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7 Tricks to Get a Good Rank in WBJEE

Last Updated - April 06, 2017

As WBJEE is around the corner, students must get regular with their study schedule without wasting any more time. It is time to buck up and polish all that you have studied in all 3 subjects viz. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

We all know that self-study is the key to excel in any exam. But, a well-strategized study plan can improve your result. The first step for candidates preparing for WBJEE is that they must be well aware of WBJEE exam pattern and the syllabus. This will enable them to prepare more efficiently for the exam. It will also apprise them about the various aspects of the examination and what questions to expect in the actual exam.

This is one aspect of WBJEE Preparation. We have got for you 7 tricks to have a good rank in WBJEE. We assure you to have a better rank if you keep all these helpful tricks in mind.

WBJEE (West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination) 2017 will be held on April 23, 2017. It is a state level common entrance test organized by West Bengal Joint Entrance Examinations Board. The WBJEE will conduct the entrance examination in offline mode.

Trick 1- Understand WBJEE Exam Pattern and Syllabus well

Going through the Exam Pattern of WBJEE 2017 apprises candidates about the question pattern, marking scheme and other important details. WBJEE Exam Pattern 2017 will help candidates prepare for the examination in a more effective way.

Knowing the pattern and syllabus will also make the candidate prepare according to the weightage and so that candidate can give as much time to that particular subject or topic accordingly. Here is WBJEE Paper Pattern that all you aspirants can refer to:

WBJEE Exam Pattern Highlights
Type of QuestionMultiple Choice Question
Mode of ExamOffline
Duration2 hours for Chemistry + Physics, 2 hours for Mathematics
SubjectsPhysics, Chemistry, Mathematics
Total no. of QuestionsPhysics- 40 Chemistry- 40 Mathematics- 75
Total no. of marksPhysics + Chemistry – 100 Mathematics- 100
Marking schemeQ Category 1: Candidates will be awarded one mark for correct answer. ¼ marks will be deducted for incorrect answer for combination of more than one option. Q Category 2: Candidates will be awarded 2 marks for correct answer. ½ marks will be deducted for incorrect answer. Q Category 3: Candidates will be awarded 2 marks for correct answers; no marks will be deducted for incorrect answer.

Category of questions

SubjectQuestion Category 1Question Category 2Question Category 3
Physics + Chemistry30×1 marks + 30×1 marks5×2 marks + 5×2 marks5×2 marks + 5×2 marks
Mathematics50X1 mark15×2 marks10×2 marks

WBJEE Syllabus 2017

Candidates can refer to the below table to learn about all important topics in all the three subjects viz. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. You can chart out as to which ones to study first and which ones to in end.

Important Topics and Weightage in MathematicsImportant Topics and Weightage in PhysicsImportant Topics and Weightage in Chemistry
Vectors (7%)Current Electricity (7%)Chemical Kinetics (7%)
Probability (7%)Heat & Thermodynamics (6%)Chemical Bonding (6%)
Three-Dimensional Geometry (6%)Electrostatics (6%)Transition Elements – d& f block (6%)
Matrices Determinants (5%)Magnetic Effect of Current & Magnetism (6%)s-block Elements (6%)
Limits (5%)Work Energy Power (5%)General Organic Chemistry (6%)
Indefinite Integration (5%)Wave Motion (5%)p-block Elements (5%)
Sets, Relations & Functions (5%)Simple Harmonic Motion (5%)Redox Reactions (5%)
Definite Integration (5%)Physics of Nucleus (5%)Ionic Equilibrium (4%)
Theory of Equations (4%)Solids & Semiconductor Devices (5%)Chemical Equilibrium (4%)
Permutation & Combination (4%)Modern Physics -Atomic Models (5%)Coordination Compounds (4%)
Complex Numbers (4%)Center of Mass, Impulse & Momentum (5%)Carboxylic Acid & its Derivatives (4%)
-Laws of Motion (4%)Alcohol Phenol Ether (4%)
-Rotational Motion (4%)Chemical Thermodynamics (4%)

Trick 2- Draw a SWOT Analysis

Once you complete going through WBJEE Syllabus 2017 and exam pattern, draw a SWOT analysis which will make help you know where to start the preparation from or which are the topics to be focused on. SWOT analysis stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Weakness. You should regularly assess your preparation in sync with your strengths and weaknesses. It also helps you work on your improvement areas for an overall good score. Do also take note of the possible opportunities and threats.

Draw a SWOT Analysis

Trick 3- Time-Management and Previous Year Papers

Time-Management and Previous Year Papers

Managing time is one of the most important factors that can have a bearing on your score. Take as many online mock tests and the last year papers as possible to master the exam time. This will make you confident during WBJEE 2017. This practice can help you attempt more questions in less time.

Trick 4- Revise Constantly

Revise Constantly

Preparing for WBJEE involves a study of a vast variety of topics in each subject. Hence, it’s critical that you revise a topic multiple times so that you remember the topics well in exam. Focus well on the weak points, revise them well and make them strong and confusion free.

Trick 5- Refer Study Material

Refer Study Material

Referring to study materials like books or online resources is another useful option. They hold an important value of their own. They help candidate learn the topics in a proper and accurate manner, elaborating on the best methods of learning and remembering a topic. These study materials play a crucial role in making you confident for each subject/topic.

Trick 6- Track Progress

Track Progress

Preparation for a highly competitive exam like WBJEE 2017 is a two-way process. First, one is required to study, learn, unlearn and relearn the topics that are included in the syllabus. Then comes the second process, which includes the testing part. This encompasses the level of preparation the candidate has done so far. This will help the candidate to know where he actually stands. He can then judge himself of what all he still remembers and what all is to be learnt again.

Trick 7- Avoid Guess Work

Candidates must be well aware of the presence of negative marking for wrong answers in WBJEE. So, avoid guesswork and attempt only those questions that you’re 100% confident about. Negative marking can make your score down. Read the question carefully before you select an answer. Do not be in a hurry and put a well-though reason before you mark your answer.

The countdown for WBJEE 2017 has already begun. Students must have already geared up for a tough preparation schedule ahead. With only a month left for the exam, it’s time you begin with your revision to score a good rank in WBJEE 2017.

Last but not the least, keep your mind calm. Don’t panic if you leave any topic. Just revise what all you have covered and believe in yourself! GOOD LUCK!



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