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    Indian Institute of Foreign Trade is one of the finest and most popular business schools in Asia. IIFT Exam, its entrance test, is amongst the toughest entrance examinations to crack.  Getting into this prestigious institute is definitely not an easy nut to crack. It is clearly evident that candidates will have to burn the candle from both ends to qualify IIFT Exam.

    • The paper will cover Verbal Ability & Comprehension, General Knowledge & Awareness, Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning and Quantitative Analysis. 
    • The question paper will consist of 125 questions of the objective type and the total time duration is 120 minutes.
    IIFT Exam PatternIIFT SyllabusIIFT Cut OffIIFT Selection Process

    To prepare for it, books are the best sources to rely on. They enhance knowledge and provide insights about all important topics, but the real problem comes in choosing the right book.

    This article will aid all the IIFT aspirants to pick the best ones from the lot for their preparation plan. Given below are some of top recommended books for IIFT Exam. This year, the exam is scheduled in the last week of November in offline mode.

    IIFT 2020 Preparation Tips and Tricks

    Preparation for particular examination isn’t a simple task because it’s always a matter of discussion between students that how to start preparation. So, following are the last minute helpful tips and tricks that are required for preparation:

    1. Candidates have to start preparing easy questions first because they consume less time. By attempting these questions candidates can secure good marks. So, after attempting easy questions candidates need to solve difficult questions.
    2. Candidates are advised to manage time in such a way that they solve all the questions easily within a specific time frame. Because candidates can lose their chances of scoring good marks if they fail to complete paper in given time. So, candidates have to make time management strategy in the best way.
    3. Students are advised to attempt an equal number of questions from all the four sections. Therefore, after attempting evenly questions from all sections candidate have to pick that section in which they think their chances of securing good marks are high.
    4. Candidates are advised to make notes which help in revision.
    5. Selection of questions can directly affect their questions solving speed and accuracy. Because scoring good marks depends on the number of right or wrong answers. So, candidates are advised to skip the questions rather than guessing answers. 
    6. Apart from preparing regular questions candidate’s try to solve mock test and previous year papers.
    7. Refreshment is also necessary so candidates need to refresh themselves by watching movies or documentaries, listening music or by involving in other activities.
    8. Candidates have to strictly follow examination pattern and marking scheme.

    Also Check IIFT Eligibility Criteria 

    IIFT 2020 Section Wise Preparation Tips 

    IIFT examination is comprised of 4 sections named as Quantitative Analysis, English Comprehension, General Knowledge and Awareness, and Analytical and Logical Reasoning. Following is the section wise preparation tips for IIFT 2020

    Quantitative Analysis

    In this section candidates, can get both difficult and simple type of questions. It is time-consuming and also scoring section. Candidates are advised not to waste their time on solving those questions whose answer they don’t know. This section includes questions from varies categories like

    Number SystemLogarithmTrigonometryWork and Time
    MedianVectorsCompound InterestBODMAS
    ModeTime, Speed, DistanceArithmetic Mean and ProgressionSet Theory
    ClocksBinomial ExpansionRatiosMensuration
    CalendarSimple InterestProfit and LossGeometry

    Candidates cannot go through from all the topics in two days they are recommended to solve previous year IIFT Exam Papers so that they can get rough idea about type of questions

    English Comprehension

    Those who are having good command over English can easily solve questions of this section. Questions of this section will be tricky and will be asked from topics such as

    SpellingsFill in the BlanksPhrasesWord Meaning Matching
    SynonymsSentence CompletionSentence CorrectionPreposition
    Reading ComprehensionPhrasesSpeech of FigureGrammar
    AntonymsAnalogyOdd Word Out

    Candidates should revise their grammar books and attempt mock questions. By watching English movies candidates can enhance their vocabulary.

    General Knowledge and Awareness

    Candidates should update themselves with current scenarios around the world. The section is comprised of following topics:

    HistoryInternational AffairsGeography

    Analytical and Logical Reasoning

    This is another scoring and confusing section but questions can vary from Verbal Logic to Decision Making. Candidates should try to solve puzzles within the specific time. However, Time management is the most important key to solving this section. Following are the names of the topics from which the questions asked such as

    Visual & Critical ReasoningSequencingInput & OutputFamily Tree Problem
    Coding & DecodingSymbol Based ProblemPuzzlesLinear & Matrix Arrangements
    Cause & EffectStatement & Conclusion

    Above topics should prepare from the books as well as from 5-year previous papers. The names of the suggested books are as following:

    • Ace the IIFT by IMS Publisher
    • Study Package for IIFT Entrance Exam by Dharmendra Mittal
    • NIFT/ NID/ IIFT Entrance Exam Guide by Prof. Jagdeep I. Vaishnav
    • Cracking the MBA/ MAT for XLRI, IIFT, FMS, MAT by Surendra Kavimandan

    IIFT Preparation Books: Verbal Ability & Comprehension

    • Verbal Ability section basically tests students written language abilities.
    • To do well in this section, spending qualitative time in reading will help to overcome a candidate’s weakness in their language skills.
    • This section of IIFT exam is classified into following parts viz. Vocabulary Usage, Para Jumble, English Grammar, Replace the missing words, English Usage.
    • English comprehension section mainly focuses purely on Reading Comprehension.
    • Given below are the best preparation books for Verbal Ability & Comprehension section:
    IIFT Verbal Book
    Book NameISBN Number
    Word Power Made Easy New Revised & Expanded Edition By NORMAN LEWIS0143424688
    OBJECTIVE GENERAL ENGLISH 01 Edition By R. S. Aggarwal8121915317
    Verbal Ability & Comprehension for CAT/XAT/IIFT/CMAT/MAT/Bank PO/SSC 2nd Edition9384905348
    How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension by Meenakshi Upadhyay, Arun Sharma71332138

    Preparation Tips for Verbal Ability & Comprehension

    • This section will test candidates’ proficiency in grammar and comprehension.
    • Candidate should get into the habit of regular reading of a newspaper and any magazine which covers the contemporary events well. This will help in building a good vocabulary and also help with the General Knowledge section.
    • Brush up the basics of grammar to tackle the error detection questions and sentence correction.
    • Identify the words you are not familiar with and try to understand their meaning and usage.
    • Listen to speeches or watch movies and/or documentaries with subtitles. This increases knowledge of spoken English and comes in handy while attempting questions on sentence completion.
    • Candidate should practice as many reading comprehensions as possible for improving their reading speed and answering questions based on that.
    • Candidates should talk to people in English. They may feel sluggish and shy at first and will make lots of mistakes but soon they will discover that with more talking, their confidence, as well as their accuracy, is increasing.

    IIFT Preparation Books: Quantitative Analysis

    • IIFT Quantitative techniques section consists of 25 questions.
    • In this section of IIFT exam, the problem-solving skills of a student are tested.
    • Preparation Books for the Quantitative section in IIFT exam is given below:
    IIFT Quantitative
    Book NameISBN Number
    Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations by R. S. Aggarwal8121924987
    Magical Book On Quicker Maths by Tyra8190458922
    Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by Abhijit Guha9351343553
    How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude by Arun Sharma933920512X
    The Pearson Guide To Quantitative Aptitude And Data Interpretation by Nishit Sinha9332570019
     Quantum CAT by Sarvesh K Verma9311123870

    Check Quantitative Ability Section in IIFT Exam

    Preparation Tips for Quantitative Analysis

    • Candidates should brush up the basics to get a grip on the fundamental topics.
    • Practice is the key to Mathematics, so candidates must practice as many IIFT Question Papers as possible.
    • While appearing for any mock/online tests, do not use calculators.
    • Learn the shortcut methods to solve the tricky questions.
    • Memorize all the formulas regularly, candidates should write them down on a piece of paper and stick it on a wall of their room.
    • Never make random guesses.
    • Learn to manage time properly. Don’t waste too much of time on one particular question.

    IIFT Preparation Books: Data Interpretation

    • IIFT Data Interpretation section consists of around 20 questions.
    • This section is termed as a calculation-intensive section.
    • It essentially tests the decision-making ability, identify patterns, understanding of logical links of a student.
    • In comparison to other sections in IIFT Exam, one can score very good percentile in this particular section with adequate practice.
    • IIFT Preparation Books for Data Interpretation section are given below:
    IIFT DATA Interpretation
    Book NameISBN Number
    Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency for CAT/XAT/IIFT/CMAT/MAT/Bank PO/SSC by Disha Experts9384905283
    How to Prepare for Data Interpretation by Arun Sharma1259003833
    The Pearson Guide To Quantitative Aptitude And Data Interpretation by Nishit Sinha9332570019

    Preparation Tips for Data Interpretation

    • Spend some seconds over a question and study each question carefully.
    • Never assume or use any information that the question fails to give you.
    • Consider ONLY the information given in each question when choosing among the alternative responses.
    • Candidate should be sure to read all the response choices carefully before eliminating or choosing one of them.
    • Candidate can solve most of the questions by following certain tricks and shortcut methods.
    • Candidate can also prepare for this section is by regularly solving crossword puzzles, Sudoku, riddles, etc.
    • To tackle this section, candidates need to build their speed in various types of mathematical techniques such as shortcuts, use of Vedic maths etc.
    • One of the good strategies in practicing data analysis and sufficiency questions is presenting it in form of charts or pictures.

    Check IIFT Syllabus

    IIFT Preparation Books: Logical Reasoning

    This section test candidate ability to identify patterns, understanding of logical links. Given below IIFT Preparation books for Logical Reasoning section:

    IIFT Logical Resioning
    BookISBN-10 Number
    A Modern Approach To Logical Reasoning by R. S. Aggarwal 8121919053
    Analytical Reasoning by M. K. Pandey8190458914
    How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning by Arun Sharma9352602234
    The Pearson Guide To Verbal Ability And Logical Reasoning by Nishit Sinha8131774139

    Preparation Tips for Logical Reasoning

    • Spend some seconds over a question and study each question carefully.
    • Be sure to read all the response choices carefully before eliminating or choosing one of them.
    • Candidate can solve most of these questions by following certain tricks and shortcut methods.
    • Candidate should solve questions regularly to get a good grip of it as ample practice should be there.
    • Candidate can also prepare for this section is by regularly solving crossword puzzles, Sudoku, riddles, etc.

    IIFT Preparation Books: General Knowledge & Awareness

    • Candidates should start developing the habit of reading a newspaper daily. They can opt for any newspaper like The Hindu, Economic Times, Business Standard.
    • Also, they can read online journals and news portal.
    • The main problem with General Awareness is that it can’t be prepared in a fixed time format.
    • Solve the previous years’ papers to understand the questions that are asked from this section.
    • Given below is the Preparation books for General Knowledge section:
    Book NameISBN Number
    Manorama Yearbook 2017 (English) 51st EditionASIN: B00O1N77HG
    Lucent’s General Knowledge8192933563
    General Knowledge 2018 by Manohar Pandey9311122556
    Success Master by Arihant Publications-
    NIFT/NID/IIFT Entrance Exam Guide8186877355
    IIFT Solved Papers 2006 - 20179351444473

    We hope you have gained significant insights about which books to refer for IIFT Preparation. These books when clubbed with a proper plan and time management can help you yield an excellent score. We wish all of you appearing for IIFT Exam the best of luck!



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