How to Ace IIFT 2020 Essay Writing?

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    The performance of candidates in the essay writing round is extremely important for their selection in the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. IIFT is well known for its MBA programs, especially MBA in International Business. Each year, it conducts its own written examination for candidates willing to study 2 year MBA programs.

    Candidates who get selected in the written test have to further go through essay writing, group discussion, and personal interview rounds. As effective writing skills are a pre-requisite for global professionals, IIFT has included this round along with the GD/PI Process. Candidates have to write an essay of 300 words in 20 minutes.The final admission of candidates is on the basis of their performance in all these rounds. Check IIFT 2020 Selection Procedure

    The weightage of all the stages is listed below:

    Selection StagesWeightage
    IIFT written test65%
    Essay writing10%
    Group discussion10%
    Personal interview15%

    IIFT Essay Writing Pattern

    The essay writing round of IIFT tests the written communication skills, logical thinking ability, knowledge and time management skills of candidates. If candidates want to perform well in the essay writing round, they need to first know about the essay writing pattern. The essay writing pattern of IIFT is listed below:

    Essay Writing Pattern
    • Candidates will be told to write an essay of 300 words.
    • The topic of the essay will be provided on the spot to candidates.
    • Candidates will be given only 20 minutes to write it.

    Writing an essay of 300 words in 20 minutes is a challenge. Candidates must prepare well for the essay writing round to get good marks. An essay can be deemed as a good essay only if it has good and relevant content, organization and presentation. So focus on that.

    IIFT Essay Writing Topics

    An essay is considered good only if there is clarity of thought. It must be rich in content and should be presented properly. The evaluator aims to check one’s personality through his or her essay. The topics of IIFT essay writing are mostly related to current affairs, economics, society, and environment.

    Essay Writing Topics

    Some IIFT essay writing topics are listed below:

    • One nation one election
    • Electric vehicles: Pollution v/s Jobs
    • The concept of smart city
    • Promotion of tourism in India
    • Demonetization
    • Startups in India
    • Gender diversity in work force
    • Introduction of GST in India
    • Development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem in India
    • Indian banking system should be more inclusive
    • Corporate Financial Transparency
    • Implications of the change in US Presidency for India

    Candidates should read newspapers and magazines on a daily basis so that they stay updated about the current affairs and the economy of the country.

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    IIFT Essay Writing Experience

    Knowing the experience of toppers who got admission into IIFT will help candidates who are yet to appear for the essay writing round.

    Essay Writing Experience
    • Nikhil George, one of the IIFT participant in 2017 says 5 minutes time is given to think and then 15 minutes time to write the essay. He tried to add real life examples and quotes in the essay.
    • Ishan Arora, from class 2012-2014 says that the topic of his essay writing was “The British Raj: Boon or Bane for India.
    • Malobi Banerjee, another topper of IIFT who did her engineering before MBA says that the essay tests the participants on their clarity of thought and their time management skills.
    • Mudrika Chandnani, topper of IIFT 2012-2014 says that her experience was very smooth with no glitches.
    • Rujit Sanghi, who entered IIFT in 2013 says that the process of essay writing, GD and PI rounds consider the written and verbal communication skills of applicants for final selection. He says that it was a fair and very detailed method of selecting applicants, which resulted in a brilliant batch quality.

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    Tips to Ace IIFT Essay Writing

    As candidates are now aware of the essay writing pattern, essay writing topics and essay writing experience of IIFT toppers, they should know some tips that will help them to ace the essay writing round of IIFT 2020.

    The 7 simple and easy tips to ace IIFT essay writing are listed below :

    1. Stick to the word count

    Complete your essay in 300 words. It can be 50 words more, but don’t stretch it to 400 words. Writing a long essay won’t fetch you high marks. Presenting your points in a logical manner within the prescribed word count will fetch you high marks.

    1. Your essay should be clear and crisp

    Do not write the same point again and again. It will confuse the evaluator. If you want to ace IIFT essay writing round, you need to have clear points. Do not beat around the bush. Make sure that your essay is crisp and to the point.

    1. Be well read

    IIFT essay writing round also tests the knowledge of candidates. Therefore, you need to be well read so that you have command over the given topic. Read newspapers, editorials, magazines and books to gather knowledge on topics related to finance, economics, environment and society of India. If you don’t know about the current affairs, you will not be able to write a good essay.

    1. Practice writing essays at home

    Practice can make anything perfect. If you do not practice writing essays, you will face problem on the day of IIFT essay writing round. Therefore, set a timer and write an essay on any of the recommended topics in 20 minutes. Count the word count and see if it has touched 300. It will improve your time management skills.

    1. The flow of the essay should be coherent

    Your essay should have a coherent flow. The paragraphs should be well connected with each other. One paragraph should smoothly move to the next paragraph.

    1. Take care of the grammar

    If you want to score high marks in IIFT essay writing, you need to write effectively with proper grammar. Ensure that there are no typos or spelling mistakes in your essay. Insert punctuations at the right place. A good vocabulary will fetch you extra points. Avoid using abbreviations.

    Wish you all good luck!



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