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JEE Main Preparation Tips by Ishant Aggarwal

Updated On - June 19th 2019

Ishant Aggarwal, currently a student in College of Engineering Roorkee, clearedJEE Main by scoring 102. His All India Rank was 70786. He opted for offline mode because he felt offline mode is better than online and most of the students study offline for exams.

Ishant did not take any coaching class and cleared the exam only by focusing on 12th syllabus. Although he dropped a year after 12th but he cracked the JEE Main only through self study. According to him self study is the mandate to clear the exam. Apart from this NCERT books and study material of coaching class also play an important role.

Here are some preparation tips by him, that will guide you in your prapartion of JEE Main 2017


Ishant says personally Physics was his favorite subject and he spent most of his study time in learning it. NCERT syllabus is good to prepare for entrance exams as it covers most of the topics of IIT JEE he adds.

He suggests to buy only the latest editions of JEE Main Important books as it ensures that the book is more concurrent and includes solved problems. According to latest pattern, do not refer to too many books at a time, it will be better to stick with one book and look for others only when you need help.


For Ishant Chemistry is the most difficult subject as the topics in it are specific and most of them are based on minute formulas and lots of small stuff to remember.

So he advises that start working on chemistry from the beginning as you will need to revise the topics again and again so that you can remember it for long time.


Ishant is quite good at mathematics. He says being an Indian most of us, are genetically destined to be good at it. And it is really interesting to solve Mathematics problem. Practice is the only strategy I can suggest for Maths.

To get good score in mathematics, says Ishant that practice and practice, start from the day one and you will realize the more you practice, the more you get better at solving typical problems.  In last "Accuracy within time" as one of his Gurus says, is all you need to crack any exam.

We have brought you a discussion with him to provide a clear picture of JEE Main entrance. It will help you to achieve your goals in JEE Main this time.

Ques- What options did you choose for appearing in exam? Online or offline mode of exam & why?

Ans- I opted for offline mode. Offline mode is better than online because most of the students study offline for exams. I saw many students gives online paper for the first time got panicked and it directly affect their score.

Ques- Did you qualify for JEE Advanced?

Ans- Yes, I had qualified for JEE Advanced.

Ques- Would you like to signify the essence of coaching classes with respect to your preparation strategies for the entrance? 

Ans- I didn't take any coaching classes, rather I focused more on my 12th board exam syllabus but most of my friends dropped after their board exams for one year and it really helped them to get good grades.

The coaching were focuses on the core topics and they also analyze previous papers so the probability of wasting time on unimportant topics reduces very much.

Ques- Rate the following parameters in light of preparation strategy?

Ans- Role of coaching classes- 90% weightage for me

NCERT Text books- Excellent

Study material of coaching classes- Excellent

Online study material- Moderate

Subject wise classes of coaching institutes- Most important

Importance of Self study- Excellent (Mandatory)

Ques- How did you manage JEE Main preparation along with your class XIIt h exam?

Ans- If you have focused on NCERT syllabus seriously 50% of your preparation is already done. Honestly, I wasn't serious for IITs so I didn't went for any coaching but luckily my board preparations helped me along with self- study.

After my board exams, I managed to get a good private Engineering college with stream of my preferred choice (Computer)

Here some other Tips to crack JEE MAIN 2016 Exam

Ques- What were your strong & weak areas? How did you prepare & what special efforts did you put to improve them?

Ans- I was good in studies before exams i.e. I can cover more topics in less time when I see that the deadline is near.

My weak point was my routine. I wasn't really serious to get admission in IITs and also I didn't have any future plan that time. I suggest every student to have a guide or any person who knows about how to prepare for these exams or you can also take help online.
After getting into private college, I realized that though it is not easy to drop after 12th and prepare for entrance exams but it is indeed rewarding!

Try to invest as much time as you can in your studies before getting into college. Getting into IITs and IIITs really make a big difference after you complete your graduation.

Ques- From which mock papers did you practice?

Ans- I recommend Made Easy online mock papers if you are not going to any coaching classes.
If you are already involved with the coaching then they will provide you all study material.
My friend joined test series before the entrance exam and it really helped him to improve his performance.

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Ques- What are the things you would like to go back in time & change to get into a better college?

Ans- As I already mentioned that it really makes a difference when you study from IITs than from a private college. I spent most of my time playing games or useless stuff on laptop when it was most required to study for board exams. I could have easily got into a more better college (though i don't blame my current college but getting into a government college would not have put too much financial load on my parents.

JEE MAIN 2016 Participating CollegesJEE MAINS ResultJEE MAIN 2016 Cutoff

Ques- Write some preparation tips for someone who is starting preparation 4 months prior to exam?

Ans- It’s really hard to say that either 4 months are enough to get admission into IITs because the course syllabus is vast and it’s not possible to cover all the topics off all subjects in such a short time.

Nevertheless if you are indeed serious about getting into good top private colleges then start exploring important topics for each subject and make a routine plan to study at least 6 hours ( 2 hours for each subject) every day.

Study in groups with your friends, will definitely help to understand more topics in less time. Avoid social networking websites and whatsapp during this golden period and start waking up early and taking a nice morning walk (it really helps).



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