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    PU CET Syllabus for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology will be as per the topics covered in CBSE class 11 and 12. PU CET 2017 is scheduled for June 04, 2017 for which it is very important to know about the complete PU CET UG Exam Syllabus. As per the previous year analysis, more weightage of marks is given to class 12 topics in PU CET. Therefore, it is advisable to brush up class 12 concepts first. 

    Check Here PU CET 2017 Exam Pattern

    • PU CET Syllabus for Biology includes 30 chapters from the CBSE syllabi of both class 11 and 12. In the Biology section, the topics from Class 11 hold more weightage than those of class 12. As per the analysis from last 10 years, we infer that the maximum questions come from Principles of Inheritance and Variation followed by Molecular Basis of Inheritance and Morphology of Flowering Plants. 
    • PU CET Syllabus for Chemistry consists of 18 major topics which dominate the section with most of the questions. For the Chemistry section, candidates are required to focus more on the topics of Class 12 than Class 11 chemistry topics. The maximum questions are asked from Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure followed by Equilibrium and Hydrocarbons. 
    • PU CET Syllabus for Physics comprises 23 chapters. This section is considered one of the toughest thresholds in PU CET by many of the aspirants. It gives maximum weightage to Class 12 topics than Class 11 topics from CBSE Syllabus. Most of the questions are asked from Current Electricity, Semi- Conductors and Laws of Motion. 

    Panjab University conducts PU CET for admission to undergraduate programmes in Pharmacy and BSc. Panjab University invites applications from eligible candidates at their official website i.e. puchd.ac.in. Apply For PU CET

    • PU CET UG exam consists of 4 sections- Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology.
    • The medium of PU CET UG exam is English language only.
    • PU CET UG is held in offline mode. 
    • For each section, a total of 70 minutes is allotted to complete the exam. 
    • The sections comprise 60 questions each for total marks of 120.

    A candidate has to return both the answer sheet and the question paper once the exam is over. Check below the detailed PU CET UG test pattern for Science course:

    Number of Sections4
    Time for each section70 minutes
    Number of questions each section60
    Marks for every correct answer+2
    Negative marking-0.5
    Mode of testOffline
    Medium of examEnglish

    The Syllabus of PU CET is designed to be at par with higher secondary standard with only few surprises.

    The total duration of PU CET exam is 280 minutes for a total of 480 marks. Each correct response rewards candidate with 2 marks and every incorrect response penalizes them of ¼ marks. Let’s look at the section wise break-up of PU CET Exam.

    SubjectQuestionsMarksTime Duration
    Physics6012070 min
    Chemistry6012070 min
    Biology6012070 min
    Mathematics6012070 min

    The complete syllabus of the PU CET is given below.

    PU CET Syllabus for Mathematics

    The Mathematics Section of PU CET is considered the most difficult section of all. Questions asked in the section range from moderate to difficult level. The PU CET 2017 Syllabus for Mathematics is based upon Class XI and Class XII syllabus. With over 60 questions to be solved in 70 minutes, the section is one of the major deciding factor in acing the PU CET Exam.

    Unit 1: Sets & FunctionsSets & Functions, Algebra, Coor
    Unit 2: AlgebraMathematical Induction, Complex Numbers, Quadratic Equations, Linear Inequalities, PnC, Binomial Theorem, Sequence & Series, Matrices, Determinants, Linear Programming
    Unit 3: Coordinate GeometryStraight Lines, Conic Sections, 3D Geometry, Vectors, Probability
    Unit 4: CalculusLimits & Derivative, Continuity, Differentiability, Integrals, Application & Differentiation of Integrals
    Unit 5: Mathematical ReasoningMathematical Reasoning
    Unit 6: Statistics & ProbabilityStatistics & Probability
    Unit 7: Relation & FunctionsRelation & Function, Inverse Trigonometry

    PU CET Syllabus for Physics

    The level of Physics in PU CET ranges between easy to moderate. The Electricity and Magnetism rules the paper as it hold maximum weightage in PU CET Exam. The Exam Pattern of PU CET hasn’t changed much over the years and PU CET 2017 is expected to follow the same pattern.

    Class XI SyllabusClass XII Syllabus
    Physical World & MeasurementElectrostatics
    KinematicsCurrent Electricity
    Laws Of MotionMagnetic Effects of Current & magnetism
    Work Energy PowerElectromagnetic Induction
    Motion of SystemElectromagnetic Waves
    Properties of Bulk MatterDual Nature of Matter
    ThermodynamicsAtoms & Nuclei
    Kinetic Theory of GasesElectronic Devices
    Oscillation of WavesCommunication Systems

    PU CET Syllabus for Chemistry

    Candidates find Chemistry a little confusing in PU CET. The Syllabus of PU CET 2017 Chemistry is vast and mugging up all the important points, chemical reactions and other key information is little tough. However, focusing on the topics that hold more weight than the one that doesn’t is the guide to success.The given below table represents PU CET Syllabus for Chemistry-

    Class XI TopicsClass XII Topics
    Some Basic concepts of chemistry,Solid State
    Structure of AtomSolutions
    Classification of Elements and periodicity of propertiesElectrochemistry
    Chemical bonding and molecular structureChemical Kinetics
    States of matterSurface Chemistry
    gases and liquidsGeneral Principles and processes of isolation of elements
    Thermodynamicp- Block Elements, d and f Block Elements
    EquilibriumCo-ordination compounds
    Redox ReactionHaloalkanes and Haloarenes
    HydrogenAlcohols, Phenols and Ethers
    s-Block ElementsAldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
    Group 14 ElementsOrganic Compounds containing nitrogen
    Organic ChemistryBiomolecules
    Environmental ChemistryChemistry in everyday life.

    PU CET Syllabus for Biology

    Where PCM is asked for admission to B.Tech Programmes offered by various engineering colleges, the Biology section is asked in the PU CET Pharmacy. The section comprises various topics as listed. Reference should be taken from the mentioned for a better understanding of the subject.

    Class XI TopicsClass XII Topics
    Diversity in Living WorldReproduction
    Structural Organization in animals and plantsGenetics and Evolution
    Cell Structure and FunctionBiology and Human Welfare
    Plant PhysiologyBiotechnology and its application
    Human PhysiologyEcology and its environment



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