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JEE Main Preparation Tips by Nitin Raghav

Last Updated - June 19, 2019

Nitin Raghav scored 237 and took admission in MNIT Jaipur. He says studying mock series will help you in clearing concepts rather than reading the whole chapter. He also took help from Online forums and classes.

Here are some important tricks & hacks which will help you in maintaining proper balance between JEE Main 2017 & Board exam.

Ques- What option did you choose? Online or offline mode of exam & why?

Ans- Offline Mode: The reasons is that I believe, concentrating on the screen for 3 hrs would certainly not be beneficial as concentration power of eyes decreased with time
Moreover I have been giving offline exams for some time and didn't want to try anything at that crucial time.

Ques- Did you qualify for JEE Advanced?

Ans- Yes, I had qualified for JEE Advanced.

Ques- Would you like to signify the essence of coaching classes with respect to your preparation strategies for the entrance?

Ans- Yes. I took coaching classes but I don't think it helped much in preparation. Only thing which helped was the regular mock test that they arranged for us. Most of the efforts and hard work depends on the students and their efforts. How they approach and how they toil hard. Doubt clearing classes helped but I depended more on internet and other similar website which have cleared my basics and fundamentals.
Many of my friends purchased online courses and preparation materials which we shared during preparation.
Coaching had regular Mock test which was compulsory. It helped me a lot in preparation but not everyone was able to clear their doubts from coaching as faculties and their qualities were not that nice.

Ques- Rate the following parameters in light of preparation strategy?

ParametersRating Scale
Role of coaching classesModerate
NCERT Text booksExcellent
Study material of coaching classesModerate
Online study materialModerate
Subject wise classes of coaching institutesExcellent
Importance of Self studyExcellent (Mandatory)

Ques- How did you manage JEE Main preparation along with your class XIIt h exam?

Ans- 12th exam gave a boost to JEE Main Preparation. I had a dedicated time for JEE-Main. Class 12th exam was really important so I prepared accordingly and gave more stress to Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as I knew that I have to come back to them for JEE Main. As 12th exam came near, I reduced my focus on JEE Main and my main focus was my 12th exam which went well. Immediately after exam, I didn't waste my time and instead kept revising and touch with Math Physics and Chemistry so that I can use it for JEE Main.

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Ques- What were your strong & weak areas? How did you prepare & what special efforts did you put to improve them?

Ans- Strong area was Mathematics. I am very good at maths and can easily solve complicated problems. Weak areas were Physics and Organic chemistry part in Chemistry. Accordingly I referred to books that could make me easily understand concepts instead of entangling me with complicated and very high technical words of Physics. I knew I could understand English so it was just that lack of confidence that made me nervous even if whole book of Physics was written in English language. I took help of online materials and forums to clear doubts.  For organic, I mostly depended on rotting down instead of concept preparations and I found it really complicated to find any concept there.
Structures acted as Images and I knew human brains could easily remember images so I note it down and remembered it as Images.

Ques- From which mock papers did you have practiced?

Ans- I took many offline mock papers especially from Arihant, Disha Publication. Also bought subject wise mock test books.

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Ques- What strategy did you followed for physics preparation?

Ans- I followed HC Verma and books from Arihant but basically depended on online forums for clearance of doubts. I also followed few materials from other coaching centers one of them being Disha which releases their own books under Disha publications for basics.
Problems in General Physics by I.E. Irodov
Strategy was simple, understand each and every word. Do not lose confidence. If doubt arises, go to faculty or online forums. Physics can be complicated at times for them who are weak here but you have to keep it in the back of your mind that even Einstein was human and so are you.

Ques- What strategy did you followed for Chemistry preparation?

Ans- For chemistry, I mostly depended on NCERT books as they're really good and enough to clear other concepts. I have visited questions of NCERT books again after 12th Class to have a clear concept of what I was studying. Class 11th Chemistry was tougher for me than class 12th so I studied NCERT Book of Class 11 for chemistry again from the beginning to end.
In case of doubts, O.P. Tandon helped me a lot for both Organic and Inorganic part. I referred to online forums for any other doubts and problems.

Ques- What strategy did you followed for Mathematics preparation?

Answer- R.D. Sharma was a savior for me. It cleared all concepts with variety of questions available to appear and solve. NCERT Books are not enough when it comes to Mathematics.
R.S. Aggrawal is also good but I preferred R.D. Sharma in comparison to that. Arihant had variety of questions from past JEE exams which helped with preparations. To speed up calculations, I learned a few short tricks for addition, multiplications and basically speed maths from various online sites. It helped me in calculating faster but to give it a shape I had to practice a lot of question with stopwatch.

Ques- What are the things you would like to go back in time & change to get into a better college?

Ans- I had enough chances and opportunities but had some personal problems which were setback for my preparations that took off my focus from preparation. If got a chance, I would surely go back and change it. It is always better to stay away from home and comfort and prepare for such competitive exams is what I learnt. This is one thing that I would like to change. If went back, I would pack my bags and leave city for a better one to prepare and struggle there. It always helps to stay with few likeminded people who are preparing.

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Ques- Write some preparation tips for someone who is starting preparation 4 months prior to exam?

Ans- Instead of clearing concepts and wasting time on fundamentals, start straight with Mock papers. The more you attempt the better. All the questions will slowly clear the base of your preparation and give you enough confidence to attempt the question in case it came in a little bit different way than usual. If time permits for last month, focus on those areas which has repeatedly appeared on exam that you have found out from appearing different sets of mock papers. Clear your fundamentals on those parts and move further with revision. Through revision, you just have to revisit each and every question that you have attempted in the last 4 months for the next 15 days before exam. This is most important. This will be recorded in the brain and stay there safely till exam giving you maximum confidence.



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