IBSAT Official Mock Test 2017 Released

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    IBSAT Mock Test 2017 is now available at the official website. IBS Business School has released 4 different mock papers so that candidates obtain an excellent IBSAT Result. To access IBSAT mock tests, you need your Name, Email, Mobile Number and State.

    Every year, IBSAT mock tests are released before the main exam. Often, candidates worry about appearing for an online exam. The purpose is to make eliminate this worry and make candidates comfortable with the layout and the user interface of IBSAT exam. Candidates must attend these mock tests to get a better idea on how the exam will appear to them.

    ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education will conduct IBSAT 2018 from December 21 to 24, 2017.

    How to Take IBSAT Mock Test 2017?

    Following are the steps to take the mock test of IBSAT:

    1. Visit the official website of IBSAT i.e http://ibsindia.org/.
    2. Click ‘Mock Test’ link at the upper-right corner of the home page. The IBSAT Mock Test page appears.
    3. Fill the Name, Email, Mobile Number and State fields.
    4. Click any of the four buttons for mock tests – Mock Test 1, Mock Test 2, Mock Test 3 and Mock Test
    5. The instructions of IBSAT Mock Test will appear.
    6. You must read all the instructions carefully, so as to avoid confusion.
    7. Once you read the instructions, click the ‘Start’ link at the top-right corner of the screen to initiate the mock test. You will be required to attempt 140 questions in two hours. The real IBSAT exam will also have exactly the same pattern.
    8. The mock test will provide you instant details of questions attempted, visited, marked for review and not visited, along with remaining time for the section.

    IBSAT Mock Test 2017


    • You will not be given any score, result or percentile after attempting the mock exam.
    • Please note that the purpose of mock test is just to familiarize you with the user interface, and not to check your current preparation level.
    • You must not assume that the difficulty level of IBSAT 2017 will be same as the mock tests provided.

    IBSAT 2017 Mock Test Pattern

    IBSAT 2017 will be a computer based exam. The IBSAT Mock Test will follow the exact same pattern of the real paper, so that aspirants can have a hint of questions and their difficulty level.

    The test will contain four sections:

    • Verbal Ability
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Quantitative Aptitude
    • Data Adequacy and Data Interpretation

    You will be given 30 minutes for each section, and there will be a total of 140 multiple-choice questions in the exam with five probable answers to each question. Each correct answer will fetch you +1 mark, and there will be no negative marking. The exam will be in the English medium only.

    Since it is an aptitude exam, most of the questions are asked based on the basic concepts but with a little higher level of application. For this, you must be thorough with IBSAT syllabus. It will clearly define the topics and sub-topics to study before the exam.

    Check complete IBSAT Exam Pattern

    IBSAT 2017 Preparation Tips

    With just a few days left for IBSAT 2017, all of you must be preparing with full rigor. In this tough but highly important phase, you need to take care of some very important points to perform well in the real exam. So here are the preparation tips that you must follow in the last days of preparation:

    • Try to attempt as many mock tests as possible. The last few days of preparation is all about mocks. You should attempt at least 10-12 IBSAT Sample Papers from now on, so that you make yourself ready for exam conditions. Also, make sure that you take these tests in the actual time slot as that of the actual exam.
    • Revise IBSAT syllabus quickly and repeatedly. This is another very important thing. You must go through all the notes that you have prepared during past few months for the preparation. This ensures that you would not forget the important concepts.
    • Be confident with your strengths. In these last days of preparation, you should devote as much time as possible to your strengths. Instead of focusing on weak points, ensure that you don’t miss any question on the topic which you’re good at. The time to convert weaknesses into strengths is passed now, just work on things which you are good at.
    • Practice as much as you can. Along with revising, you must do a lot of practice of all types of questions. This time, you must keep everything aside and focus only on IBSAT. Make sure that you do enough practice to tackle anything in the exam.

    Read IBSAT 2017 Paper Analysis

    We hope this article was useful in getting to know the details about IBSAT Mock Tests. You will definitely crack the actual exam if you rigorously practice the sample papers. Wishing you all the great luck!



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