Top 5 Websites and Forums for TANCET 2020 Online Preparation
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Tamil Nadu Common Entrance Test (TANCET) is a state-level exam, organized by Anna University. Candidates who want to secure a good rank in TANCET 2020 need to have an advanced-level preparation for the exam. This year, TANCET 2020 will be held in February 29, 2020

For an easier access, candidates can take help of the online resources for their TANCET 2020 preparation.

  • Websites like Quora, Test Funda and Bulls Eye provide online resources, TANCET 2020 sample papers, techniques and tips for preparation.
  • Aspirants can get plenty of information about TANCET 2020 Exam Pattern, previous year paper analysis from these forums
  • Platforms for online discussion like PagalGuy are helpful in fetching one-on-one data.

To make your TANCET Preparation easy, fun and interesting, here are some of the websites and forums to attain a better TANCET 2020 Result.


1. Quora

Quora is a question-and-answer site where questions are asked, answered, edited, and organized by its community of users. In Quora, users always share their experience, knowledge and opinions. It is one of the best online forums for TANCET preparation.

Users can collaborate by editing questions and suggesting edits to answers, submitted by other users. You can ask any question on Quora you have doubt on and it is usually answered within few hours by experts. You can also invite experts to answer your question.

Advantages of Using Quora for TANCET 2020 Preparation

  • Users can follow other people and topics of their choice or interest. It is a great platform for beginners and TANCET aspirants. If you have any problem regarding TANCET 2020 preparation you can post your question on Quora, or even invite an expert to answer your query.
  • Quora already has many questions related to TANCET 2020 posted on its website by users. You can look up the website for your question. You will definitely get your answers there. You can further add to the discussion by posting questions and answers, in the chain of post.
  • Some common discussions you will find in Quora include: what are the best books to prepare for TANCET?, how to prepare for the TANCET exam, how to easily crack the TANCET MBA exams, examination dates and schedule, what is TANCET Registration Process, what is the best App for TANCET preparation etc.
  • Quora has different ways to recommend questions to users: a) Home feed questions recommendations in which each user is given a timeline that is personalized to their preferences. "Interesting" questions that are relevant to the user's preferences, also pop up on their timeline. Users can either answer the questions on their timeline or refer another user to better answer it. b) Daily Digest in which Quora sends a daily email to the user containing a set of questions with one answer that is deemed the best answer based on certain ranking methods. c) Related Questions in which a set of questions that relates to the current questions will be recommended and displayed on users' timeline, despite the fact whether the user is logged in or not. This helps the user to navigate through the questions and find what is more relevant to his preference. d) Ask to Answer feature which enables the user to request another user's answer to a question whom they think are most suited to answer the question.
  • You can discuss anything in Quora including preparation strategy for TANCET 2020. You can give your feedback on questions related to TANCET.


2. PagalGuy

PagalGuy is another useful platform for TANCET 2020 preparation. It writes about education, colleges and entrance exams in India for management students and B-school aspirants in India and has nearly 4 lakh users. This is the place where students can discuss and learn.

PagalGuy is filled with valuable information about TANCET 2020 that helps students with their preparation. It provides an excellent platform for discussion about TANCET  with other aspirants. The advantages of PagalGuy are listed below:

  • PagalGuy provides plenty of information and news on TANCET 2020 examination including TANCET 2020 syllabus, admission process, and important dates. You will also get all the latest news and real-time updates related to TANCET exam on this portal.
  • Students get an interactive forum where they can discuss their problems and queries related to TANCET preparation.
  • You can find several groups on the website of PagalGuy such as TANCET MBA 2020, PSGIM discussion for TANCET givers, TANCET Coaching Centers, etc where you can discuss your problems and queries with other candidates.

Test Funda

3. Test Funda

The third best online forum for TANCET preparation is Test Funda. Candidates can access various TANCET 2020 Mock Tests from here. They are also given discounts on the package.

Students can start with a free trial. If satisfied, one can opt for the paid course. TestFunda gives students the chance to appear for a free paper-pencil test. Registration prior to the Mock test is compulsory.

The advantages of Test Funda for TANCET preparation are listed below:

  • Test Funda compiles the best preparation material for TANCET MBA.
  • Students can expect a full length Mock paper, detailed analysis report - overview, time allocation, performance analysis & question selection reports, information on National Percentile, accuracy report etc.
  • Students can experience the mock test and prepare themselves for the actual TANCET exam.
  • The mock test series and theory material available on Test Funda help students understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Bulls Eye

4. Bulls Eye

Bulls Eye is an excellent online resource that provides free study materials to candidates. The website also provides free practice tests that can help candidates prepare for TANCET 2020.

Bulls Eye also has a mobile app which helps candidates prepare for CAT/ TANCET and other entrance exams from their mobile phones.

The advantages of Bulls Eye for TANCET preparation are listed below:

  • Bulls Eye provides video lectures that help students score high marks in TANCET MBA. There are lectures on Analysis of Business Situations , Reading Comprehension, Quantitative Ability, Data Sufficiency and English Usage
  • There are more than 50 mock tests available on this platform that help students to prepare for TANCET. Apart from the mock tests, Bulls Eye also provides chapter-wise and section-wise tests.

Google Play Store for Android Apps

5. Google Play Store for Android Apps

Google Play is a digital distribution service operated and developed by Google. Google Play serves as a digital media store, offering music, magazines, books, movies, and television programs.

Google Playstore is one of the most useful place for getting access to 100's of apps and ebooks related to TANCET preparation. Some of the top apps for TANCET preparation that you will find in Google PlayStore include TANCET Syllabus, TANCET Guru, TANCET MCA Exam, TANCET MCA Test, MBA Test Preparation, MCA/TANCET/BIT, Tricks: Aptitude & Reasoning etc.

Some of the best ebooks for TANCET include High Speed Mathematics by Dr. D Anthony Xavier and Challenging Science: Questions & Answers by V. Girija and A. Ramya.

The advantages of Google Playstore for TANCET preparation are listed below.

  • The apps in Google Playstore are easily accessible. Students can start working on them anytime and anywhere.
  • Most of these apps are free to download.
  • The apps provide a complete package of materials including theories and study materials, sample papers, mock tests, analysis, syllabus etc.
  • Students can download the app that is most suited to their needs by checking the overall ranking and review of the apps made available in this platform. They can also download apps considering the file size and choose those that are the most popular based on the total number of downloads.

We hope these top 5 online forums for TANCET 2020 preparation got you some helpful guidance, tips and techniques to prepare for the examination. We wish you all the luck!