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JEE Advanced: Common Myths About IITs

Last Updated - May 08, 2018

JEE Main and Advanced are the most difficult exams for admission to Indian Institute of Technology. It is a dream to most of the science students in India. IITs are considered as most reputed and best engineering institutes in India. As per the numbers, more than 12 lakh applicants appear for the JEE Main every year. Though only 2.24 lakh can make it to the JEE Advanced and a fewer number of students reach their destination at the IITs.

In this article, we will talk about the myths and misconceptions that make candidates think that they are not good enough to crack this prestigious entrance examination. It just takes a good study plan to clear the exam.

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Below mentioned are 9 major myths that have possibly prevailed in the mind of many JEE aspirants:

Myth 1: Be unsocial while prepping for JEE

Studying long hours, burning the midnight oil, abstinence from all sorts of social does and extracurricular activities are not a primary requirement of JEE prep, unlike popular perception.

Proper time management and strict adherence to study schedule are the only requisites for the same apart from focus and hard work. Aspirants need not abstain from their social life. Extracurricular activities would, in fact, act as a breather in the middle of rigorous studies.


Myth 2: Life at IITs involve huge study load

IITs being the premier-most engineering institutes, there is no doubt that the entrance examination to them would be the toughest to crack as only the crème de la crème candidates get shortlisted for admissions at the IITs. Post selection through JEE there will be a certain level of academic pressure in the IITs, which undoubtedly is more than the other engineering colleges.

Tests, Vivas, Assignments and Practical Exams are planned throughout the semester months to keep the students in the grind. Given that only 2% of the applicants actually get through at the IITs, they are expected to be equipped to handle the extra pressure. Students, however, take out time for extracurricular activities in order to lighten the burden to some extent.

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Myth 3: Guidance from Coaching Institutes is compulsory for entry into IITs

Parents and students alike believe in general that it is impossible to crack JEE without the guidance from a coaching institute and most of them tend to forget that without effective time management and relentless, focused hard work, no amount of coaching institute’s guidance can help in scoring well in JEE.

Even the best of coaching centers can only support with study material, mock tests and guidance in terms of syllabus and paper pattern but the onus lies on the candidates to put in as much hard work as required in absorbing the same.

Myth 4: Going by rankings and ratings of the IITs

The rankings and ratings assigned to the IITs based on various parameters by several renowned magazines are basically based on the survey done among random respondents and the views tend to be biased and inconsistent. It is best not to consider such rankings for admission purpose.

Myth 5: You are already successful if you gain entry into the IITs

The common perception is such that just gaining entry into the IITs makes a student successful in life and there will not be any looking back for them again as lucrative job opportunities will be awaiting them at the end of IIT term. However, often people tend to forget that immense hard work is required to graduate from the IITs and to land that dream job offer.

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Myth 6: The Menace of Ragging at IITs

Ragging was certainly a menace until it was made a criminal offense by the Supreme Court. Currently, ragging is strictly prohibited in campuses and anti-ragging cells are mandatory in all educational institutes which students can approach in case of any ragging instances.

Myth 7: IITs offer more than 100% placement to the pass-outs

More than 100% placement at the IITs is a total myth, as recruiters do not care for candidates’ JEE rank but their final performance at the IITs and their overall professional fit with the recruiting company.

An all India Rank of 1 or 1000 will not make a difference at the end of the 4-year IIT term; how well-equipped you are in applying your conceptual knowledge to practical situations will. So it doesn’t matter which IIT one is graduating from or the branch of engineering one is studying, placement is entirely based on candidates’ competencies.

Myth 8: IIT Graduates earn humungous pay packages

Average salary packages offered to IIT graduates are much lower than what is reported by the media. A common perception about high packages are formed as only the top packages earned by the top few becomes news, but in reality, close to 40% of IIT graduates receive packages ranging from INR 4-8 lakh per annum.

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Myth 9: IIT Graduates become idols

Candidates who rank well in JEE to go through the 4-year grind at the IITs and any other engineering graduate are valued similarly by recruiters during placements. Yes, the brand that they pass-out from does make a difference, but ultimately it is their professional fit that matters the most for recruitment.

Moreover, over time, these engineers will be judged more for their quality of work and problem-solving skills, than their alma mater. So thinking that as IIT engineer is God in comparison to an engineer from a not-so premier institute is wrong.

IITs are undoubtedly the pioneers in engineering education in the country but they are not the last. Failing to gain entry into the IITs doesn’t mean the end of the road. Aspirants should have the faith that they can become what they want to, as long as they have the conviction and drive for it.



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