6 Important Factors for XAT 2020 Exam Day

    Xavier Association of Management Institutes in the form of Xavier School of Management will be conducting the XAT Exam on January 5, 2020. Instead of panicking on the D-Day, candidates should be wary of the below-mentioned factors to take the exam with a cool head and shine with flying colours.

    What should be my strategy on XAT Exam Day?

    XAT is much different in relation to the CAT Exam on numerous fronts. There is General Knowledge, Vocab, Business Decision Making, and hardly, few topics from Quant that are expected to be put to test atXAT 2020 Exam. You proceed from where you left off your preparation for CAT and include improved components into your XAT Preparation.

    For XAT 2020 Exam, is it advisable to leave questions or not?

    For any entrance exam, even the slightest of difference in the Final Result can make a huge difference in Rankings. Even though it is advisable to approach as many questions that a candidate is sure about, any problem with a negative response will have more adverse effects than an unattempted question.

    Whether the sections of Verbal and RC are tougher?

    XAT Verbal has been on similar lines with CAT when talked about its difficulty levels. But, with CAT 2019 being extremely competitive and difficult than any recent times, the toughness doubtlessly would be equivalent to the CAT Exam. Poems and reading pieces are a part of the XAT RC Section. Sentence Rearrangement questions will have choices.

    How different will be the section of Quantitative Aptitude?

    The basics of Quantitative Aptitude should be on the exact lines of CAT, with a considerable number of problems being from Geometry, Trigonometry, Arithmetic, Coordinate Geometry, Inequalities, and Functions. XAT 2020 Official Mock Test has also been released to give you a hang of the exam pattern to be held.

    What about questions on Business Decision Making?

    Business Decision Making is a tricky section in the XAT Exam that tests how you comprehend and answer to random situations. It could likewise end up being a twofold resulting section. Have your fundamentals clear and attempt questions from previous year papers’ XAT BDM sections to get an idea on how to Approach the XAT BDM section.

    How Important is GK in the context of XAT 2020?

    General Knowledge comes in the last half of the test. Post the Personal Interview round, if there is a tie between two applicants, GK marks are utilized to determine the tie. Plan and prepare for GK, but don't overcompensate. Likewise, GK Score isn't considered for your general XAT Percentile.

    Important factors to be mindful for XAT 2020 Exam Day

    1. Before your Exam starts, read the screen briefing you with directions to approach the test. It may contain valuable data that can represent a deciding moment.
    2. You can go between segments during XAT. Don't over-examine it till the utmost extreme while attempting different questions to concoct a secure technique.
    3. The best system out there is to acknowledge that there are methodologies that are more terrible and better as well. Nonetheless, not one methodology is full proof and tested.
    4. Avoid media/social platforms that can expand your pre-test tension.
    5. All aspirants must keep at least two printed copies of the admit card with them. Alongside the XAT 2020 Admit Card, a visa size photograph is a compulsory requirement to be conveyed along.
    6. Visiting the exam center before the day of XAT 2020 is prudent to applicants. All applicants must reach before the time referenced on the admit card. XAT 2020 will begin at 10:00 am and the test takers are suggested to reach by 8:45 am.
    7. Try not to surge! All applicants must endeavor each question in turn. When the applicants gain clarity about the right answer, only then he/she should go on to select the appropriate choice.
    8. All applicants ought to be sure of the fact that they don't carry along any electronic gadgets along with them in the test center. Anybody saw as liable will be not be permitted to proceed any further with the exam of XAT 2020.

    All the best to the XAT 2020 test-takers from team Collegedunia!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

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