JEE Main Cut off for NIT Surathkal: Check Previous Years' Cutoff

    JoSAA will release JEE Main 2020 cut off for NIT Surathkal after the declaration of results of April session. JEE Main Cut Off for admission varies according to the Quota, Category and the Program. Before the release of final cutoff, we have curated the past cutoff of NIT Surathkal that candidates may consider. 

    • The cut off for admission in NIT Surathkal will be based on All India Ranks, in the form of Opening and Closing Ranks.
    • Candidates must note that the cutoff of JEE Main for NIT Surathkal will be applicable separately for the candidates who are eligible for Home State Quota and for those who are eligible for admissions through 50% Other States Quota or All India Quota.

    NIT Surathkal offers admission to the following 9 Bachelor of Engineering programs- CSE, CE, ECE, ME, CH, IT, EE, MN, and MT through JoSAA Counselling. JEE Main 2020 cut off for NIT Surathkal will be updated once they are available after JEE Main 2020

    The following article consists of previous year JEE Main cut off of NIT Surathkal, it can help in predicting the cutoffs for 2020.

    Latest Updates:

    • JEE Main 2020 for April session has been scheduled for September 1 – 6, 2020. 

    • The release of JEE Main Admit Card is expected 15 days prior to the conduct of exam, as per thhe recent NTA notice.

    • JEE Main 2020 January session results have been declared on January 17, 2020. Check Here 

    Factors determining JEE Main 2020 Cutoff for NIT Surathkal

    The factors that are taken into consideration to determine the cutoff for JEE Main for NIT Surathkal are mentioned below:

    • Total Number of candidates appeared for the exam.

    • Difficulty level of the question paper

    • Total number of questions asked in JEE Main 2020

    • Performance of the candidate in the exam

    • Previous year’s cutoff trends

    JEE Main 2020 Expected Cutoff

    NIT Surathkal Expected Cutoff for JEE Main 2020

    On the basis of the previous years trends, the expected cutoff for NIT Surathkal is tabulated below:

    CategoryExpected Cutoff

    Common Rank List


    General EWS


    Other Backward Classes (OBC-NCL)


    Scheduled Caste


    Scheduled Tribe


    JEE Main 2019 Cutoff

    JEE Main 2019 Cutoff for NIT Surathkal

    Tabulated below is the cutoff list of NIT Surathkal for general category candidates. 

    CourseOpening RankClosing Rank
    Chemical Engineering1247915224
    Civil Engineering1232020170
    Computer Science and Engineering9603181
    Electronics and Communication Engineering33785608
    Mechanical Engineering631511788
    Metallurgical and Materials Engineering1777822849
    Mining Engineering2151627878
    Electrical and Electronics Engineering41239107
    Information Technology34566801

    JEE Main 2018 Cutoff

    JEE Main 2018 Cutoff for NIT Surathkal

    JEE Main 2018 cutoff of general category candidates are given in the table below:

    CourseHome StateOther Status
    -Opening RankClosing RankOpening RankClosing Rank
    Chemical Engineering64211665565499889
    Civil Engineering1234819726667511416
    Computer Science and Engineering92831742781442
    Electronics and Communication Engineering 2590478220693236
    Mechanical Engineering37831146433445465
    Metallurgical and Materials Engineering1201620845995216325
    Mining Engineering18760277741223619102
    Electrical and Electronics Engineering4884927823934815
    Information Technology3208671415403137

    JEE Main 2017 Cutoff

    JEE Main 2017 Cutoff for NIT Surathkal

    JEE Main 2017 cut off for NIT Surathkal in the form of Opening and Closing Ranks for both Home State Quota and Other State Quota for Round 1 are mentioned in the table below:

    CourseCategory OR (HS)CR (HS)OR (OS)CR (OS)
    B.Tech Mechanical EngineeringGeneral55831026929065404
    B.Tech Mechanical EngineeringSchedule Caste49224993681202
    B.Tech Mechanical EngineeringSchedule Tribe646874198498
    B.Tech Mechanical EngineeringST Person With Disablity331313
    B.Tech Mechanical EngineeringSC Person With Disability1091093535
    B.Tech Mechanical EngineeringGeneral Person with Disability169169178178
    B.Tech Mechanical EngineeringOther Backward Class406370579702070
    B.Tech Information TechnologyGeneral3893787318413033
    B.Tech Information TechnologySchedule Caste231235267711177
    B.Tech Information TechnologySchedule Tribe568735255314
    B.Tech Information TechnologySC Person With Disability--1414
    B.Tech Information TechnologyOBC Person With Disability--4949
    B.Tech Information TechnologyGeneral Person with Disability1821826969
    B.Tech Information TechnologyOther Backward Class282658098371531
    B.Tech Computer EngineeringGeneral30635186661603
    B.Tech Computer EngineeringSchedule Caste5061988165427
    B.Tech Computer EngineeringSchedule Tribe7935635222
    B.Tech Computer EngineeringOBC Person With Disability28281717
    B.Tech Computer EngineeringGeneral Person with Disability65656262
    B.Tech Computer EngineeringOther Backward Class6413013598829
    B.Tech Electronics & Communication EngineeringGeneral1552638319363747
    B.Tech Electronics & Communication EngineeringSchedule Caste10491902701797
    B.Tech Electronics & Communication EngineeringSchedule Tribe322458386521
    B.Tech Electronics & Communication EngineeringOBC Person With Disability4444--
    B.Tech Electronics & Communication EngineeringOther Backward Class117839896661572
    B.Tech Chemical EngineeringGeneral71131205352488292
    B.Tech Chemical EngineeringSchedule Caste3510367019222149
    B.Tech Chemical EngineeringSchedule Tribe1038107411481293
    B.Tech Chemical EngineeringOBC Person With Disability--109109
    B.Tech Chemical EngineeringOther Backward Class5879781530643670
    B.Tech Civil EngineeringGeneral105461515358059990
    B.Tech Civil EngineeringSchedule Caste1331427213741606
    B.Tech Civil EngineeringSchedule Tribe263849409476
    B.Tech Civil EngineeringGeneral Person with Disability572572165246
    B.Tech Civil EngineeringOBC Person With Disability276276--
    B.Tech Civil EngineeringOther Backward Class5024790224183391
    B.Tech Electrical and Electronics EngineeringGeneral6406867516764455
    B.Tech Electrical and Electronics EngineeringSchedule Caste86435036911007
    B.Tech Electrical and Electronics EngineeringSchedule Tribe497987249523
    B.Tech Electrical and Electronics EngineeringGeneral Person with Disability272272218218
    B.Tech Electrical and Electronics EngineeringOther Backward Class394965129222199
    B.Tech Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringGeneral10886170251152113602
    B.Tech Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringSchedule Caste4281496226573141
    B.Tech Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringSchedule Tribe1121113016491673
    B.Tech Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringOther Backward Class8141943340875684
    B.Tech Mining EngineeringGeneral15482210251051814846
    B.Tech Mining EngineeringSchedule Caste5531561332493308
    B.Tech Mining EngineeringSchedule Tribe1427142916671857
    B.Tech Mining EngineeringOther Backward Class7209985043236123

    JEE Main 2016 Cutoff

    JEE Main 2016 Cutoff for NIT Surathkal 

    JEE Main 2016 cut off for NIT Surathkal for all the engineering streams is mentioned in the tables given below. The cut off is provided in the form of opening and closing ranks defined according to the category.

    StreamsQuotaOpening RankClosing Rank
    B.Tech Computer EngineeringHS266787
    B.Tech Civil EngineeringHS46057609
    B.Tech Electronics and Communication EngineeringHS8172069
    B.Tech Mechanical EngineeringHS4573121
    B.Tech Information TechnologyHS8101891
    B.Tech Chemical EngineeringHS22756773
    B.Tech Electrical and Electronics EngineeringHS8553179
    B.Tech Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringHS845113139
    B.Tech Mining EngineeringHS435313902

    JEE Main 2016 Cutoff for NIT Surathkal (OBC)

    StreamsQuotaOpening RankClosing Rank
    B.Tech Computer EngineeringHS208320
    B.Tech Civil EngineeringHS18892376
    B.Tech Electronics and Communication EngineeringHS433649
    B.Tech Mechanical EngineeringHS8051246
    B.Tech Information TechnologyHS528814
    B.Tech Chemical EngineeringHS13802809
    B.Tech Electrical and Electronics EngineeringHS5231194
    B.Tech Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringHS42245176
    B.Tech Mining EngineeringHS31384782

    JEE Main 2016 Cutoff for NIT Surathkal (SC)

    StreamsQuotaOpening RankClosing Rank
    B.Tech Computer EngineeringHS203287
    B.Tech Civil EngineeringHS8801004
    B.Tech Electronics and Communication EngineeringHS326557
    B.Tech Mechanical EngineeringHS404740
    B.Tech Information TechnologyHS210694
    B.Tech Chemical EngineeringHS13501808
    B.Tech Electrical and Electronics EngineeringHS156826
    B.Tech Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringHS24753071
    B.Tech Mining EngineeringHS13931795

    JEE Main 2016 Cutoff for NIT Surathkal (ST)

    StreamsQuotaOpening RankClosing Rank
    B.Tech Computer EngineeringHS60228
    B.Tech Civil EngineeringHS187364
    B.Tech Electronics and Communication EngineeringHS160293
    B.Tech Mechanical EngineeringHS192282
    B.Tech Information TechnologyHS221276
    B.Tech Chemical EngineeringHS634718
    B.Tech Electrical and Electronics EngineeringHS156250
    B.Tech Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringHS1131184
    B.Tech Mining EngineeringHS460631



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