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    JEE Main Topper of 2019, Shubham Shrivastava secured an AIR 1 and emerged as the topper in the state of Delhi. He was amongst 2,97,932 other candidates who sat for JEE Main entrance examination in the year 2019. After securing 99.99 percentile during the JEE main January session, he decided to give the entrance examination yet another shot by attempting the April session. His success has been a motivation for lakhs of JEE Main aspirants. Here are a few insights into his journey and how he went about achieving his goal:

    Was this his first attempt at JEE Main?

    Shubham admits of having appeared for the JEE Main January session in the year 2019. This was his second attempt. In his first attempt, he had qualified for the JEE Main 2019, scoring second to Naveen Jindal who secured 99.99%. He then decided to reattempt the exam and landed up with AIR 1 with a perfect 100 percentile.

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    What made Shubham go for JEE Main 2019?

    On being asked what was his reason for reattempting the exam, he shares, he was quite satisfied with the score he obtained in his first try. However, he was happy to reattempt the exams as many of his friends were taking it and he was more than willing to revise his course. His father who works for Air India was an alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-M), while his sister is currently pursuing B.Tech from the Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIIT Delhi). He always aspired to be an engineer and study from either IIT- Bombay or IIT-Delhi. Thus, he retook the exam in April.

    How did he balance his preparation for JEE Main 2019 paper and board examinations?

    Shubham shares, that he didn’t particularly follow any strategy for his exam. He went to coaching class where he received study material to prepare for the examination. He followed a strict routine on a daily basis for 2 years with utmost dedication. This is what made it possible for him to maintain a good balance amongst his school hours preparation for board examinations and entrance. As he loved solving problems, he practiced them regularly. He devoted his free time reading thriller novels and playing chess. Check JEE Main 2020 Preparation Tips

    What was the preparation strategy he followed for the exam?

    As Shubham was always interested in pursuing JEE, he kick-started his preparation way ahead of time after his completing class X. According to him, striking the right balance between study and entertainment aided him in setting his timetable and thereby preparing a suitable strategy. He devoted daily 3 to 4 hours in his preparation and put in all his dedication without getting it flinched by phone and games. He particularly focused on limiting his study resources and conceptual clarity.

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    Coaching Vs Self Study, what helped him more?

    Shubham believes a fine balance between coaching class and following a regular routine helped him gain the right boost for learning. He says,” I was a regular in school and also joined a coaching class for getting study material and proper training... As I was already a student of CBSE board, and since the exam is based on the lines of NCERT syllabus, it was easy to prepare for both boards and entrance exams simultaneously.”

    To what extent did he find Mock Tests and Previous Years’ Question Papers useful?

    According to Shubham, previous year question papers proved to be of great help to him as it rendered a deeper insight about what kind of questions are asked in the exam. He also added that making appropriate use of the available resources was a productive strategy. Taking up Mock Tests organized by NTA was particularly helpful for him, as he understood the exam pattern.

    What proved to be the most difficult aspect of JEE Main preparation for him?

    He didn’t find anything to be particularly difficult for him to prepare. According to him, referring to too many books is not a way out to prepare for the exam. Building a strong conceptual base is the correct methodology for succeeding in the paper.



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