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JEE Main Preparation Tips by Saumya Ranjan

Updated On - June 19th 2019

Soumya Ranjan Pandya scored 195 in the JEE Main 2014. She opted for offline exam mode and found it more comfortable between both the modes. She is currently studying in NIT Kurukshetra.

According to her, joining coaching classes and studying NCERT books is the key to success in this exam. Although she emphasize on self-study with coaching classes as it is a mandate to be successful in the exam.  She also gives importance to coaching study material along with NCERT books. Here are some preparation tips by her that will surely help you in preparing well.


She prapred Physics from H C Verma. According to her the best covered topics in HC Verma are Mechanics, Electrostatics, Modern Physics, Thermodynamics and Optics. She says both the books by HC Verma cover all the basic concepts of Physics for those students who are preparing for entrance exams. These books also have good illustrations that help to make strong concepts as well as wide range of problems with varying levels of difficulty.
Other Physics books which she used to prepare some crucial topics are-
1. I.E. Irodov
2. Halliday, Resnick& Walker
3. Krotov
4. Nelkon and Parker


JD Lee Chemistry book is very good for JEE preparation as well as for preparation of other engineering entrance exams too says Saumya . It is quite concise, covers the entire JEE syllabus and does not compromise on the essentials of Inorganic Chemistry. The book includes a lot of multiple-choice questions (MCQs), assertive-type questions as well as single-choice questions for student’s practice. The detailed answers are also given to the problems at the end of each chapter which help students to clarify their concepts and to gather step-by-step understanding of how to handle such problems in the future.
A Textbook of Organic Chemistry for IIT JEE by Arihant Prakashan is another most important book that catalyzes your way to quick learning and mastering the entire JEE syllabus of Organic Chemistry according to her. The day-wise learning modules form the highlights of Arihant Chemistry books also plays an important role. They also include the latest trends of questions asked in IIT JEE as well as previous years’ questions across the wide range of difficulty levels for all types of students.
 Physical Chemistry by O P Tandon is also a must read for all those who are preparing for IIT JEE or other engineering entrance examinations. The book covers each and every topic related to the JEE preparation such as Atomic Structure, Radioactivity and Nuclear Transformation etc.


She says R D Sharma Mathematics book is good for JEE preparation. This book is the one of the best books in Mathematics for beginners. It includes the exercises covering the entire syllabus of Mathematics pertaining to IIT JEE and other state level engineering examination preparation.
She further concludes that, although all topics are covered very well but the topics of Algebra have an edge over others. Permutations and Combinations, Probability, Quadratic equations and Determinants are worth mentioning. This book is one step solution for beginners. It includes illustrative solved examples which help in explaining the concepts better. Though the book has a good collection of problems but it cannot be considered as self-sufficient for the whole syllabus of Mathematics. An aspirant should also practice from other standard sources too.

We had a fruitful discussion with her that would help all JEE Main 2017 aspiring students in different prospects of exam. We have tried our best to entertain all your queries.

Ques- What options did you choose? Online or offline mode of exam & why?

Ans- I choose offline mode for taking up the exam. No matter in what mode you take your exam. Both offline and online candidatesget same question at same time. In offline mode once you checked an answer you can't modified it.But in case of online mode it is possible.There may be problem like power issue, server problem happen in online mode. Eye pain may be a problem in online mode exam due to continuous sitting in front of computer.

Ques- Did you qualify for JEE Advanced?

Ans- Yes, I had qualified for JEE Advanced.

Ques- Would you like to signify the essence of coaching classes with respect to your preparation strategies for the entrance? (If applicable)

Ans- I did my coaching classes in Padhis tutorial, berhampur.It helps me a lot to get a good rank in JEE Main. They provide only standard books & notes which is really helpful. The faculties in this tutorial are helpful.
There is a three month coaching which will be given immediately after your exam (12th).  If you got a good rank then you may leave the course otherwise you can continue it till next year. In every week there is a study quiz computation in which points are given to those students who have secured highest point. A prize will be given to them which will motivate them for further studies.

Ques- Rate some following parameters in light of preparation strategy?

ParametersRating Scale
Role of coaching classesExcellent
NCERT Text booksExcellent
Study material of coaching classesMost important
Online study materialModerate
Subject wise classes of coaching institutesExcellent
Importance of Self studyExcellent (Mandatory to achieve success)

Ques- How did you manage JEE Main preparation along with your class XIIt h exam?

Ans- JEE Main preparation requires at least one hour of every day. Thorough study is required from every chapter in terms of bit wise bit concept.If you understand a chapter well then there is no problem to analyze its bitwise concept.

Here some other Tips to crack JEE MAIN 2017 Exam

Ques- What were your strong & weak areas? How did you prepare & what special efforts did you put to improve them?

Ans- Mathematics is my strong area and chemistry is my weak area.That's why I have given more stress towards chemistry.I have put more stress on organic chemistry as it is tricky and easy. In exam, I have always preferred math first, then physics then chemistry.It is better to choose math solution first. I have given more importance to my strong zone only so that I can secure better result.

Ques- From which mock papers did you practice?

Ans- I have prepared through books and some mock test provided by my institute. I have learnt concepts from, which is also very much helpful. Using mock tests I have gained knowledge regarding time management. Solving a question from certain chapter is easy as there is a particular formula for that chapter. Solving mock tests is the better way to gain expertise in particular area.

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Ques- What are the things you would like to go back in time & change to get into a better college?

Ans- Normalization system if I could. And my unexpected headache during Advanced paper.  Well, I would say to focus on NCERT much more for JEE Main. Further, do not read in depth. Practice with rough space and time both in mind. Do not restrain from mugging up.

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Ques- Write some preparation tips for someone who is starting preparation 4 months prior to exam?

Ans- As per me you should be strong in mathematics for JEE Main exam. You should spent at least one hour per subject for preparation. You should understand the chapter in bitwise manner.There is no requirement to complete full syllabus. You should prepare in smart way. Mock tests are necessary to gain the knowledge of time management. Follow the mentioned syllabus only. Enhance those areas in which you are lacking.



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