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    Avanish Kumar appeared for KMAT in 2010. He had a percentile score of 94.8. He pursued his studies from Sambhram Institute of Technology. During his interview, he shares his beautiful experience of his journey for getting admission.

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    Ques. Name of the Institution where you took Admission

    Ans. After getting a good percentile of 94.8. I had appeared for counselling in three colleges for the admission in MCA. The colleges were MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology and Sambhram Institute of Technology respectively. Though I was selected in all of them, still I preferred to select Sambhram Institute of Technology due to its attractive Fees Structure and easy accommodation nearby. There was a face to face interview with Padma madam in SaIT admission department.

    Ques. How was your experience in the Interview?     

    Ans. The interview went very well as it was having more personal and the academics related questions. After few hours of interview, the receptionist confirmed my eligibility and gave me the admission form with the college brochure to fill.

    Ques. The Institutes that offered you Admission?      

    Ans. I was offered admission from M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, Sambhram Institute of Technlogy and CMR Institute of Technology.

    Ques. Apart from KMAT, which exams did you appear in? 

    Ans. OJEE(Orissa Joint Entrance Examination), WB-JEE JECA and Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi

    Ques. How would you rate the following Preparation Strategy in terms of their efficiency in your story?

    Coaching ClassesNCERT Text BooksOnline Study MaterialCoaching Study MaterialMock & Sample Test PapersStudy GroupsSubject Wise ClassesSelf-Study
    ModerateModerateHighModerateHighVery HighHighVery High

    Ques. Name the Coaching Institute you joined and its Role in your Story? 

    Ans. Satyam Computer Education, Muzaffarpur, Bihar. It had a pivotal role in scoring to all my competitive exams. The teachers were very much aggressive towards taking challenges of solving the sample sets of any exam. The only limitation is this institute is not famous around India. You can't get an online tutorial from here. Joining a coaching institute is always beneficial as it gives you an opportunity of group study too.

    Ques. Rate the Role of you Coaching Institute (Classroom or Online) in cracking KMAT?       

    Ans. 9

    Ques. How did you manage your KMAT preparation along with your Graduation studies/working hours? 

    Ans. I had joined the coaching classes for my Graduation studies. The Competitive Exam batches were in series to the grad papers. It was not a big deal to spend 1 hour extra as the competition classes were also helpful in preparing for grad final year exams.

    Ques. What were your Strong and Weak areas? How did you prepare and what special efforts did you put for improving them?

    Ans. I was good in Mathematics and Aptitude and this helped me in cracking almost all the exams I appeared. To crack the Master Level Competition exams, General Affairs, Aptitude and Mathematics are the key preparations. A good preparation of English adds stars over it. So, my suggestions are to go for the GA and Aptitude first with Mathematics, and English for better scoring.

    Ques. What is your Five Point Rule to excel KMAT 2016?  

    Ans. Though I'm not appearing in KMAT 2016, still my suggestions would be to focus on the Aptitudes, sample papers as well as practice sets available online/ in market to crack it. The universal rule of More Practice More Bright is 200% applicable in this case.
    What Mock Papers did you take?

    Ans. Apart from the coaching classes, I followed Arihant Guides and Sample papers of KMAT. Arihant has a very good level of questions which might not be easily crack able for people coming apart from science background. It has very good questions and having a very helpful sample paper with the online exam pattern.

    Ques. Websites you followed regularly for practicing sample papers and get updates?

    Ans. I used to visit and Indiabix for aptitude preparation. I downloaded the syllabus from the websites and prepared accordingly.

    Ques. Language Comprehension: Discuss the Strategy and Books you followed for this section

    Ans. Language comprehension or say preparation of English section was something that I had worried about before appearing for the exams. But if you follow proper books viz. A Comprehensive Guide for MCA Entrance Examination by Arihant and it has proper English guidance. But if you want to go further deep in English the other books like banking preparation books are also very useful.

    Ques. Mathematical Skills: Discuss the Strategy and Books you followed for this section.

    Ans. I just followed the syllabus and had thorough preparation. A quick hand on the syllabus makes a better chance of success in the exams.        

    Ques. Logical reasoning: Discuss the Strategy and Books Followed  

    Ans. Logical reasoning is based on the following sections: Linear Algebra Dissimilar Test, Mathematics Reasoning and Alphabet Test. So prepare these topics well to excel in the section.

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    Ques. Share your thoughts on the Strategy for the aspirant who is starting two months before the exam.   

    Ans. The only key I had to score nice was- prepare well. I worked as much as I could on all the aspects of preparing for the exam. So, the same rule applies for all the aspirants, no matter you are preparing for IIT or WB-JECA. Well, I would suggest that spend as long as possible preparing for the exam. The more familiar you are with exams, the less frightening they seem and the easier they are to complete properly.

    Ques. What are the things you would like to go back in time and change to get into a better college?        

    Ans. No one gets satisfied from the results no matter what result you have got (apart from getting 100%, a myth). But I'm very happy with what I got. Still, if I would get any chance to change it, I would have preferred to join CMR Institute of Technology.



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