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    Vishwajeet appeared for JEE Advanced in 2014 and secured 109 marks under SC quota. He grabbed a seat in IIT Dhanbad. In the interview, he shares his experience of his journey of strategic planning and hard work while preparing for JEE Advanced

    Here is the questionnaire:

    Ques. Did you take Coaching Classes? How was it helpful in cracking JEE Advanced?

    Ans. Yes, I did. I personally think that taking coaching classes helps you to prepare well for the exams. It's because of the studying pattern, test series, tricks etc. that help you to guide through the exam. Moreover, you may also get to meet some of the students who may have appeared before and they will give you a better insight about the exam that you're eagerly waiting for. I prepared from CP Sharma Classes, 360 Degree Education Centre and Sai Study Centre in Allahabad.

    Ques. How many Mock Tests did you take before the exam?

    Ans. I took 101 mock tests before JEE Advanced.

    Ques. What were your strong and weak areas? How did you prepare and what special efforts did you put for improving the weak areas?

    Ans. I was strong in Maths and my favorite topics were Permutation & Combination and Probability. On the other hand, I faced difficulty solving problems of Coordinate Geometry. In Chemistry, I was up to the mark but Inorganic was a bit hard to catch on. In physics, I faced some of the difficulty in Mechanics while other parts were fine.

    Ques. What is your five point rule to ace the JEE Advanced?

    Ans. My 5 point rules are:

    1. Keep calm and don't be nervous. It will help you a lot during exam as you'll able to attempt the questions with full concentration.
    2. Have a thorough reading of all the chapters in all subjects and solve questions instead of reading them.
    3. Time management is the key. Manage your social and study life. Both are equally important.
    4. Try taking a test series of any top coaching institutions and solve them honestly. Find out the areas you are lagging behind in.
    5. During exam, solve the part first that you are confident in. Don't panic if you solved lesser number of questions, focus on the questions. Prepare well.

    Ques. Physics: Discuss your strategy for the section

    Ans. I followed coaching material and some refreshers. I prepared my own notes for better revision. A good revision makes things easy.

    Ques. List the name of books you followed for Physics

    Ans. I followed the following textbooks

    1. Concepts of Physics Vol 1, by HC Verma
    2. Concepts of Physics Vol 2, by HC Verma
    3. Fundamentals of Physics, Halliday

    Ques. Chemistry: Discuss Your Strategy for the Section

    Ans. I would say, work on concepts and make them crystal clear. Make a small copy containing important notes, chemical reaction and properties related to subject and revise it on daily basis for thorough preparation.

    Ques. List the Name of Books You Followed for Chemistry

    Ans. NCERT is a must have book, you need this to take reference what topics you have to cover overall. Basically, for preparations, I don't recall the name of the book I use, choose a book that you think is the best for you, don't blindly follow others, try asking some seniors they will guide you well.

    Ques. Mathematics: Discuss Your Strategy for the Section

    Ans. Mathematics was one of my strong subject. I didn’t need much effort to polish my strong subject. I preferred good refreshers to make it on track. I practiced numerical problems as much as I could.

    Ques. List the Name of Books You Followed for Mathematics

    Ans. I followed 5 books for preparing Mathematics for JEE Advanced

    1. Mathematics Concepts
    2. New Pattern Mathematics
    3. Mathematics for Joint Entrance Exam
    4. Concepts of Mathematics for Joint Entrance Exam
    5. JEE Main Complete Reference



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