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SNAP Preparation Tips by Abhishek Verma

Last Updated - September 05, 2018

Abhishek Verma cleared SNAP in 2009 and scored 122 marks in it. He got admission in IIM Indore through CAT. According to him, in order to crack SNAP, one should be focused with the studies and smart preparation. He says, work hard on weakest and try to score the cut off by practicing as many questions as one can. Here is the questionnaire which can help you in preparing well for SNAP. 

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SIU (Symbiosis International University) has scheduled SNAP 2018 for December 16, 2018. Management aspirants can apply online on this before November 26, 2018. 

Ques. How many GD/PI did you take part in?

Ans. 1 GD, 1 GA and 1 PI.

The first activity was a group activity which had the same candidates who were in GD later on. The activity had some team building games like untying multiple knots followed by some hand holding games.

2nd was GD which was for around 22 minutes (2 minutes for thinking and gathering points and 20 mins for discuss). The group was of around 11 people. The GD was a complete like a fish market and I made no more than 4-5 points.

3rd was the interview which was very short, around 10-12 minutes.

Ques. How was your experience in the Interview?

Ans. The interviews were very short and they covered more than 5-6 people per hour. They focused on the work experience and my academics. But academics were limited to my scores in 10th and 12th and not of my engineering. They mostly asked about my work experience and my project (I worked in Infosys and my client was AETNA). They also discussed the experience, learnings & problems from the group activity held earlier. Overall, it was an ok experience.

Ques. The Institutes that offered you Admission?

Ans.IIM Indore, MDI Gurgaon (No offer from any Symbiosis institutes).

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Ques. Apart from SNAP, which exams did you appear in?


Ques. How would you rate the following Preparation Strategy in terms of their efficiency in your story?

Coaching ClassesNCERT Text BooksOnline Study MaterialCoaching Study MaterialMock & Sample Test PapersStudy GroupsSubject Wise ClassesSelf-Study
Very LowVery LowHighVery HighVery HighVery LowVery LowVery High

Ques. Name the Coaching Institute you joined and its Role in your Story?

Ans. I had joined Career Launcher during my engineering in 2007. But in 2009, I joined the classes only for group discussions and interview practices. The group discussions were held 3-4 times per week and were well organized. The groups were very random & diverse and had 8-13 persons depending upon the strength of the class on a particular day. Mock interviews were very limited due to large number of students and I had 3 such interviews. First was very short (5 mins) and they mainly tested my spoken English and gave me few questions to prepare for next mock interviews. Rest 2 interviews were about 20-30 mins and they gave detailed feedback for the same. Overall, the GDPI experience was good.

Ques. Rate the Role of you Coaching Institute (Classroom or Online) in cracking SNAP?

Ans. 8

Ques. How did you manage your SNAP preparation along with your Graduation studies/working hours?

Ans. I prepared mainly for CAT and did not spend too much time on other exams. For CAT, I did weekly mock CATs. As I was dealing with much tougher questions for CAT, SNAP became a cakewalk and only thing that separated SNAP from CAT was the higher number of questions and more sections. I studied religiously on weekends which was good enough for me.

Ques. What were your Strong and Weak areas? How did you prepare and what special efforts did you put for improving them?

Ans. My strong areas were logical reasoning and data interpretation. Weak area was Verbal and weakest was General Awareness. For Verbal, I focused on the study material provided by Career Launcher and also borrowed some from my friends studying in TIME. I read editorials from TOI, HT and sometimes ET to improve my speed in reading comprehensions. Additionally, I read few articles online at office. For General Awareness or GK, there is not much one can do in a limited span of 3-4 months. I read trivia, news booklet (forgot name) by Career Launcher which shares major monthly news and some random GK websites (can't remember).

Ques. What is your Five Point Rule to excel SNAP 2017?

Ans. 1. Find your strongest area as soon as possible and make that your scoring area. You must score at least 50% of the questions to reach the overall cut off.

2. Find your weakest area and try to score the cut off. You can get average cut off of previous tests from various forums and work accordingly.

3. Work on speed as SNAP is not CAT and there will be many easy questions which can be solved in 45-60 secs. Do not miss sitters else you'll miss the train.

4. Only mock CATs won't help you increasing your speed. Solve few mock SNAPs to get a hang of the higher number of the questions.

5. Manage time by allotting and strictly following the stipulated time. Do keep last 10 mins buffer to visit questions from any section to get few extra score.

Ques. What Mock Papers did you take?

Ans. Career Launcher and TIME. Mostly I appeared for mock CATs but I solved 2-3 mock SNAPs (which I paid) and 2-3 more which I again borrowed from my friends. These help you to keep up with the speed and also test the accuracy level you're trying to achieve by appearing for mock CATs. Frankly speaking, if accuracy in SNAP is bad, forget your chances in CAT. Even if your target is CAT, there is no point wasting money on SNAP forms if you do not practice for the same.

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Ques. Websites you followed regularly for practicing sample papers and get updates?

Ans. Mainly, I was dependent on Career Launcher sites for sample papers. However, I followed, careerbless, lofoya, to name a few to practice the questions. Also, for AR and LR, helps a lot. These sites have lots of questions and most of these can be solved within 30 seconds thereby helping you achieve speed and also gives you an entire gamut of questions you might face in actual paper.

Ques. Verbal Ability: Discuss the Strategy and Books you followed for this section

Ans. Reading Comprehensions in SNAP is very easy as compared to CAT and many Reading Comprehensions can be completed (I mean, you can read) in less than 3 minutes. And these are not even the level of editorials. So, you can actually gain speed by reading interesting articles related to sports, technologies, and even history & mythology. Also, read wiki articles which will serve 2 purpose, improve speed and give knowledge you might use in general awareness section.

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Ques. Analytical & Logical Reasoning: Discuss the Strategy and Books you followed for this section.

Ans. The best book for practice is 'A modern approach to verbal and non-verbal reasoning'. Only problem with this book is that it is too thick and heavy and drives students away with fear. But once you pick this book, you'll fall in love as it covers all the types of reasoning questions and is a one stop solution for all the exams (except CAT and XAT which are very tough compared to the level in this book). For analytical reasoning, is a very good site to practice online. It has variety of questions and the numbers are also good. You can also look for online IQ tests which are similar to AR & LR and are an interesting way to learn and practice.

Ques. Quantitative Aptitude: Discuss the Strategy and Books Followed

Ans. In my opinion, this is the easiest way to score in SNAP if you are comfortable with quick calculation and love topics like permutation and combination, probability, number system, and basic geometrical figures. The best, and arguably the most famous, book for SNAP (and NMAT, MH CET, etc.) is R S Aggarwal. It has more than enough questions with fully solved answers. Also, last 4 chapters on DI is also helpful. But the questions are of easy or moderate level. For slightly tough questions, one can refer Arihant (only Level I and ignore level II and III).

Ques. General Awareness: Books and Strategy Followed

Ans. Subscribe as many websites as you can and install 3-4 apps for general knowledge. Because if you will get so many mails (and notifications on your mobile), you will read at least 20% of them. Also, install few news apps and economy/business related apps to be in touch with current news of 3-6 months as there will be considerable number of current affair questions. Mug up as many historical figures and current cabinet ministers, mergers and acquisition news, and related articles. Undoubtedly, this is a section most of the crash course students hate as one can manage Quant, LR and DI, even Verbal in 2-3 months preparation but catching up general awareness is not an easy task in such a short duration. So, keep reading and try to remember at least till your SNAP.

Ques. Share your thoughts on the Strategy for the aspirant who is starting two months before the exam.

Ans. Two months means roughly 2 weeks per section. Sounds scary but not so if you have 3-4 hours preparation every day not at a stretch of course. No need for separate 2 weeks for general awareness as you need to read newspaper daily for at least 30 mins to increase reading speed. Also, install apps which you can read while travelling to be updated with the news and general knowledge. For Quant and LRDI, rather than reading a book, just solve mock SNAPs and so that you'll know the pattern and type of questions you can expect in the final exam.



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