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JEE MAIN 2017 Preparation Tips by Vineet Rana

Last Updated - March 15, 2018

Vineet Rana got 95 marks in JEE Main 2008. He says the choosing the proper coaching institute will provide good guidance to the aspirants. He also share his preparation strategies with us in the interview we had with him.Here is the questionnaire we had with him.

Ques. What did you choose- Offline or Online mode for taking up the exam?

Ans. I preferred  offline exam over online as according to me one can shuffle more efficiently through the question in offline mode and  moreover in the institute I gave the mock test by the conventional way and it is better to give the exam in try and tested way rather than going for the unorthodox online method because  first of all we have not test  by online way and in online way it is not easy to shuffle through the questions and I was not aware of the user interface at all so I preferred offline .

Ques. How would you rate the following Preparation Strategy in terms of their efficiency in your story? [Coaching Classes]

Ans. Moderate

Ques. How would you rate the following Preparation Strategy in terms of their efficiency in your story? [NCERT Text Books]

Ans. Very High

Ques. How would you rate the following Preparation Strategy in terms of their efficiency in your story? [Coaching Study Material]

Ans. High

Ques. How would you rate the following Preparation Strategy in terms of their efficiency in your story? [Online Study Material]

Ans. Moderate

Ques. How would you rate the following Preparation Strategy in terms of their efficiency in your story? [Subject wise Classes]

Ans. High

Ques. How would you rate the following Preparation Strategy in terms of their efficiency in your story? [Self Study]

Ans. Very High

Ques. Did you take Coaching Classes? If yes, how did they help in your story?

Ans. I had joined Singh Study Circle for my JEE coaching. During my 11th class I was pretty confident about Mathematics but I could not understand key concepts in Physics and Chemistry. I spent some time to understand what was going wrong and realized that my preparation technique was flawed. Thereafter, I began studying Physics & Chemistry, not merely for the sake of clearing some exam, but to enjoy the subject. I now think that every student must follow the same principle. I followed Arihant series for Mathematics, Concepts of Physics by H.C.Verma, Irodov for Physics (problems) Resnick, Halliday, Walker for theory in Physics, NCERT text books, Peter Sykes for Chemistry. Besides, I gave a lot of emphasis on my classroom notes as well as on solving previous year’s question papers. This kept my preparation aligned to JEE examination standard.


Ques. Rate the role of Coaching Institutes in cracking JEE Main

Ans. 7

Ques. How did you manage JEE Main Preparation along with your Class 12th exam?

Ans. There is not much of the difference in preparing for JEE and 12th class if your concept are clear you can clear JEE and 12 with flying color as most of the question in JEE come from the NCERT but the difference is that the question in 12 CBSE exam are straight and in JEE it is more concept based.


Ques. What were your Strong and Weak areas? How did you prepare and what special efforts did you put for improving them?

Ans. Maths was my strong area and I don't have to work hard on it and chemistry was the area in which I was lacking and in order to improve it I started preparing the basic from the NCERT of 11 and 12th then I opted for pradeep's and then I started doing mock test by these steps I prepared myself of the chemistry and physics was normal I don't have to put extra effort on Maths and Physics. 

Ques. What mock papers did you take?

Ans. I gave the mock papers given by the Singh study circle and in order to sit for mock test series I had paid them Rs.2000/- and mock series helped me a lot as it helped me to understand the pattern of the exam and prepare well and it also helped me to know about my preparation where do I stand in exam and how much more I have to work and it also helped me to know my good and bad areas.

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Ques. Physics: Mention the Strategy and Books Followed for this section.

Ans. Concepts are the key to Physics. Basic understanding of all the concepts & reasoning is the one thing a student should focus on. That will help them to understand the topics better. Small concepts can be extracted after reading NCERT & H.C. Verma.

Some of the areas of focus are Kinematics, NLM, Thermodynamics, Heat, Optics and Waves and that would be only possible when you are conceptually strong.

Here are certain  preparation tips that students should focus on:

Theoretical questions on Modern Physics as these are easy and do not have much calculations

In Thermodynamics and Heat, most of the problems are based on P –Y graphs and hence, easier of biology students to focus

Focus more on numericals which are directly formula based

In case of lengthy calculations, try and solve the problem through approximation

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Ques. Chemistry: Mention the Strategy and Books Followed for this section

Ans.The students should focus on conceptual clarity, application skills and should be through with the prescribed syllabus.

Students should practice the most relevant numerical daily in order to develop speed. They should pay special attention to topics like Mole concept, Chemical Equilibrium and Electrochemistry.

While studying Organic Chemistry students should pay attention to topics like Stereochemistry, GOC (General Organic Chemistry) and Functional Group Analysis.

In Inorganic Chemistry the questions are mainly conceptual, concerned with structures, processes and applications. Students should pay special attention to topics like Chemical Bonding and Coordination Chemistry.

The students should stay focused and maintain a positive attitude.

Practice as many mock-test series to build up speed and know the kind of questions generally asked. The students should focus on their weak areas and improve upon your concepts.

Remember it is quality of time spent and not the quantity alone. Hence give short breaks of 5 to 10 minutes every 1-2 hours of serious study. Completely relax when you take a break. Practice meditation to develop inner calm, poise, confidence and power of concentration.

Ques. Mathematics: Mention the Strategy and Books Followed for this section.

Ans. If we analyse the previous year JEE papers, they suggest that the candidates should pay more attention to Vectors and 3-D than Probability or Indefinite integration as vectors and 3-D offers very less scope to examiner, as far as variety in problem is concerned. Each year 2-3 questions are asked from Complex Number. Therefore mastering complex numbers, vectors, 3-D and Definite integral should be their top priority.

Students can make Algebra easier if they can harness the ability to picture functions as graphs and are good at applying vertical and horizontal origin shifts carefully as zeroes of functions and other specific values can be done in much less time using these techniques.

Differential calculus again relates well to roots of equations, especially if you use the Rolle's and Lagrange's theorems.

Students can use Complex numbers to solve questions in co- ordinate geometry too. Trigonometric questions require applications of De Moivre's theorem.

Permutation - Combination and Probability is another very important topic in algebra. Students have to be thorough with the basics of Bayes theorem, derangements and various ways of distribution, taking care of cases where objects are identical and when they are not.

Matrices can be related to equations, hence a 3x3 matrix can actually be visualized as being three-planed in 3D geometry. Determinants have some very nice properties, for instance, the ability to break them into two using a common summand from a row/ column, which should be made use of in tougher questions.

Integral calculus can be simplified using tricks and keeping in mind some basic varieties of integral functions. Remembering the properties and applying them wisely saves lot of time.

Coordinate geometry requires a good working knowledge of the parametric forms of various conic sections and an ability to convert the other, tougher ones to these basic forms and then interpret the solutions accordingly.

The most important point to keep in mind is that Mathematics can only be mastered with regular practice. Hence the students should try and solve as many sample papers and problems as possible on a regular basis.

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Ques. What are the things you would like to go back in time and change to get into a better college?

Ans. I will like to prepare well and hard in order to get into good college I will like to work smart not hard and spend more time in clearing my concept rather than mugging them because according to me if your concept are clear you can easily clear any competitive exam.

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Ques. Write some of the Preparation tips for someone who is starting 4 months before the exam?

Ans. Its good person is having a period of 4 months try to clear your concept and give mock test regularly and make notes short notes basically and try to read them regularly and try to find out your strong and weak area work hard on weak areas and try to cover as much as you can



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