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Preparation Tips by JEE Main Topper Golla Manohar

Last Updated - June 20, 2019

Golla Manohar shares his experience of why opting for his State board proved to be a disadvantage for him. He managed to secure 1916 All India rank in JEE Main and was able to qualify for JEE Advanced. Manohar enrolled into MNIT, Jaipur for his undergraduate. Let us know his preparation tips for the exam.

Name: Golla Manohar

JEE Main Score:  210/360 (Rank: 1916)

Appeared in Which year: 2014

Took Admission in: Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur

Qualified for JEE Advanced: Yes

Rating by Role in Preparation

Coaching ClassNCERT BooksCoaching Study MaterialOnline Study MaterialSubject Wise StudySelf Study

What did you choose - Offline or Online mode for taking up the exam?

I gave the exam Offline. In my college every weekend, the practice test held were offline. As I was not mentally prepared for online, I didn't give it. Moreover, I figured out that for an Online exam I would have to redraw the Figures of Physics again on paper which would take time. Another thing Which I thought was that my eyes would pain. So, I choose offline

Did you take Coaching Classes? If yes, how did they help in your story?

Yes, I took coaching from Sri Chaitanya Junior College, LB Nagar, Hyderabad. The coaching was for two years, where they would conduct weekly exams to examine what you have learned in that week. On top, you get a rank of where you stand with that test results. So, can observe your performance  every weekend. They would provide special lectures if you are weak on any topic.

How did you manage to prepare for JEE Main along with your Class 12th exam?

As I am from Andhra Pradesh Board, the class 12th exam was easy,  if you prepare for JEE Main 2017 as most of the syllabus would be covered in JEE preparation. So, no extra preparation is needed. I started studying one month before for 12th class exam boards.

What were your Strong and Weak areas? How did you prepare and, what special efforts did you put for improving them?

I was strong in some concepts of Mathematics and Chemistry. While my Physics was very weak. I spent most of my time studying Physics in order to improve. Permutations & Combinations was also something I found very hard to grasp. Practice is the only thing I could do to improve.

What mock papers did you take?

Mock papers provided by my Coaching Institute, which they used to conduct every week.

They helped me a lot to gain the grip over the concepts discussed in class.

Write some of the Preparation tips for someone who is starting four months before the exam?

Go through the important topics and make short notes of important formulas etc. Moreover, Try to solve previous year question papers as some of the questions would be repeated.

Mention the Strategy and Books Followed for Physics

Concepts of Physics by H.C.Verma is the only book I followed as everyone suggested that book.

Concepts of HC Verma is an excellent one; I tried to solve most of the problems given at the back of the book. Class material also helped me, and my lectures helped me a lot as I was weak in Physics

Mention the Strategy and Books Followed for Chemistry

Books I followed are from OP Tandon, P. Bahadur. I also studied from my class notes. Other than that, solving all the previous year question papers, making short notes of important reactions in organic Chemistry are a few things I did which helped me. I used to revise my short notes before exam so that I can remember important equations, reactions, and colors of some gasses, etc

Mathematics: Mention the Strategy and Books Followed for this section.

For Mathematics, I did not follow any particular books. I studied with my class notes which were exceptionally written. Moreover, I used to practice from the material given by my coaching center and previous year papers. Previous years question papers helped me a lot.

What are the things you would like to go back in time and change to get into a better college?

I wish I studied a bit harder to get into an IIT.



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