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JEE Main Cut Off 2018 for NIT Warangal

Updated On - June 20th 2019

Admission to B.Tech. courses in NIT Warangal is done on basis of JEE Main. After the declaration of JEE Main Result, the institute will release opening and closing ranks for admission into these courses. JEE Main Cut off 2018 will vary for Home State, Other State and Andhra Pradesh Quota for NIT Warangal. Admissions in the institute will commence after JoSSA registration.  

Latest Update:- JEE Main 2019 Registration for April session is done from February 8 to March 7, 2019. Candidates who fulfil the complete eligibility criteria can apply at Apply Here

NIT Warangal offers specialization in 8 branches that are Bio Technology, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering and Electrical & Electronics Engineering.

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To ascertain chances of getting admission in NIT Warangal through JEE Main 2018, check the tables below depicting previous year trends:

JEE Main 2018 (Expected) Qualifying Marks for NITs

JEE Main qualifying marks will be released after the declaration of result. The expected qualifying marks to be eligible for JoSAA Counselling is mentioned below-

CategoryQualifying Marks (Expected)

NIT Warangal JEE Main Cut Off 2017 (Round 1)

Opening and closing ranks for admission into various specializations in NIT Warangal is mentioned below:

NIT Warangal JEE Main Cut off- General Category

QuotaBranchOpening RankClosing Rank
APBio Technology1830319407
APChemical Engineering948311036
APCivil Engineering96899975
APComputer Science and Engineering18251914
APElectrical and Electronics Engineering46615309
APElectronics and Communication Engineering38073982
APMechanical Engineering55955891
APMetallurgical and Materials Engineering1416714790
HSBio Technology1609121298
HSChemical Engineering955314442
HSCivil Engineering850711492
HSComputer Science and Engineering8502950
HSElectrical and Electronics Engineering46157151
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering15414950
HSMechanical Engineering55128521
HSMetallurgical and Materials Engineering1021116179
OSBio Technology528714833
OSChemical Engineering51359341
OSCivil Engineering62149687
OSComputer Science and Engineering11261763
OSElectrical and Electronics Engineering30294627
OSElectronics and Communication Engineering24053778
OSMechanical Engineering33045031
OSMetallurgical and Materials Engineering1003214022

NIT Warangal JEE Main Cut off- OBC Category

QuotaBranchOpening RankClosing Rank
APBio Technology63926392
APChemical Engineering39213980
APCivil Engineering31713628
APComputer Science and Engineering772858
APElectrical and Electronics Engineering24222667
APElectronics and Communication Engineering17551800
APMechanical Engineering20962096
APMetallurgical and Materials Engineering55395897
HSBio Technology63346976
HSChemical Engineering42235203
HSCivil Engineering33704337
HSComputer Science and Engineering7551329
HSElectrical and Electronics Engineering20193186
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering13602549
HSMechanical Engineering22893263
HSMetallurgical and Materials Engineering52626193
OSBio Technology49375883
OSChemical Engineering26383856
OSCivil Engineering20353015
OSComputer Science and Engineering357766
OSElectrical and Electronics Engineering13802234
OSElectronics and Communication Engineering7991736
OSMechanical Engineering10861991
OSMetallurgical and Materials Engineering32945378

NIT Warangal JEE Main Cut off- SC Category

QuotaBranchOpening RankClosing Rank
APBio Technology42484248
APChemical Engineering21852185
APCivil Engineering12581258
APComputer Science and Engineering438438
APElectrical and Electronics Engineering13261326
APElectronics and Communication Engineering784818
APMechanical Engineering10391039
APMetallurgical and Materials Engineering35023502
HSBio Technology27034110
HSChemical Engineering23182673
HSCivil Engineering2242305
HSComputer Science and Engineering4011047
HSElectrical and Electronics Engineering7061739
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering641500
HSMechanical Engineering9681661
HSMetallurgical and Materials Engineering25533475
OSBio Technology19622991
OSChemical Engineering14802128
OSCivil Engineering7091235

NIT Warangal JEE Main Cut off- ST Category

QuotaBranchOpening RankClosing Rank
APBio Technology----
APChemical Engineering11851185
APCivil Engineering----
APComputer Science and Engineering246246
APElectrical and Electronics Engineering603603
APElectronics and Communication Engineering611611
APMechanical Engineering586586
APMetallurgical and Materials Engineering----
HSBio Technology864988
HSChemical Engineering12351365
HSCivil Engineering60479
HSComputer Science and Engineering12252
HSElectrical and Electronics Engineering144466
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering296398
HSMechanical Engineering134162
HSMetallurgical and Materials Engineering12571357
OSBio Technology9901170
OSChemical Engineering7391092
OSCivil Engineering208382
NIT Warangal JEE Main Cut off

NIT Warangal JEE Main Cut Off 2016 (Round 1)

The opening and closing ranks for Computer Science and Engineering (General Category) was 2083 and 4289 respectively. Candidates can check the detailed, category wise NIT Warangal JEE Main Cut off 2016 below.

NIT Warangal JEE Main Cut off- General Category

QuotaBranchOpening RankClosing Rank
APBio Technology1458815564
APChemical Engineering84698975
APCivil Engineering74767868
APComputer Science and Engineering9791083
APElectrical and Electronics Engineering31543643
APElectronics and Communication Engineering20962262
APMechanical Engineering34943875
APMetallurgical and Materials Engineering1386614534
HSBio Technology816316643
HSChemical Engineering453810346
HSCivil Engineering40156646
HSComputer Science and Engineering2371000
HSElectrical and Electronics Engineering10293925
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering7891958
HSMechanical Engineering14394332
HSMetallurgical and Materials Engineering923115588
OSBio Technology420413991
OSChemical Engineering21248266
OSCivil Engineering30627370
OSComputer Science and Engineering274796
OSElectrical and Electronics Engineering10263152
OSElectronics and Communication Engineering5012090
OSMechanical Engineering3553221
OSMetallurgical and Materials Engineering631213847

NIT Warangal JEE Main Cut off- OBC Category

QuotaBranchOpening RankClosing Rank
APBio Technology58925892
APChemical Engineering33043305
APCivil Engineering22252339
APComputer Science and Engineering303399
APElectrical and Electronics Engineering11351183
APElectronics and Communication Engineering764803
APMechanical Engineering10201050
APMetallurgical and Materials Engineering50275228
HSBio Technology39705236
HSChemical Engineering22873273
HSCivil Engineering11921844
HSComputer Science and Engineering188356
HSElectrical and Electronics Engineering6311069
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering391614
HSMechanical Engineering7721386
HSMetallurgical and Materials Engineering34545022
OSBio Technology38075722
OSChemical Engineering24803039
OSCivil Engineering13992183
OSComputer Science and Engineering209292
OSElectrical and Electronics Engineering5191097
OSElectronics and Communication Engineering393653
OSMechanical Engineering558995
OSMetallurgical and Materials Engineering36684917

NIT Warangal JEE Main Cut off- SC Category

QuotaBranchOpening RankClosing Rank
APBio Technology24252425
APChemical Engineering18401840
APCivil Engineering933933
APComputer Science and Engineering198198
APElectrical and Electronics Engineering718718
APElectronics and Communication Engineering478478
APMechanical Engineering606606
APMetallurgical and Materials Engineering27432743
HSBio Technology17903586
HSChemical Engineering17292588
HSCivil Engineering3561120
HSComputer Science and Engineering75364
HSElectrical and Electronics Engineering553924
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering153517
HSMechanical Engineering4251303
HSMetallurgical and Materials Engineering22383307
OSBio Technology20492379
OSChemical Engineering7581645
OSCivil Engineering615891
OSComputer Science and Engineering46194
OSElectrical and Electronics Engineering170709
OSElectronics and Communication Engineering131475
OSMechanical Engineering162498
OSMetallurgical and Materials Engineering13272491

NIT Warangal JEE Main Cut off- ST Category

QuotaBranchOpening RankClosing Rank
APBio Technology----
APChemical Engineering918918
APCivil Engineering----
APComputer Science and Engineering205205
APElectrical and Electronics Engineering404404
APElectronics and Communication Engineering436436
APMechanical Engineering580580
APMetallurgical and Materials Engineering----
HSBio Technology560625
HSChemical Engineering344425
HSCivil Engineering125314
HSComputer Science and Engineering3697
HSElectrical and Electronics Engineering89196
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering86232
HSMechanical Engineering226334
HSMetallurgical and Materials Engineering353448
OSBio Technology10641356
OSChemical Engineering258835
OSCivil Engineering330371
OSComputer Science and Engineering14163
OSElectrical and Electronics Engineering193274
OSElectronics and Communication Engineering183341
OSMechanical Engineering37273
OSMetallurgical and Materials Engineering6821304

NIT Warangal JEE Main Cut Off 2015 (Round 1)

Following is a tabular representation of opening and closing ranks for Home State, Other State and Andhra Pradesh Quota for NIT Warangal.

NIT Warangal JEE Main Cut off- General Category

QuotaBranchOpening RankClosing Rank
HSBio Technology772816626
OSBio Technology734212961
HSChemical Engineering43949660
OSChemical Engineering33147293
HSCivil Engineering23375439
OSCivil Engineering33936357
HSComputer Science and Engineering2931233
OSComputer Science and Engineering56944
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering3672188
OSElectronics and Communication Engineering10631971
HSMechanical Engineering4603780
OSMechanical Engineering5863138
HSMetallurgical and Materials Engineering990014885
OSMetallurgical and Materials Engineering874013225
HSElectrical and Electronics Engineering20523621
OSElectrical and Electronics Engineering13473236

NIT Warangal JEE Main Cut off- OBC Category

QuotaBranchOpening RankClosing Rank
HSBio Technology35246119
OSBio Technology32165493
HSChemical Engineering19963957
OSChemical Engineering13613272
HSCivil Engineering10221515
OSCivil Engineering12001800
HSComputer Science and Engineering204498
OSComputer Science and Engineering192325
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering409682
OSElectronics and Communication Engineering394763
HSMechanical Engineering7111152
OSMechanical Engineering6341044
HSMetallurgical and Materials Engineering32495133
OSMetallurgical and Materials Engineering41075447
HSElectrical and Electronics Engineering625864
OSElectrical and Electronics Engineering5421131

NIT Warangal JEE Main Cut off- SC Category

QuotaBranchOpening RankClosing Rank
HSBio Technology13153610
OSBio Technology13852758
HSChemical Engineering13052408
OSChemical Engineering9981491
HSCivil Engineering2161302
OSCivil Engineering155937
HSComputer Science and Engineering45449
OSComputer Science and Engineering99276
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering249497
OSElectronics and Communication Engineering70539
HSMechanical Engineering961322
OSMechanical Engineering212496
HSMetallurgical and Materials Engineering24923112
OSMetallurgical and Materials Engineering17023311
HSElectrical and Electronics Engineering4111049
OSElectrical and Electronics Engineering234678

NIT Warangal JEE Main Cut off- ST Category

QuotaBranchOpening RankClosing Rank
HSBio Technology598660
OSBio Technology718718
HSChemical Engineering405549
OSChemical Engineering7281054
HSCivil Engineering142173
OSCivil Engineering71160
HSComputer Science and Engineering2397
OSComputer Science and Engineering24136
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering137189
OSElectronics and Communication Engineering20380
HSMechanical Engineering78187
OSMechanical Engineering127228
HSMetallurgical and Materials Engineering393393
OSMetallurgical and Materials Engineering12921416
HSElectrical and Electronics Engineering28239
OSElectrical and Electronics Engineering265336



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