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    The IIFT 2017 (Indian Institute of Foreign Trade exam) was held on November 27, 2016 in 20 test cities across India. The exam of IIFT was conducted successfully by Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. There were around 45,000 candidates who gave the IIFT exam.

    The IIFT 2017 was similar to the previous year IIFT exam. There was a total of 123 questions in the exam and had to be completed in 120 minutes. Also, the IIFT exam had 4 sections and the marking scheme was diferent for all the sections. The questions were easy to moderate but were lengthy in nature. The level of questions made it possible only to attempt 40-50% of the questions.

    The candidates can go through the following article to check the IIFT exam analysis.

    IIFT 2017 Section-wise analysis

    The IIFT Exam surprised a lot of candidates as the Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning section carried a higher weightage. Unlike previous years, the weightage for Quantitative Ability section was reduced. While the questions were of easy to moderate in nature, they were pretty lengthy which posed the real challenge for the candidates in terms of time management.

    IIFT 2017 Section 1: Quantitative Ability (QA)

    Assessment: The level of difficulty in the QA section was similar to the last year. This section had no sub parts and was the easiest one out of all the sections. Some questions appeared tough due to lengthy calculations. It had 20 questions as against 22 last year. The best way to attempt this section was to identify the questions that could be easily completed within the time restraint.

    Section NameTopicNumber of QuestionsWeightageLevel of the Question
    Quantitative AbilityAlgebra & Equations22*1Easy to Moderate
    P&C Probability55*1Easy to Moderate
    Time & Work11*1Easy
    Geometry & Co-ordinate33*1Easy
    Profit & Loss11*1Easy to Moderate
    Number System11*1Easy
    Time, Speed and Distance11*1Easy to Moderate

    Minimum Attempt: - At least 12 Questions

    Section 2: Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation (LRDI)

    Assessment: This section was divided into two parts- Analytical and logical reasoning and Data Interpretation. Also, DI section was considered to be much easier than LR section. 

    Part 1: Analytical and logical reasoning:- The difficulty level of this section was moderate to easy. The candidates could only attempt few questions as compared to DI Section. It had 22 Questions carrying a weightage of 0.75 mark for each correct answer making a total weight of 16.5 marks.

    Section NameTopicNumber of QuestionsWeightageLevel of the Question
    AR and LRDiagram Based Analogy44 * 0.75Easy to Moderate
    Analytical Reasoning1313 * 0.75Easy to Moderate
    Membership11 * 0.75Easy
    Missing Number11 × 0.75Easy
    Wrong Number Series11 * 0.75Easy
    Alphabetic Series11 * 0.75Easy to Moderate
    Syllogism11 * 0.75Easy

    Minimum Attempt: - At least 10-12 Questions

    Part 2: Data Interpretation:- This section was considered as a game changer one. The DI section difficulty level was based solely on choices made. The better the choices, better the output. It was surprising to see that 20 Easy Questions in this section carried a weightage of 1 mark each.

    Section NameTopicNumber of QuestionsWeightageLevel of the Question
    Data InterpretationBar Graph55 * 1Easy to Moderate
    Tables1010 * 1Easy to Moderate
    Stacked Bar Graph55 * 1Easy

    The total weightage of LRDI section has now increased to 36.5% in IIFT 2016 exam as against 33% in last year.

    Minimum Attempt: - At least 10-12 Questions

    Section 3: General Awareness

    The section was designed to test the knowledge of the static GK and current affairs. The section was very exhaustive and tested the routine newspaper reading habit. For the current year, this section was quite difficult as compared to the other sections. Also, the weightage of the section has reduced to 12.5% from 14% last year.

    There were 25 questions in GK section in IIFT 2017 exam as against 28 questions last year. The weightage to each correct answer remains the same with 0.50 mark.

    Section NameTopicNumber of QuestionsWeightageLevel of the Question
    General AwarenessCurrent Affairs66*0.50Easy to Moderate
    Business and Economy77*0.50Moderate to Difficult
    Miscellaneous55*0.50Moderate to Difficult
    Sports22*0.50Easy to Moderate

    Minimum Attempt: - At least 10-12 Questions

    Section 4: Reading Comprehension and English Usage

    Part 1:   Reading comprehension:- This section came as a shock to the candidates. It had a shorter RCs as compared to the last year exam. Also, the level of the comprehension was fairly easy. In case the English language is your strong point you could easily attempt 3-4 passages. A candidate could easily do 2 passages even if English is not your strong point. If you have missed this section, then it is a drawback which will be reflected on the total score.

    Section NameTopicNumber of QuestionsWeightageLevel of the Question
    Reading ComprehensionEconomy44*1Easy
    Business & Economy44*1Easy
    Women's Role in Economy44*1Easy
    Technology and Innovations44*1Easy

    Minimum Attempt: - At least 9 - 11 Questions

    Part 2: Verbal ability:- This section was designed to test Vocabulary and not grammar rules. The section did not test the hardcore concepts of verbal reasoning that are generally observed but was focused on the understanding of the simple language. There were 20 questions on Verbal Ability carrying a weight of 0.75 mark for each correct answer and total weightage of 15 marks. Questions were mostly based on Vocabulary usage and were found a bit tough. Candidates could not go beyond 6-7 questions in VA part of VARC section.

    Section NameTopicNumber of QuestionsWeightageLevel of the Question
    Verbal AbilitySentence Completion36*0.75Moderate
    Vocabulary Base156*0.75Easy
    Sentence Rearrangement22*0.75Difficult

    Minimum Attempt: - At least 11-13 Questions

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