JEE Main Result Calculator 2020: Normalization and Percentile Score

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    With JEE Main 2020 being an online test conducted in multiple sessions, it is most likely that difficulty level of examination may differ from candidate to candidate. See JEE Main Paper Analysis

    To ensure that balance, normalization of marks is enforced for the purpose of ranking.The big question is How are the scores calculated to arrive at the ranks?
    NTA, the conducting body of the exam has announced all the relevant details of the normalization and how ranks & scores are calculated.Check JEE Main Cutoff

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    Percentile Score

    ​Percentile Score

    Percentile Scores are based on the relative performance of all those who appear for the exam. Technically, the marks scored are modified into a scale ranging from 100 to 0 for each session of examinees. The Percentile Score indicates the percentage of students that have scored Equal to or Below (same or lower raw scores) that particular Percentile in that examination. Hence, the highest scorer (topper) from each session will get same percentile of 100 which is desirable.

    The Percentile score will be normalized score for the examination and shall be used for preparing the merit list in lieu of the raw score ranking.

    JEE Main Result Calculator: Percentile Formula and Implication

    Result Calculator

    The Percentile Formula is used to allot percentile to candidates based on their raw score with given number of examinees in the respective session. The NTA will use given percentile formula for JEE Main Result:

    100 X Number of candidates appeared in the ‘session’ with raw score Equal to or Less than the candidate
    Total number of the candidates appeared in the ‘Session’

    Suppose in a session of 2500 candidates, Candidate A obtains the highest raw score of 75. So the percentile awarded to him according to the formula will be-

    100 X 2500=100

    Therefore, the highest scorer always gets 100th Percentile that also means 100% candidates have scored equal to or less than 75 raw score and 0% of candidates have scored more than 75 raw score.

    • A candidate with 90.1224411 Percentile Score and 71 Raw Score means that 90.1224411% candidates scored equal to or less than 71 raw score and remaining candidates scored more than 71 raw scored.
    • The lowest percentile in each session depends on the total number of candidates appeared in exam in that session.
    • Using the above Formula percentile for each candidate with raw score can be awarded.

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    JEE Main 2020 Normalization and Preparation of Merit list

    Preparation of Merit List
    1. Distribution of candidates into different sessions randomly so approximately same number of candidates are allotted in each sessions.
    2. Each session result would be prepared in the form of raw scores and percentile score separately for each subject i.e. Mathematics percentile, Physics percentile, Chemistry percentile and Total percentile.
    3. The percentile scores of all the four sessions shall be merged in one forming the NTA Score.
    4. Based on the merged percentile scores from all the sessions, NTA score, the overall merit list will be prepared.
    5. Below table gives an overview of the JEE Main NTA Score.


    Roll no.Raw ScorePercentile ScoreD.O.B

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    JEE Main Tie Breaker Rules

    Tie Breaker Rules

    Normalization and Percentile Score are already good measures to lessen the occurrences of tie. National Testing Agency will award percentile scores up to 7 decimal places to further avoid ties. Since the number of applicants are in lakhs the probability of tie increases. Hence to resolve the tie, if any, the merit shall be determined in order of preference as follows:

    1. Candidates with higher percentile in Mathematics
    2. Candidates with higher percentile in Physics
    3. Candidates with higher percentile in Chemistry
    4. Candidates older is age.

    The above sequence shall be adopted till the tie is broken. The Final Ranking/Merit would be prepared after resolving the ties.

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    Compilation of JEE Main-I and JEE Main-II Result.

    Result Compilation

    JEE Main takes place twice a year. Candidates can appear in both attempts to improve their score. If a candidate appears in both the attempts, best of the two NTA score will be considered while preparing the Merit list. Only the total percentile will be the deciding factor for best of the two irrespective of individual subject percentile. The merit list is prepared after deciding the best of the two of candidates.



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