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    Located in Ahmedabad, Mudra Institute of Communications recently conducted its entrance exam – MICAT. Known for its unique program, the institute conducts MICAT twice for admission in its 2 Year Post Graduate Diploma in Management-Communications (PGDMC). The first phase of the entrance exam, MICAT-I, for the session 2017-2019 was conducted on 11th December 2016.

    MICAT is a computer based test which is held online and assesses the candidates based on the performance in following six sections:

    1. Descriptive Test
    2. Psychometric Test
    3. Divergent Convergent Reasoning
    4. General Awareness
    5. Verbal Ability
    6. Quantitative Ability

    Here we delve deeper into the analysis of the recently concluded MICAT, going through each of the above mentioned sections while peering into the spread of questions.

    Descriptive Test

    This section contains, as is clear by its name, questions requiring descriptive answers. It is designed to test the creative writing skills and thinking capability of the candidates. This year Descriptive Test had four questions with the total time allotted for attempting these questions being 35 minutes.

    Three out of four questions were based on a single topic: 'Expert Opinion' is critical on Geo-Political developments. The first question demanded 3 arguments FOR the topic while the second question asked 3 arguments AGAINST the topic. The third question required the candidates to present views in about 200 words in response to a request from a leading newspaper editor.

    The last question in the section was comprised of 4 images, where a candidate had to frame a story around the pictures and the pictures had to be sequenced as per the writer's storyline.

    Psychometric Test

    Broadly speaking the Psychometric Test is conducted to analyze the personality trait of an individual. This section has no negative marking and it is compulsory to attempt all the questions in this section. In fact as per MICAT 2017 instruction sheet, any failure to attempt all the questions in this section leads to disqualification.

    This year Psychometric Test comprised of total 36 questions with eclectic mix of question types. The first set was of MCQs which asked the candidates to describe their behavior based on the available choices. The second set of questions had 6 statements each, where these statements had to be ordered according to the candidate’s priority.

    For the other our sections of test a collective time of 1 hour and 45 minutes was allotted. A candidate had the choice of navigating through the 4 subsections as per need. The test automatically got submitted once the time is over.

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    Divergent Convergent Reasoning

    Designed to test the mental reasoning of a candidate this section had 30 questions. The questions covered verbal reasoning, word association and statement-assumption. This section had negative marking with the penalty of 25% of the marks awarded for each incorrect answer.

    In general consensus amongst the candidates Statement-Assumption questions proved easier to solve as compared to word association questions.

    TopicNumber of questionsDifficulty Level
    Word Association15Moderate-Tough

    General Awareness

    This section contains questions related to current affairs and general knowledge. This year the section had 25 questions. The penalty for incorrect answers was 25% of the marks allotted to the question.

    As is expected in B-school exam most of the questions were from Business, Economics, Companies and their respective Owners. Popular topics like Brexit were obviously included in this section. While the difficulty level ranged from moderate to tough nothing in this section could not have been answered by regular newspaper reader.

    TopicNumber of questionsDifficulty Level
    Business, brands and media20Easy-Moderate
    Current Affairs2Moderate-Tough
    Company & Owner2Moderate

    Verbal Ability

    An essential part of any B-School exam is command over basic grammar concepts. Verbal Ability had 25 questions for the topics ranging from pronouns, tenses, articles and vocabulary. The penalty for incorrect answers was 25% of the marks allotted to the question. Most questions were of easy to moderate difficulty level.

    The Reading Comprehension passage was an easy-read with 5 fact-based questions. 3 questions were easy guesses and 2 were of moderate difficulty level.

    TopicNumber of questionsDifficulty Level
    Statement Correction6Easy
    Synonym (Contextual)5Easy- Moderate
    Fill in the blank (2 blank)5Moderate
    Sentence Jumble4Easy- Moderate
    Reading Comprehension1 Passage (5 questions)Easy- Moderate

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    Quantitative Ability

    To test the quantitative aptitude of the candidate, MICAT contained 25 questions of moderate difficulty. Standard topics of quant were covered in the questions which comprised of Data Interpretation, Number System and Modern Math among other things.

    Like previous three sections, this section had penalty for incorrect answers set as 25% of the marks allotted to the question.

    TopicsNumber of questionsDifficulty level
    Number System9Moderate
    Data Interpretation7Moderate
    Modern Math2Moderate

    The scores for the MICAT –I will be declared on 19th December, 2016 on the website of the institute. The registration for next phase of entrance exam, MICAT –II, is scheduled to start from 3rd January, 2017. Any candidate who appeared in MICAT – I can also appear for the second phase, in which case the better score will be considered during admission process.



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