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JEE MAIN 2017 Preparation Tips by Vishal Mishra

Updated On - June 21st 2019

Vishal Mishra got 254 marks in JEE Main 2011. He was offered admission by IIT BHU, NIT Trichy, NIT Surathkal, NIT Warangal, MANIT Allahabad, VNIT Nagpur and NIT Jamshedpur. He took admission in NIT Rourkela. He says that it never late to start for the preparation. For preparation proper planning is needed he further adds. He also share his preparation strategies with us in the interview we had with him.

Ques. What did you choose- Offline or Online mode for taking up the exam?

Ans. Offline Mode. The advantage of offline mode- All the questions can be seen at a go i.e. we can go through all the questions in the first 15 minutes and plan on attempting the whole paper accordingly. Another advantage is that most coaching centers follow offline mode of exam for practise tests so we were more familiar with the offline mode. Also there is no chance of any technical glitches which is a possibility in the online mode.

The disadvantages of offline mode- answers cannot be changed once marked in the OMR sheet which leads to marking of incorrect options sometimes. Also marking of answers carefully on the OMR sheet takes a lot of time.

Ques. Did you qualify for JEE Advanced?

Ans. Yes

Ques. How would you rate the following Preparation Strategy in terms of their efficiency in your story? [Coaching Classes]

Ans. High

Ques How would you rate the following Preparation Strategy in terms of their efficiency in your story? [NCERT Text Books]

Ans. Very High

Ques. How would you rate the following Preparation Strategy in terms of their efficiency in your story? [Coaching Study Material]

Ans. High

Ques. How would you rate the following Preparation Strategy in terms of their efficiency in your story? [Online Study Material]

Ans. High

Ques. How would you rate the following Preparation Strategy in terms of their efficiency in your story? [Subject wise Classes]

Ans. Moderate

Ques. How would you rate the following Preparation Strategy in terms of their efficiency in your story? [Self Study]

Ans. Very High

Ques. Did you take Coaching Classes? If yes, how did they help in your story?

Ans. Yes, I did take coaching classes. The name of the coaching institute was Vidwan Classes which is located in Bhubaneswar. It is managed by some IIT pass-outs. Coaching classes are very helpful in preparation for such tough exams. One advantage is that those who mentor the students, they themselves have gone through the same process and hence can share all their experiences and remedies for tough situations. Another advantage is continuous evaluation through weekly and monthly tests which leads to more rigorous revision and also we can check how competitive we are. The study materials provided by these institutes are also updated and specific, hence it is very helpful in effective preparation. Regular classes also makes sure that we are sincere towards preparation and never become slack.

Ques. Rate the role of Coaching Institutes in cracking JEE Main

Ans. 8

Ques. How did you manage JEE Main Preparation along with your Class 12th exam?

Ans. The course of class 12th is part of the preparation or to be more precise class 12th syllabus is subset of the JEE examination syllabus. One has to be thorough with the NCERT books for both 12th exams and JEE main exam. My everyday routine used to be studying for 12th exam first and then spend a few extra hours for preparing extra stuff for the JEE mains. Both are interconnected and should be given their due importance and time.

Ques. What were your Strong and Weak areas? How did you prepare and what special efforts did you put for improving them?

Ans. My strong subject was Mathematics. I was very strong in Calculus and Statistics. My weaker subject was Physics. I was weak in topics like Rotation and Fluid Mechanics. For my weaker areas, I referred to online study materials and lectures as well as spent extra time with my coaching mentors. I tried to solve many questions and at the same time referring to solution books time to time so that I don't go wrong anywhere. But one should remember not to ignore your strong area as it will bring you maximum marks. So I also paid attention to my strong areas for maximum marks.

Ques. What mock papers did you take?

Ans. I used to give mock papers every month. My coaching institute used to conduct monthly review tests and also there was a test series which started 2 months before the JEE main examination. I also joined FIITJEE yearly test series which was a year long mock test series. There was a monthly test and also a test every week once the exam dates got closer. Mock tests are very important and useful. It helps in comparing our preparation among students all over the country. It also helps in time management and removes the fear of appearing an exam as you appear for tests regularly.

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Ques. Physics: Mention the Strategy and Books Followed for this section.

Ans. First thing I did was referring past papers. This helped me in identifying which topics are more important and has to be concentrated on. Mechanics and Electricity and Magnetism are usually the most important topics to work on as most questions are from these topics. Thermodynamics is important as it is related to both Physics and Chemistry so I concentrated more on that too. I covered Wave Optics first in Optics topic, as it can be completed earlier. Some topics like Vectors are the base to all topics in Physics and special care should be taken to be strong in basics. The books I followed were HC Verma, Irodov and Arihant Physics books.

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Ques. Chemistry: Mention the Strategy and Books Followed for this section

Ans. Chemistry is the highest scoring subject out of the 3 subjects and one has to secure very high marks in chemistry to get a decent rank. Physical chemistry involves calculations and formulas. The formulas should be by-heart and care should be taken to apply the right formulas in the right problems and this part becomes very easy. Organic chemistry was a little tough for me but once we understand the logic and rules governing organic reactions, it becomes fairly easy. Solving more and more questions clears out most of the doubts. Inorganic chemistry is all about mugging and remembering. The books I followed were Organic Chemistry by OP Tandon and IIT JEE Chemistry by OP Agarwal. I also followed some Arihant MCQ books.  

Ques. Mathematics: Mention the Strategy and Books Followed for this section.

Ans. Mathematics is the toughest of the 3 subjects for most students but it seemed relatively easier to me. The secret behind that was regular practise and logical thinking. There is nothing to mug up and a different methodology should be used for every problem. Trigonometry has lesser weight-age but it must not be ignored as it is a scoring topic. I gave more attention to Vectors and 3-D than probability or Indefinite integration keeping the past trends in mind. Complex numbers is also highly important and has to be practiced properly. More importance is always given to topics relating to Algebra, Calculus and Co-ordinate Geometry. The books I followed were SL Loney and RD Sharma. These 2 books are sufficient to secure very good marks in Mathematics.

Ques. What are the things you would like to go back in time and change to get into a better college?

Ans. Well I thought I did most things right but there were some faults which I could change. One thing I would have changed is not overthinking. I kept thinking too much about the exam and made mistakes in very simple questions. It could have been avoided. Another thing was Stress and Pressure. These two things messed up with my head and hampered my preparations. One should always be calm and relaxed through all situations during preparation and during the exam. If I corrected these things then I would have definitely scored more and could have got into a better college.

JEE MAINS ResultJEE MAIN Participating CollegesJEE MAIN 2016 Cutoff

Ques. Write some of the Preparation tips for someone who is starting 4 months before the exam?

Ans. First of all, one thing that should always be kept in mind is that it is never too late to start preparing. One should identify his/her stronger and weaker topics first. Proper planning and schedule should be made for covering all topics, spending a little more time for the weaker sections. Its highly important to join a test series and try to appear for mock tests continuously. One can join a short-term courses in any coaching institute to polish all the chapters and also all doubts can be cleared through coaching mentors. It is important to not get depressed or happy after seeing results of mock tests as it is not the actual exam afterall.



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