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XAT Preparation Tips by Harish Sankar

Last Updated - October 06, 2016

Harish Sankar appeared in XAT 2011 and got 74.5 Percentile through which he was able to take admission into SDMIMD Mysore. We interviewed him and we present you some of the strategies he follows for XAT exam and his experience. Below is the questionnaire:


Ques. How many GDPI did you take part in?

Ans. I have attended around 5 GDPI's starting from Symbiosis School of Bank Management, TISS (MSW), Kirloskar Institute of Management, ITM B School and SDMIMD. The GD experience consisted mainly of Current affairs of that time (2011) like Arab Spring, water resource management and Banking Inclusion.


Ques. The Institutes that offered you Admission?

Ans.SDMIMD Mysore, Kirloskar Institute of Management, Symbiosis School of Bank Management, and ITM Business School.

Ques. Apart from XAT, which exams did you appear in?



Ques. How would you rate the following Preparation Strategy in terms of their efficiency in your story?

Coaching ClassesNCERT text booksOnline Study MaterialCoaching Study MaterialMock & Sample Test PapersStudy GroupsSubject Wise ClassesSelf-Study
Very HighNot ApplicableLowVery HighVery HighVery HighHighModerate

Ques. Name the Coaching Institute you joined and its Role in your Story?

Ans. Time Trivandrum helped me a lot in my preparation for MBA Exams. I’ll tell it has helped me beyond to be competitive in other exams too. They were able to instill confidence in building the right approach to the study and Exam. They were also able to give preparation support for GD an Interview.


Ques. Rate the Role of you Coaching Institute (Classroom or Online) in cracking XAT?

Ans. 10

Ques. How did you manage your XAT preparation along with your Graduation studies/working hours?

Ans. It is very difficult to handle both full time work and MBA Exam preparation side by side, at least for me as I had failed miserably in the same previous year. But in the year I gave exam I gave 100% to preparation I resigned job for same.


Ques. What were your Strong and Weak areas? How did you prepare and what special efforts did you put for improving them?

Ans. My Strong areas were Verbal where I scored around 98%ile whereas in case of Quant and others it was miserable. I stressed on giving time for more practice on syllogism, and other reasoning related subjects. Where as in quant, it is the knowledge of handling various types of questions in a single subject that makes the cut.

Ques. What is your Five Point Rule to excel XAT 2016?


1). Finish the strong subject First in Exam.
2). Give priority to giving more practice to reasoning related questions.
3). Don’t give too much priority to Quant if you are weak in Quant. It can waste your time. Try learning different types of questions in the areas where you have interest.
4). Try reading almost all the question you may not know where the Gold Mine is hidden.
5). Don’t get pained if you see a tough paper as it will be the same for everybody. Give your best while writing. Rest leave to God.

Ques. What Mock Papers did you take?

Ans. I basically used only AIMCAT Mock papers from TIME. They will bombard you with paper in every Week I believe the same will give you enough preparation for exams. They’ll also give computer based test for real feel of exam as well as paper pencil test. Mock papers had given me confidence in preparation for main exam. It’ll surely explain to you regarding your strong areas and weak areas.

Ques. Websites you followed regularly for practicing sample papers and get updates?

Ans. and are the main two websites which I used to visit.

Ques. Verbal and Logical Ability: Discuss the Strategy and Books you followed for this section.

Ans. Verbal and Logical Ability. Verbal I had used Arun Sharma’s Book for preparation. RS Aggarwal for Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning. I had also used TIME books and materials for base preparation.

Ques. Quantitative Aptitude: Discuss the Strategy and Books Followed

Ans. Quantitative aptitude I had completely depended on TIME books as they were fund to be pretty standard. Other than that R S Aggarwal quant was also there but was not of much help for CAT/ XAT Prep.

Ques. General Awareness: Books and Strategy Followed

Ans. General Awareness I used to read Hindu Newspaper coupled with reading Time of India website. I also used to read magazines like Competition Success Review for GK Preparation, Week and Frontline.


Ques. Essay: Discuss the Strategy followed.

Ans. Essay strategy depended on the kind of topic if it is environment related Economic or Political topic just with giving an introduction of the topic. After introduction give basic filler with regards to the incidents associated or process in detail. Pros and cons followed by giving a final statement ending with a positive note. Which will be more than enough. In case of abstract topic relate it to some life events or business related matters. As the essay explain regarding what is inside your mind need to be more careful. While writing we should be keeping a positive neutral tune rather than being rightist or leftist.

Ques. Share your thoughts on the Strategy for the aspirant who is starting two months before the exam.

Ans. In case of a Man running a business firm or a man running from pillar to post. To meet both ends meet for his family expenses. He/she never fails in getting it done although he repeats same next month. The person who starts preparation in 2 months it is the same. If you have the will you have the way. 2 months has 60 days 1440 hrs is more than enough even for Civils preparation. But to keep the momentum it is solely up on you who prepare and also to remain healthy. With regards to preparation if you have background knowledge regarding the subjects, start giving more and more mock papers which will be more than enough.

Ques. What are the things you would like to go back in time and change to get into a better college?

Ans. Getting Past or Belling XAT or CAT is also partly luck. I believe it is not only marks that take you to XLRI or IIM it is also the entrepreneurial passion. Which If I could have had I would have be better college.

Ques. How was your experience in the Interview?

Ans. Interviews almost everywhere begin with Self introduction, questions on why MBA after graduation. How Graduation subject can be linked to MBA. Subject of interest in MBA, Why not go for entrepreneurship rather than MBA the answer will be to join Entrepreneurship aspiration with knowledge from MBA. This answering helped me get in to SDMIMD Mysore.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Hi Kritika, There is no defined marking scheme for the essay writing section.



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