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Guidelines on MICAT Preparation & MICAT Sample Papers

Last Updated - November 21, 2016

The aspirants of MICAT 2017 can go through an exclusive guide on MICAT preparation in this article.  MICAT Registration is open till 25th November 2016. The MICAT exam is scheduled on 11th December 2016. So, this MICAT Preparation article will aid in their one remaining month’s preparation.

The MICA Admission Test – MICAT takes place in two phases. The MICAT is an online test of 125 minutes. For the MICAT 2017 Phase I, the MICAT Exam Pattern include two papers

  • Paper 1 will contain essay type questions to check the creativity and writing skills of the candidate.
  • Paper 2 will be objective type to check the lateral and analytical thinking of the candidate.

In this article of MICAT Preparation, the candidates get an idea of the MICAT Exam Pattern along with tips and guidelines on how to prepare for MICAT 2017 and can avail the MICAT Sample Papers.

MICAT Exam Pattern

MICAT does not have a fixed pattern. It is usually split into two parts: Paper 1 and Paper 2. Paper 1 contains 4 descriptive type questions designed to check the creativity and writing skills of the candidate. Paper 2 consists of 90 objective type MCQs designed to test the lateral thinking of the candidate. The language of the exam is English. There are no negative markings for Paper 1 and first part of paper 2. For the second and third part of paper 2, 25% of the total marks of the wrongly attempted question will be deducted.

MICAT 2017 is held in online mode (Computer Based Test) only. Candidates get 125 minutes to complete it. Candidates get 35 minutes for Paper 1 and 90 minutes for Paper 2. It is mandatory for the candidates to complete each section in the given time slot as no extra time will be given under any circumstances. The marking scheme for the exam is not released by the authorities. Section-wise MICAT exam pattern is:

MICAT Paper 1No. of QuestionsMICAT Paper 2No. of Questions
Argument Writing4 Descriptive QuestionsPsychometric30
Story WritingReasoning and Verbal Ability35
Essay WritingGeneral Knowledge25

Read More  MICAT Exam Pattern

MICAT Preparation

It is imperative for the candidate to know the sections wise focus of the exam in order to perform well. Although the exam does not demand tedious preparations and long hours of cramming data, candidates should try and set their minds in the way the exam demands. Given below are some tips and section-wise preparation guide to help candidates prepare for MICAT 2017.

MICAT 2017 Paper 1 (Creative Writing)

 This section of the paper has always been unpredictable. Here, the candidates get to attempt questions based on essay writing, story writing, and argument writing.

Essay Writing – Here, the candidates will be asked to write an essay on a topic which concerns trends of modern life, culture, current affairs, etc.

Story Writing – In this section, candidates will be given a set of pictures and will be asked to frame a story based on these pictures.

Argument Writing – In this section, a topic will be provided and the candidate will be asked to write their opinion against it or in favor of it.

MICAT Preparation Creative Writing Paper 1

  1. The key to perform well in the writing section is to read and practice a lot. Editorials, magazines, blogs, novel, etc. help the candidate to broaden their vocabulary and expression of thoughts.
  2. It is a good habit to write while preparing. Not only does this help in increasing the writing speed, which is crucial in a limited time test, but it also weeds out grammatical errors.
  3. Candidates should avoid using abbreviations and short-hand writing. A legible handwriting and a clear train of thoughts are a must for this section.
  4. Candidates should also practice cursive writing, as a good handwriting is always as plus.
  5. MICA values creativity over matter, candidates should not force it on the paper, but rather maintain a constant flow of ideas.

MICAT 2017 Psychometric Test 

This is one of the sections which does not require any hard preparation. The section of MICAT will contain questions which provide the candidate with a situation and candidates have to write their reaction.

MICAT Preparation Psychometric Test Paper 1

  1. This section expects candidates to write their honest reactions or opinions on the given situation. Candidates can find different psychometric tests online to get to know what kind of questions are asked.
  2. Be honest with the answers. Focus on what you would do in the situation rather than what answer sounds the most appealing.

MICAT 2017 Reasoning and Verbal Ability 

This section of MICAT contains a variety of questions, from Word Association and Venn diagrams to Arithmetic related topics such as Time and Speed, Time and Work, Average, Allegations and Mixtures, and Profit and Loss. This is one of the easier sections as candidates easily get the study material for this. The difficulty level can be regarded as moderate.

MICAT Preparation Reasoning and Verbal Ability Paper 1

  1. Candidate should brush up his/her knowledge of proverbs.
  2. TIME and IMS can help in this section.
  3. Word association is one of the high scoring part of this section, candidates should practice a lot of such questions in order to be quick in answering them.
  4. This is one of the sections where a working knowledge of mathematics comes in handy.
  5. The section for Verbal Ability will contain questions on Basic Vocabulary, fill in the blanks, Para jumbles and Para completion, etc. Candidate should brush up on nursery rhymes, common English sayings, etc.
  6. Reasoning Section will contain questions like Visual Reasoning, Seating Arrangements, Family Tree, etc. These questions check the analytical thinking of the candidate. There are many online sample papers that are filled with these questions. Candidates should keep solving them to get a better grip on such questions.

MICAT 2017 General Awareness 

This section focuses on contemporary social and industry, queries related to media, marketing, advertisements, business, etc.

MICAT Preparation General Awareness Paper 1

  1. Candidates must have a proper knowledge of various brands, taglines, celebrity endorsers, films, related awards, mergers, acquisitions, etc.
  2. Candidate should regularly watch news, read articles, and be in touch with what trend is going on in the country.
  3. Candidate should join prep groups on social sites, as it keeps them up to date.

MICAT Preparation Books

The following are some of the MICAT Preparation Books the candidate can refer while preparing for the MICATexam

  • How to Prepare for DI? By Arun Sharma
  • Word Power Made Easy
  • High School English Grammar by Wren and Martin
  • How to Prepare for Quantitative Analysis? By Arun Sharma
  • Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations By Abhijit Guha
  • Pearson Guide for DI and LR by Nishit K. Sinha
  • How to Prepare for LR? By Arun Sharma

MICAT Sample Paper

As a part of MICAT preparation it is important for the aspirants of MICAT 2017 to practice and analyze the previous years’ MICAT papers or MICAT Sample papers.

Here is a list of MICAT Sample Papers that the candidates can refer to as a part of MICAT Preparation.

 MICAT Sample Paper 1Download
MICAT Sample Paper 2Download
MICAT Sample Paper 3Download
MICAT Sample Paper 4Download
MICAT Sample Paper 5Download
MICAT Sample Paper 6Download
MICAT Sample Paper 7Download



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