TANCET 2019 Preparation Tips for Engineering Mathematics

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    Candidates seeking admission into various M.E./ M.Tech/ M.Arch/ M.Plan degree programs through TANCET 2019 have to appear for Engineering Mathematics paper. It is the mandatory subject for the candidates to clear for getting admission in the desired courses.

    TANCET 2019 is scheduled for June 22 and 23, 2019 in pen – paper mode. Candidates can apply for the exam from May 8 – 25, 2019. Apply Now!

    The difficulty level of Engineering Mathematics in TANCET remain easy to moderate. But, Numerical Methods and Vector Calculus are comparatively difficult than the other major topics. Based on the Engineering Mathematics subjects, the paper comprises of 20 questions. Applicants are advised to prepare all the topics carefully to clear the examination with good marks. Check TANCET 2019 Exam Pattern

    TANCET 2019 Engineering Mathematics Important Topics

    It is always advisable to the candidates that they must go through TANCET Syllabus before beginning with the preparation for the exam. With the help of the syllabus, candidates will come to know about the important topics asked in the exam.

    The following table shows the important topics that candidates need to prepare for Engineering Mathematics:

    TopicsSub Topics
    Calculus and Differential EquationsPartial Derivatives, Jacobians, Taylor’s Expansion, Maxima Minima, Formation of partial differential equations, Solution of first-order partial differential equation, a solution of the linear higher order of partial differential equation with constant coefficients, Linear ordinary differential equations with constant coefficients, Simultaneous first order linear equations with constant coefficients,
    TransformsFourier Integral Theorem, Fourier Transform Pair, Sine and Cosine Transforms, Inverse Z Transform, Solution to different equations using Z Transform, Inverse Transform, Laplace Transform, Application to the solution of Linear Ordinary Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients,
    Functions of Complex Variables and Complex IntegrationAnalytic Functions, Conformal Mapping, Bilinear Transformation, Cauchy’s Integral Theorem and Integral Formula, Taylor and Laurent Series, Singularities, Residues, Residue Theorem & its Applications
    Applied ProbabilityProbability and Random Variables, Standard Discrete & Continuous Distribution, Moments, Moment generating functions and their properties, Two-dimensional random variables, Co-variance, Correlation and Regression.
    Determinants and MatricesSolving system of equations, Rank of Matrix, Eigenvalues & Eigenvectors, Reduction of Quadratic form into a Canonical form
    Vector CalculusDouble and Triple integrations and their applications, Gauss Divergence and Stroke’s Theorem
    Numerical MethodsSolution of linear systems by direct and iterative methods, Interpolation and Approximation, Numerical Differentiation and Integration, Solving Ordinary Differential Equations

    Read Full TANCET Syllabus 2019

    TANCET 2019 Engineering Mathematics Preparation Tips

    Preparation tips help candidates to prepare for the exam in a better way. Following are some important tips and tricks for the preparation of TANCET Engineering Mathematics 2019:

    Time Management

    Better time management plays an important role in exam preparation. Candidates should divide time in such a way that they should complete all the topics on time. Applicants need to prepare proper timetable that it covers all the topics.

    For better results, candidates must master on the complex topics if they have enough time till the date of exam. Otherwise, it is suggested to focus on the areas they are confident about and if the time permits, new topics can be covered accordingly.

    Better Study Material

    Better study material helps candidates for good examination preparation so that they can score well in the examination. Candidates are advised to choose best study materials to crack the exam. By solving question papers, candidates will come to know about the exam pattern and weight-age of the questions.

    Here, best study material includes the basics and their applications. Material having a balance between the basics and its applications are what is required.

    Solve Previous Years’ Question Paper

    Candidates are advised to solve sample papers and attempt practice tests vigorously. Mock tests are available on the internet. Question Paper helps candidates to increase their accuracy of solving questions and makes the candidates confident about the exam. It gives a hint to the current pattern, important questions and topics.

    Download TANCET Previous Years’ Question Papers

    Solve as many question papers as you can. It’ll surely help.


    Revision is the most important part before going for the examination as it helps to recall many important things. Candidates must complete their syllabus on time so that they will get enough time for revision.

    While going through the syllabus, mark the important points and questions. At the end, it’ll serve to be the best revision material where candidates can cover simple and complex topics in limited period.

    TANCET 2019 Engineering Mathematics Preparation Books

    Books play an important role in the preparation of the examination. It will help candidates to clear their doubts regarding any topic. Candidates must select TANCET Preparation Books very carefully as they also contain the questions from past years which help candidates to achieve good marks.

    The following table shows the books recommended for the preparation of Engineering Mathematics:

    Books NameAuthors Name
    TANCET M.E/M.Tech Exam BookC.S.Hariram Kumar, Janani, P.Vigneshwari
    TANCET (M.E. / M.Tech. / M.Arch. / M.Plan) [Paperback]V.V.K. Subburaj/ Sura Books
    TANCET M.E. Computer Science and Engineering and Information Technologies – I[Paperback]Amit Gupta
    Advanced Engineering Mathematics (Third Edition)Merle C. Potter, J. L. Goldberg, and Edward Aboufadel

    Check TANCET Preparation Books 2019



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