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    SNAP is a national level management entrance test conducted by Symbiosis University, Pune for admission to 15 Symbiosis Institutes. SNAP 2018 is scheduled for December 16, 2018. SNAP Result will be declared in the second week of January 2018. SNAP Scores are also accepted by several other top b-schools in the country. SNAP Selection Process comprises written exam followed by the GD round.

    GD round is one of the important components of the selection process and carries a total weightage of 10 marks. Group Discussion will includediscussion on a given topic among the fellow candidates. The total time allotted during the group discussion process will be 15 minutes with 2 panellists and 8 participants.

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    Topics of GD generally include the current events and affairs happening in the world, business & economy-related events or prominent social issues.

    Only 2-3 aspirants are selected from a given set of candidates and the selected ones have to go through the Personal Interview (PI). During the GD process one must keep in mind that not only the knowledge/intelligence is required, but also potential leadership qualities, confidence and gestures are also taken into the consideration.

    The article will provide you with the tips, preparation strategy and the commonly asked questions in SNAP group discussion round.

    How to Prepare for SNAP Group Discussion Round?

    Group Discussion preparation should immediately start after the conduction of  SNAP Exam. Many aspirants feel under-confident before their GD round. So, it is always better to go through the tips and strategies to master over your leadership qualities, skills required and to uplift your confidence.

    SNAP Preparation tips for Group Discussion Round

    • Keep a track of happenings around the world- Being aware of current affairs, latest issues and happenings, which affect our lives shows a well-rounded personality. Try to watch news channels, yourself updated through Google or other mobile apps.
    • Focus on your Leadership Qualities- The ability to lead and play in a team is measured in Group Discussion. Make a habit of reading English newspapers & magazines, watch interesting documentaries and profiles on television to get a wider perspective on issues.
    • If you are a good reader and read on a variety of topics. Reading not only adds to your knowledge database but enhances your vocabulary skills as well.
    • Widen up your Ideas- GD topics can be from a wide range of issues. It could be a topic on current events, business news, sports or a general issue. The wider your reading interests, the better prepared you will be to face the group discussion.
    • Be Knowledgeable: Not only about national affairs but International too- You should prepare on a variety of topics as rich and right subject knowledge will be required during the Group Discussion. You should have subject knowledge and be well aware of the latest happenings around you, not just in India but around the world as well.
    • Try to acquire in-depth Knowledge- To be in a better position, make sure that you have in-depth knowledge on the subject. Subject knowledge is a pre-requisite while you are preparing for a group discussion because you will then have the power to steer the conversation to whichever direction you want to. If you can memorize some relevant/ factual data, it will work as a cherry on the cake.
    • Choose your Study Material Wisely- Always choose the magazines that are content rich and give a better picture of each and everything. Avoid the magazines which contain advertisement. Do some research and buy the best that will be beneficial for you.
    • Prepare the Topics that are Repeated- There are topics which re-appear with minor changes and minute variations. Be aware of such topics well in advance so that you have ample time to prepare for the same.
    • For example, the issues of terrorism, gender inequality, poverty, liberalization & privatization, reservations in educational institutions etc. often appear in GD’s. Make sure you know these topics well and can come up with some unique, insightful points along with relevant data.
    • Improve your Communication Skills- You should be well versed in your communication skills. You should have a good vocabulary and a good command over the English language.
    • Rehearse well before your GD Round- Much before your actual group discussion, rehearse well. Sit with your friends, choose a topic and indulge in a friendly GD. Not only will this increase your knowledge, you will become a better speaker by the time it is time for your GD.
    • Learn to communicate with body gestures- The panellists observe the way you sit and react in the course of the discussion. Body gestures are very crucial. In a GD- sit straight, avoid leaning back onto the chair and also keep an eye on your facial expressions. In addition to this, do not get distracted easily.
    • Try to learn from Youtube videos- Youtube videos are the best for GD preparation as they will teach you each and everything in detail and will also discuss the recent and current affairs.

    Tips to Ace SNAP Group Discussion Round

    Group Discussion is an important part of final admission round for MBA/PGDM after the shortlisting (on the basis of SNAP score). The strong exchange of opinions/ideas on a given topic with logical, thoughtful and factual arguments are supposed to be an indicator of your leadership qualities, judgement of a knowledge domain and good communication skills.
    Out of the 8-12 participants in a single GD round, selection is bestowed on one or two while others get eliminated either due to their imbecile mistakes, inappropriate behaviour or because they are not aware of the rules.

    Do and Don’ts one must follow to crack the GD round

    • A participant should speak after getting a grasp on the given topic.
    • Begin with the topic after gathering all your thoughts.
    • Irrelevant speaking should be avoided.
    • One must be audible enough during the course of discussion without losing confidence.
    • Express your ideas in detail.
    • If you simply follow the other speaker or his ideas, remember your elimination is imminent
    • Speak without any ambiguity of thought.
    • Don’t crisscross your ideas.
    • Topics given are debatable, one might like to speak for or against the topic but keep your limits in mind. Crossing it gives a bad impact and you will be judged in a wrong way.
    • Don’t be a part of fish market.
    • Make sure you have a good command over the language.
    • Be confident enough to share your views, making sure it’s right.
    • Knowledge of current affairs is always a plus point, which enables you to support your points with some approximate figures & facts.
    • Just express your views and don’t try to force it on other participants.
    • Leadership qualities are also appreciated and can be expressed by initiating the topic, providing a proper conclusion.
    • Make sure that you do go out of context and stick to the topic.
    • Make sure you listen to everyone when it is not your turn.
    • Just be patient and calm. No need to get angry and handle the situation very calmly.

    SNAP 2017: What are the Commonly Asked Topics in Group Discussion?

    Group discussions are unstructured and less formal compared to other components of final admission round like extempore, case studies and PI round where candidates focus only on distinct type of questions and respond to them. Frequently asked questions in the GD round revolves around the business/economy questions, current affairs/events and social issues.

    Group Discussion- Types and Topics

    Business and Economy

    This is one of the most important areas of Group Discussion topics. Following questions can be asked in SNAP Group Discussion round:

    • Can India double its farmers’ income in next 5 years?
    • Should Indian economy be privatized?
    • IT industry is going to create huge job opportunities in India.
    • Why is India way behind China?
    • Is FDI in retail good or bad?
    • GST launch will propel the business & economic growth
    • Corruption is the root cause for Indian Economy slowdown
    • “Make in India” – the idea will make India a manufacturing hub
    • Demonetization in India will adversely impact Indian Economy

    Current Affairs/Events

    Changes and developments happen every day in the country therefore topics on the current affairs and events cannot be avoided. A few of the key topics on current affairs are:

    • No subsidy regime would propel the wheel of growth
    • India can hardly afford spending a fortune on projects like ‘Mars’ mission
    • E-commerce discounts are harmful in long run
    • Terrorism is the price we have to pay for democracy.

    Social Issues

    Social issues and concerns are affecting the society in one way or the other which makes them the favorite topic of discussion in the GD round. Few topics are examined below:

    • Law should be an instrument of Social Change
    • Social Activism is necessary for survival of democratic society
    • To make India Digital, Net Neutrality is essential
    • Smart City Project will give wings to the growth
    • Gender bias in portraying Women in Advertisements



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