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    GPAT (Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test) is conducted annually by AICTE- All India Council of Technical Education for admission into post graduate courses of Pharmacy. The GPAT Score is accepted by the AICTE approved/affiliated institutes and colleges. GPAT 2017 is going to held on January28-19, 2017. The last date of completing the submission of GPAT Application Form is December 10, 2016.

    This article will provide guidance on how to prepare for GPAT 2017 along with the list of important GPAT Books and GPAT Question Paper. The very first step that a candidate should take while preparing for any examination is to make a preparation strategy along with a timeline for preparation.

    Having an extensive knowledge of the GPAT Syllabus and GPAT Exam Pattern will be a beneficial tool while making the preparation strategy. Besides, the timeline will guide the candidates to segregate the preparation strategy according to the duration remained for the GPAT Exam.

    GPAT Books

    Below is a list of GPAT Books based according to the GPAT Syllabus which the candidates can consult during their preparation The books are listed according to various sub-topics of GPAT 2017 Syllabus.

    • Pharmaceutics: The Theory and Practice of Industrial Pharmacy by Liebermann and Lachman, Lackman, Remington, IP, Martin, NK Jain (for NDDS), GK Jani (For calculation)
    • Physical Pharmacy: Martin
    • Unit Operation: Pharmaceutical engineering by Subramanyam
    • Pharmacology: K.D Tripathi, Rang and Dale, Katzung and Trevor multiple choice, Lippincott wilium Ilustrated Review of Pharmacology, color atlas of Pharmacology
    • Pharm-Analysis: Spectroscopy and Titration from Chatwal, Chromatography from Remington
    • Pharmacognosy: Kokate, Trease and Evans, willis.
    • Medicinal Chemistry: Harkishan Singh & V K Kapoor
    • Organic chemistry: Morrison and Boyd.
    • Natural Products Chemistry: O. P. Agrawal.
    • Physical Chemstry: shishir mittal (disha publication)
    • Clinical Pharmacology: For Pathophysiology & Management of disease: Kodakimble, Dipiro, Roger walker
    • Biochemistry: U V Satyanarayan , Lehninger, Lippincott wilium Ilustrated Review of Biochemistry, Harper.
    • Pharmacology:  Pharma chemistry: Jerry March, I.L.Finar , Wilsion -Gisvold, foye, D.Sriram & P.Yogessawari (medicinal chemistry)
    • Microbiology: Pelzar, Presscott
    • Analysis: Silversteine, Willard, Vogel, Scoog, Y R Sharma,
    • Jurisprudence: N. K. Jain

    GPAT Question Papers

    Practicing previous years’ question papers is a crucial part of preparation for any examination. The candidates can access the GPAT question Papers available below. This will benefit the aspirants in learning a very significant factor of an exam i.e. time management. Apart from this, the relentless practice will also increase the candidates’ speed of tackling the questions. Besides, the candidates will get more familiar with the GPAT Exam Pattern.

    GPAT Question paper

    GPAT Question paper 

    GPAT Question Paper 

    GPAT Question Paper 

    GPAT Question Paper

    GPAT Question Paper

    GPAT Question Paper

    How to prepare for GPAT 2017?

    The candidates must have substantial knowledge of the GPAT Syllabus along with the GPAT Exam Pattern. Study, analyze and review all the aspects of both the above-mentioned parameters.

    Next step is to assess yourself in context with the examination. Know your weaknesses and strengths in regard to the examination. The best step is to take a test using a GPAT Question paper available. Once you are done taking the test, the candidate will know which are the areas he/she excels in and which topics of the GPAT Syllabus he/she requires to work on. However, the test score should not discourage the candidates even if the scores do not turn out as expected.

    Once the candidate has ample information about the syllabus, his/her weaknesses and strengths with respect to the examination, they can start forming the preparation strategy. Divide the time duration remained for the examination accordingly. Allocate more time on those topics of which requires more practice.

    The candidates can also go through the paper analysis of the previous years’ question papers to gain an idea on the important topics and diffculty level of the questions asked. Read the Paper analysis of GPAT Exam for the year 2016.

    In the sections below, the readers will find certain aids on how to prepare for GPAT.

    • While analyzing each chapter, note down the most important points about the topic and note down certain memory tips. This will become handy for quick revision during the last stage of preparation.
    • Another tip for memorizing the topics is to build certain tools such as charts, graphs, tables and paste them in front of the study table. Visualization of the textual information will aid you in retaining them faster.
    • Go through the previous years’ GPAT Question papers. Analyze them and prepare your own set of most frequently asked questions or topics.
    • Practice is the main key. The more you practice, the more familiar you will get with the exam pattern and questions. This will enhance your rate of solving the questions.
    • As there are myriad drugs, classifications and other topics that need cramming, develop or look for mnemonics.

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