Common Myths & Misconceptions: Every JEE Aspirant Must Know

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    Indian Institute of Technology is one of the most reputed and best engineering institutes in India. JEE Main & Advanced are the most difficult exams for admission to IIT. To get admission in IIT is the dream of most of the science students in India but it is also seen commonly that many of them back off due to lack of guidance and various myths & misconceptions related to JEE Main and advanced examination.

    It cannot be denied that Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) has proven to comprise of the toughest questions to pass. Although, many students every year crack this entrance test successfully by rigorous hard work, dedication and sincerity.

    In this article, we will talk about the myths and misconceptions that make candidates think that they are not good enough to crack this prestigious entrance examination. It just takes a good study plan to clear the exam.

    Below mentioned are four major myths that have possibly prevailed in the mind of many JEE aspirants:

    Myth 1: JEE entrance examination is too hard to crack

    Many students don’t even give it a try thinking that JEE would be very tough for them to crack. They tend to lose hope and apply for different entrances that according to them are within their reach. The exam is actually bit difficult in comparison to other entrance tests but obviously, it is not impossible to crack.

    The truth is, an average student can also pass JEE and get admission to the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, by grasping the basic concepts and understanding the exam pattern and syllabus with continuous practice.

    Myth 2: One doesn't need to revise for JEE exams

    It is known that there are different mind-sets of people in this world. Here, when there are a bunch of students who think JEE is not their cup of tea and opt not to apply for it. On the other hand, it is seen that there is another group of mind-sets that believe JEE is as simple as a child’s play which they could crack by simply studying CBSE syllabus. Check JEE MAIN Exam Pattern

    Yes, it is a myth that JEE is the at most difficult entrance test but also, it won’t be right to think that JEE is very easy and it could be cracked just like that. One definitely needs practice, dedication and revision to get through Joint Entrance Exam. Check JEE MAIN Syllabus

    Myth 3: Taking coaching for JEE is necessary

    Well, it does depend on the candidate to candidate whether they want to take up coaching or not. There are a lot of coaching centres across the nation that provides relevant JEE entrance test coaching. However, it is very important to let go the myth that only those are able to crack JEE who get professional coaching.

    It is very much possible to score well without coaching. All one needs to do is the smart study to get a good score. There is a very fine line between hard work and smart work that aspirants must understand. Also, there are several online sites that provide IIT JEE study material over the internet and constantly release IIT JEE Test Series as well as Video Lectures that proves to be helpful for students to gain confidence for their JEE exams. Read Best books for JEE Main Preparation

    Myth 4: Few hours of study to crack JEE exam

    JEE entrance test is not a piece of cake. It needs to be taken seriously. If one really wants to crack JEE entrance test and study in IIT which is the most reputed technical college of India, it is very important to spend the minimum of 6 hours daily to gain conceptual clarity which helps in solving questions in the test.

    Candidates necessarily need to create a study plan, understand the concepts well and practice. Also, the passion to be an IITian will give enough rage to stick to the timetable as without dedication no entrance could be cleared. As they say, practice makes a man perfect is the key to JEE success stories. Check here JEE MAIN Preparation Tips



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