JEE Main 2020 Time Table: Revision Plan to Score 95+ Percentile in 30 Days

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    With more than 11 lakh aspirants, JEE Main is one among the highly competitive exams in India. The last 30 days are the most significant in terms of acing this exam. Even if you have covered the entire syllabus but have not revised the principles, rules, and hypotheses before the final day, you may not be able to remember them all inside the examination hall. Therefore, it is wise to make JEE Main revision timetable and pursue it diligently.

    We have laid out a detailed timetable, you can however customize it to suit your preparation level. It is not recommended for you to devote your hours to timetable preparation in the midst of all this chaos and pressure from JEE Main. If you want to know how you can revise best in the last 30 days before the exam and score 95+ percentile, this is the article for you!

    JEE Main Revision Time Table for 30 Days

    JEE Main Revision Time Table for 30 Days

    The timetable has been divided on a weekly and further on a daily basis, bearing in mind the pressure that candidates would be facing right now owing to the pandemic.

    Week 1 - Go through a combination of highly important and less important topics

    Day 1Carboxylic Acid & their Derivatives Alcohol, Phenol & EtherSets, Relations & Functions Limit & Continuity Circles & Family of CirclesCurrent Electricity Heat Transfer
    Day 2Mole Concept Carbonyl Compounds Alkyl Halides & Aryl HalidesApplication & Derivation Logarithms Quadratic EquationsWork, Energy, and Power Gravitation Electrostatics
    Day 3p-Block d & f Block s-BlockBinomial Theorem Inverse TrigonometryKinetics Wave Optics Ray Optics
    Day 4Redox Reaction Chemical Bonding Periodic TableStraight Lines & Pair of Straight LinesWave Motion & String Waves Sound Waves
    Day 5Solid State Gaseous StateProbability & StatisticsFriction Newton’s Law of Motion
    Day 6Electrochemistry Atomic StructureLocus 3D GeometryThermo- Electricity Thermal Expansion
    Day 7Use this day to solve sample question papers and mock tests. Keep in mind the time limit of the real examination and attempt these papers in the same manner. This will help you with time management. Assess your answers and revise the topics where you have performed poorly.

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    Week 2 - Read new chapters and revise previously studied chapters

    Day 8Surface Chemistry Chemical EquilibriumVector AlgebraRotational Dynamics Centre of Mass, Momentum & CollisionCarbonyl Compounds Current Electricity Probability & Statistics
    Day 9General Organic Chemistry BiomoleculesDifferentiation IntegrationCircular Motion Simple Harmonic MotionWave & String Motion Atomic Structure 3D Geometry
    Day 10Hydrogen & its Compound HydrocarbonsComplex Number, Theory of EquationProperties of Matter, Elasticity Fluid MechanicsWork, Energy & Power p, d & f, s block Vector Algebra
    Day 11Solutions Coordination ChemistrySequence and SeriesModern Physics Nuclear PhysicsWave & Ray Optics Alcohol, Phenol & Ether Application & Derivation
    Day 12Polymers ThermodynamicsMatrices & DeterminantsCalorimetry Heat & ThermodynamicsElectrostatics Hydrocarbons Gravitation Gaseous State Sequence of Series
    Day 13Chemical KineticsTrigonometric RatiosVectors Communication SystemsNewton’s Law + Friction Coordination Chemistry Inverse Trigonometric Function
    Day 14Attempt mock tests and sample question papers in the same manner as you would attempt the actual JEE Main examination. Keep up with your time management skills. While evaluating your answers, make a note of all your incorrect responses and correct them.

    Week 3 - More focus on revision

    Day 15IUPAC NomenclatureSolution of TrianglesCircular MotionSimple Harmonic Motion General Organic Chemistry Straight Lines & Pair of Straight Lines
    Day 16Amines Ionic EquilibriumParabolaElectromagnetic Induction MagnetismCentre of Mass, Momentum & Collision Periodic Table Limit of Continuity
    Day 17· Environmental Chemistry MetallurgyPermutation & CombinationSemiconductors & Electronic DevicesMagnetism Chemical Equilibrium Complex Number
    Day 18· Chemistry in Everyday LifeFundamentals of MathematicsAlternating CurrentNuclear Physics & Modern Physics Thermodynamics Integration
    Day 19Polymers Isomerism of Organic CompoundsHyperbolaUnits & DimensionCircular Motion Chemical Kinetics Heat & Thermodynamics Parabola
    Day 20Qualitative Salt AnalysisEllipseCalorimetryRotational Dynamics & Fluid Mechanics Thermodynamics & Mole Concept Matrices & Determinants
    Day 21Attempt mock tests and sample question papers. Focus further on strengthening your weaker areas.

    Week 4 – Final revision

    DayTopics for Revision
    Day 22


    General Organic Chemistry

    Atomic Structure

    Coordination Chemistry

    Aldehyde & Ketone

    p-Block Alcohols

    Phenols & Ether

    Day 23


    Probability & Statistics

    Matrices & Determinants

    3D Geometry

    Complex Number

    Vector Algebra

    Theory of Equations


    Day 24



    Heat & Thermodynamics

    Nuclear Physics

    Modern Physics

    Wave Motion & String Waves

    Simple Harmonic Motion

    Day 25


    Chemical Bonding

    Chemical Equilibrium

    Periodic Table


    d & f Block

    Ionic Equilibrium


    Gaseous State

    Day 26



    Sequence & Series

    Applications of Derivative

    Trigonometric Ratios

    Sets, Relations & Functions

    Day 27


    Current Electricity


    Ray Optics & Wave Optics

    Work, Energy & Power

    Rotational Dynamics

    Centre of Mass, Momentum & Collision

    Day 28Ensure that you cover all the important topics this week. Attempt subject-wise sample question papers and mock tests. Analyse your performance levels from Week 1 to Week 4.

    To-do list for the Last Two Days

    DayThings to Do
    Day 29Accumulate all your prepared notes and go through them. Go back to the topics that you still feel weak in and grasp them as best as you can.
    Day 30Revise all of the learned formulas. Try to assign every concept or formula with a keyword that is familiar and can be easily remembered. You can also have a single keyword to recall a combination of concepts and formulas.

    Must Read

    JEE Main Hourly Revision Schedule

    JEE Main Revision - Hourly Time Table for 30 days

    TimeActivityTotal Hours
    7:30 AM – 8:00 AMWake and freshen up30 minutes
    8:00 AM – 10:30 AMJEE Main Revision2.5 hours
    10:30 AM – 11:00 AMBreakfast/Newspaper30 minutes
    11:00 AM – 2:00 PMJEE Main Revision3 hours
    2:00 PM – 3:30 PMLunch and power nap1.5 hours
    3:30 PM – 6:00 PMJEE Main Revision2.5 hours
    6:00 PM – 6:45 PMExercise/Catch up with friends and family45 minutes
    6:45 PM – 8:45 PMJEE Main Revision2 hours
    8:45 PM – 9:30 PMDinner and social media usage45 minutes
    9:30 PM – 12:00 AMJEE Main Revision2.5 hours
    12:00 AM – 12:30 AMRelax, use your phone etc30 minutes

    Strategies for JEE Main Revision

    Understanding Strategies for Revision in 30 days

    Allotment of hours

    For subjects that require more attention, we would usually like to encourage the students to revise the theoretical topics in the morning hours. Chemistry blends in well with this slot. Hours in which you feel bored should be devoted to Mathematics because it requires some writing and this subject has the ability to keep you motivated and interested. The rest of the time could be assigned to physics. Bear in mind, however, that morning hours are the best time to revise comparatively tougher topics. Therefore, they have to be used for the parts you are weak in.

    Syllabus completion and revision

    Many students are left with some section of the syllabus in the one month left for JEE Main. There are two choices in such a situation: either cover the remaining syllabus or revise the already covered syllabus. You should not think twice at this critical moment, and must continue with your preparation. In JEE Main, you are more likely to get better scores if you have revised the covered syllabus instead of attempting to cover the leftover sections.

    Must Read

    Subject-wise revision strategies

    • Physics - Note down the important formulae and results as you go through a particular topic. Especially on the evening of the final exam, these notes will certainly be useful. Practice as many questions as possible but keep in mind the time available. Students should avoid getting trapped in long, complicated problems at this crucial juncture. Rather, concentrate on strong areas of yours. If you are done with the NCERT, you should now revise from HC Verma and Resnick Halliday questions as well.
    • Chemistry - CBSE textbooks should be thoroughly revised. They not only cover the maximum syllabus but also explain the topics in detail. The tasks offered at the end of chapters must also be solved entirely. Upon completion of revision with CBSE, the aspirants can turn to other books like Morrison Boyd.
    • Mathematics - Students can devote less time to mathematics compared to physics and chemistry as the topics are mostly covered in board exam preparation to some degree. In addition, mathematics solutions are generally more easily remembered as compared to physics or chemistry. However, it differs from student to student and one must rightly identify and revise according to their strengths and weaknesses.

    Mock tests

    It is crucially important to practice questions from the past year's papers. Since you are left with a few days in hand for JEE Main 2020, you could solve the sample papers first to identify the topics from which questions are generally asked. Then, lay out a revision plan accordingly. In addition, as you cover a certain theoretical portion, practice numerical problems based on that portion. Solving past year’s papers increases your pace and serves as a test practice that will help improve your final results.



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