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    Ques- What did you choose- Offline or Online mode for taking up the exam?

    Ans- I chose the offline mode of exam as it was only the year of introduction of online exam and nobody was sure of the pattern that was going to be adopted for the online portal. I would like to recommend everyone for the offline exam as it becomes easy to navigate through the questions, and select the question or the section to be attempted first just by glancing through a few pages.
    Also, in questions involving figures or diagrams, specially Physics, it becomes convenient to just modify the figure in the question paper and infer results from it rather than redrawing the entire figure on a rough sheet and then making the modifications. Time is of the essence in such an exam, and every moment counts.
    There is also one downside to the offline mode though that we cannot change the answers once filled in the OMR sheet. But again the paper is of such length and difficulty that one barely gets time to revisit a question. So, this con doesn't really hurt.

    Ques- Did you take Coaching Classes? If yes, how did they help in your story?

    Ans- Yes, I took coaching for Physics, Chemistry, Maths in Aakash Institute at Kohat Enclave. And I am entirely sure that I would not have even got a decent score without these classes or coaching.
    The benefit of joining an Institute rather than personal tuitions is that you already have an idea of how your peers are performing. You know that these students are studying the exact same thing and thus you can't justify your lower marks. This sense of competition is a quintessential part of the motivation that drives you to study for more than 10hrs a day.
    It also doesn't let you get slack on your routine. If a topic or an assignment needs to be done by a particular date, it needs to be done no matter what, because your lame excuse won't work in a class full of 40 students. And even if you make an excuse, you know that it is yourself that has to double your efforts to come at par with other students of the class.
    Some students feel that they won't get personal attention in an institute set up but the institutes arrange for special classes for students facing difficulties or finding it hard to cope.
    Particularly in my institute (Aakash, Kohat enclave), I was free to attend classes of any batch. So, I took the oppurtunity to revise all my concepts by sitting in classes of another batches as well to get more familiar with the harder topics.
    One more thing is that the amount of study material that these institutes provides is unmatchable to what can be provided by any single tuition teacher. These institutes have teams and teams of people just for the compilation of notes, assignments, books and test papers.

    Ques- How did you manage JEE Main Preparation along with your Class 12th exam?

    Ans– Class 12th board exam is not a foreign concept in JEE Main preparation. They go hand in hand. Preparation for JEE Main only builds further upon what is required for board exams. The key difference was the representation of answers. In JEE Main, one only has to select the appropriate answer and in board exams one has to show the process by which one obtained the answer as well.
    I'd recommend finishing JEE Main preparations by December or early January and focus only on the board exams from January onwards.

    Ques- What were your Strong and Weak areas? How did you prepare and what special efforts did you put for improving them?

    Ans- I realized it quite early that chemistry was my forte and maths definitely wasn't. I could manage physics, but not as well as chemistry.
    In chemistry, I identified that physical and organic chemistry needed solid foundations and I worked very hard for building that foundation, grasping every concept upto its entirety. I also acknowledged that inorganic chemistry topics would be well covered in my board preparations so I did not need to worry about them.
    In physics, I took a hold of the basic concepts and most of the questions actually only required the most basic concepts, but with major modifications. But I realized that I would get a decent score without much worry.
    I was terrible at maths and thus had to improve upon it to at least qualify in the subject. I bought a separate practice book for maths questions and started doing a mock test every weekend. This made me get hold of the basic pattern and underlying concepts of it. Also, it improved my speed in solving these questions.

    Ques- What mock papers did you take?

    Ans- I had been taking coaching at Aakash institute and thus had access to their test series, the AISCTE or some similar name. These started from three months prior to the JEE Main exam and were held weekly on Sundays. It consisted of two papers of three hours each, each paper consisting of three sections - physics, chemistry and maths.
    These were abnormally tough papers, around 2 to 3 times the difficulty of JEE Main exams. This increased our expectations from the JEE exam and we prepared even harder for it. So when we actually had to give the JEE exam, it was like solving questions of half the difficulty as were used to solving. This gave us a clear upper edge.

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    Ques- Physics: Mention the Strategy and Books Followed for this section.

    Ans- Physics is the kind of subject that equally encompasses numerical problems as well as the conceptual theory. What concept can be explained by a teacher verbally and by demonstration with examples cannot be compared to any textbook or any amount of practice. The numericals available in the preparation books may be be very hard or lengthy, but most of them do not lie close to the pattern found in the JEE exam. In JEE exam, the questions rely more on a conceptual approach rather a lengthy calculation.
    I chose to stick with NCERT and the class material provided by my institute (Aakash Institute), and try to solve previous year question papers as much as possible.
    Do not waste time solving irrelevant(but not useless) books like Irodov. They are for post graduation exam preparation and do not help towards JEE preparation.

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    Ques- Chemistry: Mention the Strategy and Books Followed for this section

    Ans- In chemistry preparation, I would like to say that "Volume does matter". The quantity of preparation does matter and the more books you read, the more questions you solve and the more lectures you attend will contribute to your marks proportionally, and without doubt.
    In chemistry, especially organic chemistry, there are exceptions to almost every rule and the approach and method to solve a question varies from question to question. So, the more questions you practice, the more are the chances that you'll be aware of that exceptional case or that rule being asked in the JEE exam.
    In physical chemistry, be thorough with the final formulae as well in addition to the concepts. A single concept goes a long way in chemistry. Remembering the final formulae will aid in saving your calculation time.
    Lastly, do as much inorganic chemistry as possible, but with as little load as possible. Questions of this domain are few, and most of them are covered in the board exam curriculum.
    I recommend NCERT for inorganic chemistry & Arihant 34 years for organic chemistry to get familiar with organic chemistry questions. Physical chemistry may be studied from any book, but primary attention should be given to class notes.

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    Ques- Mathematics: Mention the Strategy and Books Followed for this section.

    Ans- Mathematics was not my forte. So, I had to do something to get decent marks in it. I joined another extra tuition for maths apart from my institute.
    This tuition was only for covering my board exam curriculum.
    I had to get good marks in board exams as well, which I eventually got just by practicing NCERT over and over again. Do not try to go for many books. Choose a good book and solve it over and over again.
    To really strengthen your concepts in the subject, go for a book MCQ book which goes by the name "Sharma". it's quite popular and you won't find it difficult to obtain.
    For further practice, go for the mainstream books - R.D. Sharma and Arihant 34 years' question paper.

    Ques- What are the things you would like to go back in time and change to get into a better college?

    Ans- I am very content with the college I have and would not like to change anything major. There's one thing though, one should equally give importance to personal development as well in these years of preparation. This is one of the best times to enjoy and be friends with people. You will have to enter the college as a personality, not as a robot with infinite amount of knowledge.
    So, just try to spend a few moments everyday just with your family and friends with no hassles and worries about the future

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    Ques- Write some of the Preparation tips for someone who is starting 4 months before the exam?

    Ans- For someone starting 4 months before the exam, I would like to say that you should just go about the basics because the basic play a pivotal role in preparation for JEE
    Each question that is there in the exams boils down to a set of very basic fundamentals that are applied in cascading modification in some form or the other.
    Follow the NCERT curriculum because it would help you strengthen your basics and build upon them.
    Identify your strong areas and do not leave the scope of lagging in them. Only once you've mastered them , start going for your uncomfortable zones.
    Realize that you have to do in 4 months what the others did in 2 years. Don't let this de-motivate you. Use it as a strength to study more than everyone studying at that time.



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