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    IBSAT is a national level entrance exam conducted annually by ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education. The exam is conducted to get admission for MBA/PGDM courses at 9 campuses of ICFAI Business School. IBSAT 2019 is scheduled for December 21-22, 2019. 

    IBSAT syllabus consists of four sections namely:

    1. Verbal Ability- 50 MCQs
    2. Reading Comprehension- 30 MCQs
    3. Quantitative Aptitude- 30 MCQs
    4. Data Adequacy & Data Interpretation- 30 MCQs
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    There is nothing to worry about any of the sections, as the IBSAT Exam Day is approaching and a die-hard practice can win you the battle. We understand the anticipation thus, we are sharing some great tips to crack IBSAT exam. It is time for aspiring candidates to tie-up their seat belts and starts preparing for the IBSAT in full swing! Analyze the IBSAT Exam Pattern and practice your strategy to clear it.

    Tests Your Armour- Make Mock

    Attempt practice tests in simulated conditions i.e. at the planning of your real exam space and without any break. This will help you concentrate better for the IBSAT exam. Try not to solve more than 1-2 mock tests in this period and none on the day just before the IBSAT exam as it can impact your confidence level.  

    Revision & Analysis

    Don’t spend much time to analyze your practice test. As there is no point of doing so. Instead, invest this energy in polishing your strengths and selection of questions. Practice the questions by short tricks and enhance your speed. Make the best use of situation by managing time smartly. Be sure, you finish the IBSAT Exam in the stipulated time. Don’t go with the confusion in concept as it may affect your IBSAT exam preparation.

    Time Management Is The key

    The tic-tock doesn’t stop, if you stuck at any questions. Keep an eye on the timer and attempt only those questions for which you’re sure. Make your strategy and manage time smartly to solve each MCQ. If a question is taking much time to solve and answer, leave it and jump to the next questions. The key to success for time management is not to get stuck with a single problem and waste time over it.

    Better To Go With Difficult Questions First

    Yes, you read it right. Go with the difficult questions first. It is that common mistake that many applicants do. Candidates complete the simple questions first and then they proceed to the difficult questions. But this goes wrong in the exam preparation strategy. Candidates should dedicate only specific time frame for the most difficult questions and not to spend much time on them.

    Leave the Questions you are not sure about

    Take lessons from life. Don’t start something that you can’t finish. Don’t try to be hubris as the accuracy matters not the number of attempted questions. We know how much you crave for those extra marks, but don’t go for the questions until and unless you’re sure about your answers. If you do attempt such questions, mark them for review and come back after finishing up the section to recheck your answers.

    Short Methods and Group Studies

    It is a wow feeling when a candidate can solve questions without lifting the pen in an ongoing test. Only shortcut methods can help you in attempting more questions and achieving better scores. Drink plenty of water to improve your mental calculation. Discussing unconventional methods with a focused study group is a great idea. Many times, it involves use of options to get the correct answer.

    Practice Chapter by Chapter

    Depending upon the difficulty level of the questions in IBSAT exam, practice should be done. An assumption is always made on the number of difficult level of questions, so prepare according to it. Practice of easy to medium Questions of all the chapters would enable an aspirant to sail through the questions easily.



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