + 1/b + 1/c)?

    A. 3                   B. 6                           C. 8                     D. 9

    Ans. Equate a =b = c, you get 3a * 3/a = 9

    Ques. Solve (1 + x2) / (x2 - 5x + 6) < 0

    A. x < 2               B. x > 3             C. 2 < x < 3            D. Both a and b

    Ans. Put x= 2.5 and check if LHS is +ve or not. Answer is Option C

    Ques. If ab < = 28, bc < = 14, ac < = 8, then what is the max value of the product of a, b and c?

    A. 196              B. 28            C. 56               D. 112

    Ans. Multiply the 3, (abc)2 < = 28 * 14 * 4 < = 56 * 56 < = 562, Hence abc < = 56, Max value = 56

    For Averages

    Ques. Tea worth INR 126/kg and INR 135/kg are mixed a third variety in ratio of 1:1:2. If the mixture of worth INR 153/kg, price of third variety per kg will be?

    A. 169.5                       B. 170                    C. 175                     D. 180

    Ans. 126 x 1 + 135 x 1 + 2 x t = 153 x (1+1+2)
    = > 126 + 135 + 2t = 612
    = > 261 + 2t = 612
    = > t = 175.50.

    Ques. 17 students are there in a class. 16 students took the test, the average was 77. The next day 17 students took the test and new average is 78. What was the grade of 17th one?

    A.78                            B.80                        C.91                        D.94

    Ans. Grade of 17th one = total marks of 17 students – total marks of 16 students

    = 17 x 78 – 16 x 77= (16+1) (77+1) – 16x77

    = 16x77+16+77+1-16x77=94.

    Ques. Average weight of 11 players is increased by 1kg. When one player of team weighing 55kg is replaced by a new player. Find weight of the new player.

    Ans. Average weight of each player = a.

    weight of new player = k.

    11a - 55 + k = 11(a+1)

    k - 55 = 11

    k = 66.

    KMAT 2020 Quantitative Ability Reference Books

    Given below are few books below which cover the basic topics of this section:

    Book namePublisher/ Author’s name
    Quantitative Aptitude and Data InterpretationNishit Sinha
    Quantitative Aptitude for MBA Entrance ExaminationsAbhijit Guha
    How to prepare for Data Interpretation for CATTata McGraw Hill
    Mathematics for MBA Entrance ExamsR S Aggarwal



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