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    Shashank Singh secured AIR 9028 in JEE Advanced 2014. His scored led him to IIT Dhanbad. We had a questionnaire with him and he tells how his nature love helped him to get into IIT. In the questionnaire, we found him very motivated and it will surely help you to get into an IIT.

    Find his questionnaire below-

    Ques. Did you take Coaching Classes? How was it helpful in cracking JEE Advanced?

    Ans. Yes, I joined FIITJEE. Coaching helps in keep motivating you every day. Building up concept is the most necessary thing what JEE needs. Though self-study is required a lot but coaching helps in providing deeper dive into concepts and also helps in making one believe in himself.

    Ques. How many Mock Tests did you take before the exam?

    Ans. 500

    Ques. What were your strong and weak areas? How did you prepare and what special efforts did you put for improving the weak areas?

    Ans. Physics and Chemistry were my strong points but Maths was a bit difficult one for me. I enjoyed solving Physics and Chemistry and a lot of efforts I put in understanding Maths. 2 subjects will lead you towards IIT but the 3rd one will surely get you the IIT. So all the 3 are important irrespective of your interest.

    Ques. What is your five point rule to ace the JEE Advanced?

    Ans. My 5 point rules are as follows-

    1. Believe in oneself.
    2. Hard work.
    3. Improve regularly.
    4. IIT is not everything (This thought helps in motivation)
    5. Don't fear questions.

    All above mentioned are not going to help unless you are passionate about getting into IIT. Motivation changes but the basic idea remains the same.

    Ques. Physics: Discuss your strategy for the section.

    Ans. Visualization is the most important thing required in Physics. Solve as many as problems as you can and it will clear all your doubts. Build up concepts that are hard to be questioned. Be creative.

    Ques. List the name of books you followed for Physics.

    Ans. The followings books I preferred for preparing Physics-

    1. NCERT
    2. HC Verma
    3. IE IRODOV

    These books are self-sufficient and will provide you an edge. They will improve one's concept and believe me if you can solve all the three books then one can easily score 100+ marks.

    Ques. Chemistry: Discuss Your Strategy for the Section.

    Ans. An active brain and a nature lover can understand Chemistry easily. Regular practice and having friendship with the elements would help. Know them better and they will help you throughout.

    Ques. List the Name of Books You Followed for Chemistry.

    Ans. NCERT- the only book that I followed for preparing JEE Advanced Chemistry. Stick to the basics and dive into every class of problem you can. Generate methods and mug up the exceptions.

    Ques. Mathematics: Discuss Your Strategy for the Section.

    Ans. It is not a day preparation. Mathematics leads to unexplored places. Only a regular practice will build ones concept and thinking will make you better. I prepared from JEE Main Complete Reference and it helped me a lot.

    Ques. List the Name of Books You Followed for Mathematics.

    Ans. Books are not that important questions. Start solving questions which are hard. Easy question will make you feel better but hard ones will make you rethink on your concepts. JEE Main Complete Reference and NCERT text books are the best to deal.



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