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    IBSAT is a national level online entrance exam and to score well aspirants must stay focused on their preparation. IBSAT 2019 is scheduled for December 21 and 22, 2019 through online mode and the registration for same has started from July 1, 2019 and will continue till December 12, 2019. Candidates having bachelor’s degree in relevant with minimum 50% marks are only eligible to apply. 

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    From understanding IBSAT Exam Pattern to working on the weak areas/ sections, there are many things that one needs to focus on during the preparation.

    • IBSAT 2019 comprises 4 sections i.e. Data Interpretation & Data adequacy, Analytical Reasoning, Quantitative Technique, and Vocabulary & Reading Comprehension.
    • There are total of 140 MCQs in the question paper.
    • 1 mark is awarded for every correct answer while no negative marking is applicable.
    • VA & RC is expected to be easy in IBSAT.
    • Quantitative Aptitude is expected to be of high difficulty level based on previous year trends.
    • Difficulty level of Data Interpretation & Data adequacy will range from easy to moderate.

    The article will talk about the IBSAT Preparation tips and strategies which will help you to clear IBSAT Cut offs and to secure admission in one of the 9 IBS campuses.

    Things one must know before IBSAT Preparation

    Before starting up with the preparations, examinees must have a clear idea about the exam pattern, number of sections and distribution of marks. Following table will help you understand it in a better way.

    Mode of IBSAT 2019Computer Based Test
    Questions typeMultiple Choice Questions (5 options)
    Duration of the examination120 minutes (2 hours)
    Total number of questions140
    Marks for every correct answer1 mark
    Number of sectionsData Interpretation & Data adequacy (30 questions)

    Analytical Reasoning (30 questions) Quantitative Technique (30 questions) Vocabulary & Reading Comprehension (50 questions)
    Negative markingNo

    Identifying the important topics and focusing on the IBSAT syllabus while preparing would help candidates save time and also score good marks. One of the important steps toward preparation is to identify the subjects of your interests and weaknesses and make an individual strategy for them. Here is the section-wise IBSAT Preparation tips and strategies which will help the examinees to utilize the preparatory days in the most effective manner.

    IBSAT Preparation Tips For Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension section

    IBSAT Verbal Ability Section

    IBSAT Verbal Ability section basically tests students written language abilities. To do well in this section spending a qualitative time in reading will help to overcome candidates’ weakness in their language skills.

    IBSAT Verbal Ability section is classified into following parts

    IBSAT Verbal Ability Important Topics

    Here are a few basic preparation tips which may be helpful for candidates in IBSAT 2019 Verbal Ability section: -

    • One should get into the habit of regular reading of a newspaper and any magazine which covers the contemporary events well which will help in building a good vocabulary and will improve the knowledge.
    • Listen to speeches or watch movies and/or documentaries with subtitles. This will increase knowledge of spoken English and will also help in attempting questions on sentence completion.
    • Brush up the basics of grammar to tackle the error detection questions and sentence correction.
    • Identify the words you are not familiar with and try to understand their meaning and usage. Also, try to look at their antonyms and synonyms.
    • Candidates should communicate in English. They may feel sluggish and shy at first but this will help in boosting up their confidence as well as their accuracy.

    IBSAT Reading Comprehension Section

    While answering the comprehension passage, candidates should keep these four things in mind:

    • Always understand the gist of the passage given
    • Try to organize their ideas while going through the passage
    • Look for structural words such as additionally, similarly, moreover etc. or any contrast words e.g. but, though, however, etc. or conclusion words like thus, so, therefore etc.

    IBSAT Preparation Tips for Quantitative Aptitude:

    IBSAT Quantitative techniques section consists of 30 questions. In this section, problem-solving skills of a student are tested. Questions from this section are tricky as well as time consuming therefore tips and strategies are a must to crack this section.

    The important topics in this section are:

    IBSAT Reading Comprehension Important topics

    Here are the preparation tips to ace in IBSAT Quantitative Aptitude section.

    • Candidates should brush up the basics to get a grip on the fundamental topics.
    • Practice is the key to Mathematics, so one must practice as many mock tests as possible.
    • While appearing for any mock/online tests, do not use calculators.
    • While practicing Quant questions, Candidates can set up a timer and try to solve the questions in the given time frame. This will help in building the speed.
    • Learn the shortcut methods to solve the tricky questions.
    • Memorize all the formulas regularly, candidates should write them down on a piece of paper and stick it on a wall of their room.
    • Learn time management skills. Do not waste too much time on one particular question. It is advisable to solve easy and medium level questions first as these questions can save some extra time for difficult level questions.

    IBSAT Preparation Tips for Data Adequacy & Data Interpretation

    IBSAT Data Adequacy & Data Interpretation consists of 30 questions. This section is termed as a calculation-intensive section and tests the decision-making ability, identify patterns, understanding of logical links of a participant. In comparison to other sections, one can score very good percentile in this particular section with adequate practice.

    Important Topics in IBSAT 2019 Data Adequacy & Data Interpretation are

    IBSAT important topics for DI

    Here are few basic preparation tips which may be helpful for candidates while attempting IBSAT 2019 DA & DI section.

    • Spend some seconds over a question and study each question carefully.
    • Never assume or use any information that the question fails to give you. Consider only the information given in each question when choosing among the alternative responses.
    • Read both the factual passage and the sentence completion instruction carefully. Both must be considered in making your choice.
    • Examinees can solve most of the questions by following certain tricks and shortcut methods. Therefore, practicing previous year papers and chapter wise questions is a must.
    • Candidate should solve questions regularly to get a good grip of it as ample practice should be there.
    • One can also prepare for this section by regularly solving crossword puzzles, sudoku, riddles, etc.
    • To tackle this section, candidates need to build their speed in various types of mathematical techniques such as shortcuts and use of Vedic mathematics etc.
    • One of the good strategies in practicing data analysis and sufficiency questions is presenting it in form of charts or pictures.

    Last minute IBSAT Preparation Tips

    If compared with other MBA exams such as CAT and XAT, IBSAT is not that difficult and scoring in IBSAT is comparatively easier. If studied regularly and systematically, it is easy to score well in the test. While other MBA exams have negative marking, IBSAT is one of the examinations where aspirants are safe from this aspect.

    Although, preparation of almost all MBA exams is the same. But there are few important points one must keep in mind while preparing for IBSAT.

    IBSAT Important topics for DI

    IBSAT 2019 Expected Difficulty Level

    The difficulty level of the question paper ranges from moderate to difficult level but knowing the section wise difficulty of the questions plays a very crucial role. Following analysis is based on the previous five-year question papers

    IBSAT 2019 Verbal Ability Section

    • Verbal Ability sections mostly contain questions based on Vocabulary, some of the questions are tough and some are easy.
    • Overall, Verbal Ability section is expected to be of moderate level in IBSAT 2019.
    • Reading Comprehension Section contains 3 to 4 passages with a different number of questions.
    • Most of the questions are easy and direct from the passage, few questions are tricky.
    • This section is expected to be of easy level in IBSAT 2019.

    IBSAT 2019 Quantitative Aptitude Section

    • Quantitative Aptitude is one the toughest section in IBSAT exams throughout the years.
    • Most of the questions are of moderate to difficult level
    • Very few questions can be classified as easy
    • A well-prepared candidate will be able to attempt around 15-18 questions correctly in this section.
    •  Overall, this section is expected to be of difficult level

    IBSAT 2019 Data Adequacy and Data Interpretation section

    • The section contains table-based, line graph and bar graph based Data Interpretation questions
    • Most of these questions are easy but tricky at the same time.
    •  Data sufficiency is dominated by Quantitative-based questions mixed with some Reasoning-based questions.
    • This section is expected to be of moderate level in IBSAT 2019

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