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How to prepare Chemistry for WBJEE 2017?

Last Updated - March 24, 2017

WBJEE 2017 (West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination) observes a number of students appearing for it each year. Just like every other competitive exam in India, WBJEE too witnesses a neck to neck competition with around 3 lakh candidates fighting for a seat in any one of WBJEE Participating Institutes 2017. Many miss out on admissions in their choice of college due to this intense competition of securing the top most marks.

Preparing for WBJEE is not easy. It requires one to devote a good amount of time on studying the subject and then practice it to perfect. Comparatively, Chemistry is one of the most scoring subjects in the exam, but that doesn't mean that the subject is an easy one to prepare. We have compiled some tips to guide you on how to prepare Chemistry for WBJEE 2017.

Preparation tips for WBJEE 2017 Chemistry

Here is a hands-on guide on how to prepare for Chemistry WBJEE 2017, to help you ace the chemistry section like a pro.

Be thorough with WBJEE Chemistry Exam Pattern & Syllabus

The key to secure a good rank in WBJEE 2017 is to study smart and efficiently than just blindly following the books and other study materials. Learning the exam pattern & being familiar with WBJEE Syllabus 2017 is one way to go about it. You can have a look at the detailed WBJEE Exam Pattern 2017 to have a fair idea about WBJEE.

There are 3 types of questions that are generally asked in WBJEE:

Category 1: One mark for each correct answer and 0.25 marks are cut for every incorrect answer.

Category 2: Two marks for each correct answer, and 0.25 marks cut for every incorrect answer.

Category 3: Multiple answer questions, No negative marking.

The Chemistry section in WBJEE 2017 consists 30 questions from category 1 & 5 questions each from Category 2 & 3.

As for the WBJEE Syllabus 2017 for Chemistry, the main topics are as follows:

  • Atoms, Molecules and Chemical Arithmetic, Atomic Structure, Radioactivity and Nuclear Chemistry
  • The Periodic Table and Chemical Families, Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure, Coordination Compounds
  • Solid State, Liquid State, Gaseous State
  • Chemical Energetics and Chemical Dynamics, Physical Chemistry of Solutions, Ionic and Redox Equilibria
  • Hydrogen, Chemistry of Non-Metallic Elements and their Compounds, Chemistry of Metals, Chemistry in Industry, Polymers
  • Surface Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Chemistry of Carbon Compounds, Aliphatic Compounds
  • Haloalkanes and Haloarenes, Alcohols, Ethers, Aldehydes and Ketones, Carboxylic Acids, Aliphatic Amines, Aromatic Compounds
  • Application Oriented chemistry
  • Introduction to Bio-Molecules
  • Principles of Qualitative Analysis

Time Management

No one can question the importance of time management in any field. The field of Chemistry is no different. One needs to manage his/her time and dedicate it to the subject with full dedication. Learning the syllabus will be effective if the right amount of time is assigned on each topic. It helps aspirants finish their preparation well in time.

Get proper Guidance/Coaching

Self-study is not a bad thing, but this is not an ordinary school exam. As mentioned earlier, WBJEE 2017 is a highly competitive exam and it requires a different outlook to prepare which can be achieved if an aspirant gets the proper guidance. It is important for a candidate to know the tips & tricks to be able to quickly solve the questions within the time span. Moreover, they need to get a feel of the competitive environment. WBJEE Coaching centers can provide that platform where every aspirant can learn the know how of doing well in exams like WBJEE.

Make NCERT your Bible (Organic Chemistry)

For Organic Chemistry, NCERT is the gold standard textbook. Every candidate appearing for the exam should use NCERT to prepare for WBJEE chemistry, especially Organic chemistry. Solving the problems from the NCERT textbook is crucial as most of the questions in the exam are based on the same.

Understand every concept (Inorganic Chemistry)

Inorganic chemistry is the technical part of chemistry. To do well in Inorganic chemistry, one needs to understand every concept of it instead of just mugging it up. If the core concepts are clear, then it won't be hard to grasp on the tougher topics ahead in progression. If needed, opt for advanced private publication books to prepare.

No Guess Work

Solving Chemistry questions in WBJEE 2017 can be tricky. It is a good thing, if you like to take risks but, every answer counts. For every incorrect answer, there is 0.25 negative marking. The only solution to this problem is that you either solve the question or you skip the question. Guess work can be good if you are having a lucky day but if not then good luck getting admissions in your favorite college.

Solve WBJEE Previous year Question Papers

As the saying goes, Practice makes a man perfect! Solving WBJEE Previous Years’ Papers (as many as possible) will give you enough practice to get a hang of the exam pattern. Moreover, it is a fact that many questions in the WBJEE exam are more or less similar to the previous year's papers. So, who would want to miss on that?


Chemistry is a subject which deals with allot of concepts, reactions and formulas. Revision is the least one can do to by heart these important concepts. It is critical to go through these concepts multiple times in order to increase your recall power.

WBJEE Preparation Books for Chemistry

Getting the right books is important. You can search & collect all the information you want on the internet and waste your time, or you can get a well-curated textbook to study from. Not to worry, we have listed below some of the best books to prepare for WBJEE for its chemistry section. These are recommended by candidates who have appeared for WBJEE in the previous years.

Book NameAuthor/Publication
Higher Secondary books- Part 1 & 2West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education
Chemistry Part 1 and Part 2NCERT-
Rudiments of Chemistry- MCQC TypeDavid Boswell Reid
Organic ChemistryArihant’s
Morrison and Boyd Organic ChemistryMorrision and Boyd
Dinesh ChemistrySK Malhotra

Read more about WBJEE 2017

We hope to have given you enough insights on how to prepare for chemistry in WBJEE 2017. Just be thorough with the exam pattern and syllabus, practice previous years’ question papers and refer to the recommended books, and you are good to go! Good luck!



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