IIFT 2020 Image Correction (Started), Photo Size, Dimension, Format and Other Details

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    NTA has started IIFT Registration 2020 from September 9, 2019 onwards. Last date to fill the online application form is October 25, 2019. After the release of the application form, NTA has also opened the window for image correction in IIFT application form on September 12, 2019. Candidates who have made any image discrepancy can remove the same by filling the image correction form. 

    Direct Link to Remove Image Discrepancy from IIFT Application Form

    • As a part of the form-filling process, candidate’s photograph and signature have to be uploaded online.
    • IIFT Application Form without the scanned copy of the photograph and signature or failing to be in specified format will not be accepted. 
    • The file size of the photograph and signature must be less than 50KB.
    • The file format accepted is .jpeg.
    • The photo dimension should also be 200 x 200 pixels (preferred).

    Make sure you adhere to all the guidelines given in this article. All candidates who register successfully, will appear for IIFT exam on December 1, 2019, from 10.00 am- 12.00 pm.

    IIFT 2020 Photo Specifications

    Before filling the application form, it is better to read the photograph specifications defined by the conducting authority. To avoid rejection, it is advisable to strict to the guidelines set. Candidates must make note of the following specifications.

    • IIFT 2020 Photo Size: 10 KB – 200 KB
    • IIFT 2020 Photo Format: JPG

    Do's and Don’ts for IIFT Photograph

    It is better to understand the do’s and don’ts defined for the IIFT photograph. This will enable a smooth completion of the registration process:


    • A recent passport size photograph is only accepted i.e. the photograph must not be older than 6 months from the date of the application process.
    • A light or white background is only accepted for the photograph.
    • Face must be clearly visible in the photograph.
    ATMA Photo Detail
    • Eyes must be clearly visible.
    • Only spectacles or religious headwear’s can be worn in the photograph.
    ATMA Photo Detail
    • Click photograph without any makeup.
    • You must be looking into the camera, while the photo is clicked. Only photos showing the complete face are accepted.
    ATMA App. Form Detail
    • All facial features must be clearly visible.
    • Photograph must be clicked from the professional studio camera at a studio.
    • The name of the photo must be photo.jpeg.


    • Pictures with dark backgrounds will be rejected.
    • Pictures that are not cropped properly or are rotated will be rejected.
    • Photograph with eyes not clearly visible/closed will not be accepted.
    • Selfie photographs will be rejected.
    • Photograph clicked from mobiles with lack of clarity will be rejected.
    • Photographs uploaded or downloaded from any social media account like facebook, google plus, etc. will be rejected.
    • No shadow must be falling on the face.
    • Face with any kind of veil hiding any facial features will be rejected.

    It is candidate’s responsibility that the photograph uploaded on the application form is of good quality and will aid the staff of IIFT exam committee to clearly recognize and identify the face of a particular individual.

    IIFT Signature Specifications

    Similar to the standards defined for the photograph, there are some standards defined for signature. The technical information which must be kept in mind while working with the signature is as follows:

    • Signature must be done in blue ball point pen only.
    • Signature must be done by applicant himself.
    • In case the signature of the applicant at the exam center is different from the signature on IIFT Application Form, such applicants will be disqualified.
    ATMA App. Form Detail
    • The file name must be signature.jpeg.
    • IIFT 2020 Signature Dimension: 200 x 200 pixels (preferred)
    • IIFT 2020 Signature Size: 10KB – 30KB.
    • IIFT 2020 Signature Format: JPG

    Instructions for IIFT Signature

    • Signature must be in running writing only.
    • Name must not be written in capital or small letter as a representation of the signature.
    • Scanning must be done only in the signature and no other parts.
    • The candidate himself should sign( no capital letters) on a white paper with a black ink pen.
    • Scan the signature in 200 dpi( dots per inch) scanner resolution settings.

    To reduce the size, crop the image of the signature in MS Paint or any other Photo Editor. Please ensure that only the signature portion is cropped and not the entire A4 paper on which you have signed.

    How to Upload IIFT Photograph & Signature?

    Scanned copy of the photograph and signature can only be uploaded on the official website by following the steps below:

    IIFT Form Filling Process
    1. Open the official website of IIFT Exam i.e. iift.nta.ac.in
    2. Login to your account by the help of the application number and password
    3. The portal will show you the application form which is to be filled.
    4. Fill the application form up to the details of educational qualification and work experience.
    5. Browse and select the location where the scanned images have been stored.
    6. Select the file with the name of Photo.jpg and signature.jpg, as per the links.
    7. Upload the scanned copy of the photograph on the link provided.
    8. Next, upload the scanned copy of the signature.

    Instructions for Scanning IIFT Photograph & Signature

    • Set the scanner resolution to a minimum of 200 dpi (dots per inch).
    • Set the color to true color.
    • File size must be of the name photo. Jpeg and signature.jpeg.
    • You must have a digital photograph and signature and open the same in MS Paint by right clicking the photograph.
    • Press Ctrl + W, a window will open which will have an option 'resize by %. You can enter anything between 10 to 50% and save the same with an extension .jpeg.
    • Check on the size of the photograph and signature, by right clicking on the properties and check if the size is below 50KB. If the same is below 50KB. Save it with the name photo.jpeg/signature.jpeg.
    • If the size is above 50KB, then once again start the process of resizing and check the size.



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