NIT Allahabad JEE Main Cut Off 2019

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    For admissions into Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology (MNNIT) Allahabad, all of the applicants will have to meet the JEE Main cutoff for MNNIT Allahabad.

    Latest:- To Download JEE Main Admit Card Click Here​

    • NIT Allahabad will release opening and closing ranks for admission into these courses after the declaration of JEE Main Result
    • JEE Main Cut Off is released by CBSE under Home State and Other State Quota for general and reserved categories. Allotment of B.Tech seats in NITs will be purely based on this
    • JEE MAin Cut off for NITs is based on JEE Main qualifying marks and All India Ranks (AIR)
    • Cut off varies as per category and programs offered
    • Official cut off of NITs will be released by JoSAAA itself 

    JoSAA Counselling

    • Joint Seat Allocation Authority conducts the Counselling and Seat Allocation Process for 23 IITs, 31 NITs, 25 NITs, and 28 Other GFTIs
    • JEE Main 2020 and JEE Advanced qualified candidates are eligible to take part in JoSAA Counselling

    JEE Main 2020 Qualifying Marks for NITs (Expected Range) 

    The expected JEE Main Qualifying Marks for NITs based on the previous year trends are tabulated below: 

    Category Qualifying Marks 
    General 78-81 
    OBC – NCL 73-76 
    SC 54-57 
    ST 43-46 
    PwD 0-2 

    JEE Main 2019 Qualifying Marks for NITs 

    After the result declaration, qualifying marks are also released. The qualifying marks to be eligible for JoSAA Counselling is mentioned below – 

    Category Qualifying Marks 
    General 78.2174869 
    OBC – NCL 74.3166557
    SC 54.0128155
    ST 44.3345172

    JEE Main 2018 Cutoff 

    S.No  Course 

     Categories Home State Other State
    Opening Rank Closing Rank Opening Rank Closing Rank
    1Bio -Technology General 14272264301891730949
    OBC NCL  6420 9941 5722 9885 
    SC 3870 56693440 5266 
    ST 17845385 1559 2604 
    Chemical Engineering General 10716 15581 9611 17592 
    OBC NCL 4279 5553 4459 6000 
    SC 2015 2588 2361 2847 
    ST 3276 3532 10811553 
    Civil Engineering General 5013 15151 11447 15599
    OBC NCL 3286 4702 3036 4739 
    SC 705 2011 1256 1993 
    ST 759 1921 203 355 
    Computer Science Engineering General 1525 4454 1554 3504 
    OBC NCL 692 1669 701 1167 
    SC 305 674 370 713 
    ST 416 924 233 338 
    Electrical Engineering General 6076 89193252 8228
    OBC NCL 1524 2897 2048 2910 
    SC 882 1302 631 1444 
    ST 640 1206 308 381 
    6Electronics and Communication Engineering General 4372 7361 4167 7286 
    OBC NCL 1541 2810 1177 2654 
    SC 6661603 972 1804 
    ST 1531 3354 420 620
    Information Technology General 3961 6107 31585504
    OBC NCL 1547 2461 11441883
    SC 76311146321300
    ST 11391874439524
    8Mechanical Engineering General 376911001238810553
    OBC NCL 1987363418623370
    ST 671 1760402564
    9Product and Industrial Engineering General 1482819156 1285921752
    OBC NCL 5148 7902 6211 8773 
    SC 3464 4525 3420 6081 
    ST 3320 3320 2075 2302

    MNNIT Allahabad JEE Main Cut Off 2017

    JEE Main Cut off marks for NIT Allahabad is tabulated below. Candidates can check their category wise expected Cutoff marks for JEE Main 2018.

    NIT Allahabad JEE Main Cut Off 2017- General Category (Round 1)

    BranchHome StateOther State
    -Opening RankClosing RankOpening RankClosing Rank
    Bio Technology1453918953726018388
    Chemical Engineering963311314463911499
    Civil Engineering467110332734711644
    Computer Science and Engineering1206394917852940
    Electrical Engineering4489753022197292
    Electronics and Communication Engineering4522639343776123
    Information Technology3952509030174496
    Mechanical Engineering3520802229327833
    Production and Industrial Engineering9050145821353715876

    NIT Allahabad JEE Main Cut Off 2017- SC Category (Round 1)

    BranchHome StateOther State
    -Opening RankClosing RankOpening RankClosing Rank
    Bio Technology2924360326483998
    Chemical Engineering1720230026693110
    Civil Engineering134818615952018
    Computer Science and Engineering241881299766
    Electrical Engineering114514787541666
    Electronics and Communication Engineering134719639851822
    Information Technology101515135361467
    Mechanical Engineering34514526601706
    Production and Industrial Engineering2736330631913720

    NIT Allahabad JEE Main Cut Off 2017- ST Category (Round 1)

    BranchHome StateOther State
    -Opening RankClosing RankOpening RankClosing Rank
    Bio Technology2400281917422109
    Chemical Engineering2269245117291729
    Civil Engineering9182150433631
    Computer Science and Engineering319654228457
    Electrical Engineering542969494525
    Electronics and Communication Engineering1290223873743
    Information Technology121722297851151
    Mechanical Engineering13682025593773
    Production and Industrial Engineering2507250711181721

    NIT Allahabad JEE Main Cut Off 2017- OBC Category (Round 1)

    BranchHome StateOther State
    -Opening RankClosing RankOpening RankClosing Rank
    Bio Technology4384719746336801
    Chemical Engineering3409400044294997
    Civil Engineering2904380231353984
    Computer Science and Engineering85615255391375
    Electrical Engineering1373250620502606
    Electronics and Communication Engineering1670271713572570
    Information Technology1752226615752208
    Mechanical Engineering1479276016713039
    Production and Industrial Engineering5385571656276181
    JEE main Cut

    MNNIT Allahabad JEE Main Cut Off 2016

    The home state opening and closing rank for bio technology, JEE Main Allahabad (general category) was 14270 and 18113 respectively.  Candidates can check below the detailed category wise MNNIT JEE Main 2016 Cutoff for further reference.

    NIT Allahabad JEE Main 2016 Cutoff- General Category

    BranchHome StateOther State
    -Opening RankClosing RankOpening RankClosing Rank
    Bio Technology14270181131565119272
    Chemical Engineering836111471504110071
    Civil Engineering63731052963669426
    Computer Science and Engineering129629695431692
    Electrical Engineering3687743626795826
    Electronics and Communication Engineering3454627820384270
    Information Technology3429484523633904
    Mechanical Engineering3307747815935588
    Production and Industrial Engineering1087514158853715714

    NIT Allahabad JEE Main 2016 Cutoff- OBC Category

    BranchHome StateOther State
    -Opening RankClosing RankOpening RankClosing Rank
    Bio Technology4145576657976946
    Chemical Engineering3281404524893830
    Civil Engineering2397292823493203
    Computer Science and Engineering6261271329679
    Electrical Engineering1366243812742033
    Electronics and Communication Engineering126227188041705
    Information Technology145124639631644
    Mechanical Engineering1467245111361914
    Production and Industrial Engineering3346551040865561

    NIT Allahabad JEE Main 2016 Cutoff- SC Category

    BranchHome StateOther State
    -Opening RankClosing RankOpening RankClosing Rank
    Bio Technology1679224121553181
    Chemical Engineering928156016262016
    Civil Engineering33811454441401
    Computer Science and Engineering143536234554
    Electrical Engineering50211298341104
    Electronics and Communication Engineering79012795801146
    Information Technology685125512171463
    Mechanical Engineering4601043731910
    Production and Industrial Engineering2542324120902863

    NIT Allahabad JEE Main 2016 Cutoff- ST Category

    BranchHome StateOther State
    -Opening RankClosing RankOpening RankClosing Rank
    Bio Technology2326326912871364
    Chemical Engineering22212312512512
    Civil Engineering750813216395
    Computer Science and Engineering1781237126426
    Electrical Engineering9291303263377
    Electronics and Communication Engineering8992044421698
    Information Technology17572180490524
    Mechanical Engineering9001618188389
    Production and Industrial Engineering2887288713701464



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