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    SNAP is a national level MBA entrance examination conducted by the Symbiosis International University. The scores are accepted by the 15 Symbiosis Institutes affiliated to SIU. This year, SNAP 2019 is scheduled for December 15 in computer-based mode. 

    A lot of changes have been introduced in the examination, rating from its application fee to the paper pattern. There are four sections in the test viz.

    Section 1: General English

    Section 2: Quantitative, DI and Sufficiency

    Section 3: Analytical & LR

    Changes in SNAP 2019SNAP Application FormSNAP SyllabusSNAP Practice Papers

    In this article, we are focusing on General English section. It is the first section in the examination. Read Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning and Verbal Ability forms the part of this section.

    Exam Pattern of General English

    • From 2018 onwards, this section had two types of questions namely Normal Questions (MCQs) and Special Questions (Non-MCQs).
    • There will be four choices for Normal questions. Whereas, for special questions will have blanks where answers will have to be entered using the virtual keyboard.
    • Questions Breakup: 30 Normal Ques. and 5 Special Ques.
    • Marking Scheme: + 1 mark (Normal Ques.) and + 2 marks (Special Ques.)
    • Negative Marking: Each wrong answer attracts 25% negative marks for Normal Questions and for Special Questions also.

    Check detailed SNAP Exam Pattern

    Basic Preparation Tips for English

    To have full command over English language is a must to crack this section. This section will come across as an easy section for those who have included the following activities in their daily routine:

    • Reading Newspapers like The Hindu, Time of India or Hindustan Times etc.
    • Reading Novels/ Books of any genre.
    • Watching English movies/ news
    • Listening to any English content (music/ news/ movies)
    • Participating or taking up quizzes online. Check Online Resources  

    Preparation Tips for Read Comprehension

    In this section, you have a passage along with questions related to it. Candidates are required to read and understand the content given and thereby answering the questions. Few tips and tricks to excel in this:

    1. Focus on opening and closing paragraphs of passages

    Most of the passages in SNAP RC section will be short, but one or two will be long. If you short of time, read the opening and closing paragraphs and skim the middle. This is because, the first and the last paragraphs contain the passage's main idea in most of the passages.

    2. Use context to help you

    If there is a question based on a particular line, DO NOT go back into the passage and read just that line. Instead, read at least two to three sentences before and after the line in question, so as to comprehend what the author is trying to say. This will help you to arrive at the answer with better accuracy.

    3. Sharpen your skills through reading

    The word count can come across as a scary thing and leave you in panic situation in the exam. It is extremely important to maintain your cool and be prepared for such challenges. The best long-term strategy to deal with long RCs is to build your reading stamina and making sure you are ready for the mental battle. An important point while reading is to maintain your focus and attention. This can be developed only with a good amount of practice.

    Read as much as you can and reading diverse areas will help in increasing your understanding related to other areas in addition to the areas you are familiar with. Read online journals, magazines, books and newspapers. The more you read and practice, the better will be your ability to filter out irrelevant information from the relevant one.

    4. Make your Vocabulary Better

    Try to increase your vocabulary (general and area specific). Remember, this is another long-term strategy that requires dedication and application. It is not possible to improve your reading skills overnight. Thus, it is extremely important to build on your core language skills in order to develop into a master reader.

    5. Read Questions First

    This trick works most of the times while attempting this section. Before you start reading the passage, go through the questions and then start reading the passage. This will save a lot of time in the examination.

    Preparation Tips for Verbal Ability and Reasoning

    Verbal Ability

    • This part will test candidates’ ability in English grammar and language.
    • Clear your basics of English grammar to solve the error detection questions and sentence correction. 
    • Identify the words you are not familiar with and try to understand their meaning and usage.
    • Watch movies and documentaries with subtitles. This will increases knowledge of spoken English and comes in handy while attempting questions on sentence completion.
    • Candidates can improve their vocabulary by learning new words every day.
    • You should talk to people in English. They may feel sluggish and shy at first and will make lots of mistakes but soon they will discover that with more talking, their confidence, as well as their accuracy, is increasing.
    • Memorize idioms and idiomatic expressions.

    Verbal Reasoning

    • This part has a maximum of 2-5 questions in the General English Section of SNAP, candidates are tested on their ability to find reasons and understanding of logical links in the statements.
    • Read and study each question very carefully. 
    • Consider ONLY the information given in each reading passage when choosing among the alternative responses.
    • Read the questions and instruction carefully. 
    • Make sure to read all the response choices carefully before choosing any one of them.
    • You should solve questions regularly to get a good grip on it as ample practice should be there.

    SNAP Preparation Tips for General English: Resources to Prepare

    Given below are the names of the resources that will help you in preparing better for SNAP exam. Read on!

    Online Resources

    As we are in the smartphone generation, there is an app/site for everything which you can use on the go without wasting any time. 

    Some of the sites/apps are: 

    • Thesaurus ( Learn synonyms and antonyms for different words. There is also an app on Google Play
    • Testbook English Quiz ( Practice questions in tiny quizzes and see where you stand among your peers. The Textbook also offers App for both Android as well as iOS devices.
    • English Stack Exchange ( Here you can type in your grammar-related query on Google and click on links from English Stack Exchange or visit the forum to learn English in an unstructured format, one doubt at a time.

    Some of the youtube channels are:

    • Mahendra Guru: Online Videos For Govt. Exams: This channel gives detail lecture, paper analysis and quizzes of General English for all competitive examinations
    • Learn4Exam: Learn4exam has years of experience and has been instrumental to many in the field of MBA entrance exams. The team runs dedicated courses aimed at non - CAT exams such as NMAT, TISS, MICAT, SNAP to name a few.
    • StudyBUZZ is a channel to help students clear various aptitude based entrance exams for various MBA courses. They focus on CAT, IIFT, XAT, NMAT, SNAP, CMAT, TISS, SRCC GBO & many more.
    • COMPETITIVE ENGLISH is a channel is dedicated to online education where you can learn Advanced English Grammar and prepare for all competitive exams.

    Offline resources

    Book NameAuthor/ Publisher
    Word Power Made EasyNorman Lewis
    Paramount EnglishNeetu Singh
    Objective General EnglishSP Singh
    High School English GrammarWren and Martin
    Cambridge Grammar of EnglishRonald Carter



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