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    We understand the anxiety which aspirants face before appearing for one of the toughest exams IIT JAM 2020. To ease out your worries, we have come up with perfect study plan and IIT 2020 preparation tips. 

    It’s not easy to score high when you are required to solve 60 questions carrying 100 marks in 3 hours, while keeping in mind the negative marking. In such a tough competition, you need to outsmart while preparing for the exam.

    IIT JAM 2020 : General Preparation Tips

    General Tips

    In order to do well in IIT JAM 2020, it is important to put in preparation in a well-thought manner. One must ensure there is minimum wastage of time and resources throughout your preparation plan. Below are some helpful tips that will ensure you get a better score in IIT JAM.-

    Start Preparing in advance

    It is always beneficial to prepare as early as possible, so that you have sufficient time for revision and keep stress at bay.
    Be familiar with syllabus and patternBefore starting the preparation, go through IIT 2020 Exam pattern and syllabus throughly.
    Make a scheduleTimetable should consist of study hours and practice tests.Early morning is a good time to grasp something new. Your mind will be 100% active in the morning. Also keep revising the learnt topics.
    Choose the Study Books wiselyThe subject matter should be studied from appropriate books, and relevant sources of information including Practice Papers, in order to maximize the value of the information garnered. Studying from books that are known to cover all the topics in the syllabus is ideal.
    Make NotesMaintaining extensive notes is a highly beneficial practice while preparing for IIT JAM, as it also helps in the revision process. Cue cards with main points highlighted is also a popular method of study amongst previous toppers of the examination.
    Donot Stress out It is of great importance to stay healthy and fit, both physically and mentally, particularly during this stressful period. Regular exercise, healthy diets and a regulated sleep schedule are essential to maximize efficiency.

    IIT JAM 2020 : Section Wise Preparation Tips

    Section wise Preparation

    The examination consists of three sections:

    Section ASection BSection C
    30 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)10 Multiple Select Questions (MSQ)20 Numerical Answer Type (NAT)

    Check IIT 2020 Exam Pattern

    In order to obtain the best results, each section should be given due importance, and adequate preparation should be done.

    • It is important to identify the section which is most difficult and set aside extra time to work on it.
    • For the Multiple Choice Questions section, past year candidates have stated that the best method to approach the questions is by eliminating choices instead of trying to determine the correct answer at the first glance.
    • A similar method is advised for the Multiple Select Questions section, as it is similar to MCQs, with the added possibility of two correct answers, thereby further validating the method of elimination, usually through trial and error.
    • The best way to do well in the NAT section is through practice, including solving multiple papers, particularly all past year papers. Coaching centers are also of help in this aspect. Brushing up on basic numerical methods and information is advisable at the start of the preparation period.

    IIT JAM 2020 : Important Books

    Important Books

    The right study material is integral to doing well in IIT JAM. There are a number of subject specific books available that cover the required subject matter in great detail. Some suggested books include the following.

    Mathematical Methods in The Physical SciencesMary L BoasMathematics
    Intro to quantum mechanicsDavid GriffithPhysics
    Quantitative AnalysisR.A. Day Jr. A.L. UnderwoodChemistry
    M.Sc. Biotechnology Entrance Examination GuideS.S. Singh, Anand Kumar, S.S. Jha Pranav KumarBiotechnology
    Instrumental Approach to Chemical Analysis 

    AK Srivastava, PC Jain

    Vector Analysis: Schaum SeriesMurray R SpiegelMathematics
    Quantum Mechanics: Concepts and ApplicationsNouredine ZettiliPhysics

    IIT JAM 2020 : Tips from Toppers

    Those who have done well in IIT JAM in previous years, have shared their opinions on how to prepare for it through various forums. We have them for you to score better in IIT JAM 2020

    • Start preparing well in advance. Six months is the minimum time period most allow, with 1 year being the preferred study period.
    • Strong foundation in the basics taught not only at the undergraduate level, but even at the +2 level is a must.
    • Practicing on available question papers is imperative in being able to perform well in the examination.
    • Theoretical knowledge in the subject must be thorough for the first two sections, and numerical understanding must be enhanced to tackle the third section.
    • Regular study sessions and clarity of concepts are also extremely important in determining the performance result.

    IIT JAM: Coaching centers

    Coaching Centers

    Given the prominence of this examination, there are a number of coaching centers all across the country to help candidates with their preparation. Each city has centers for candidates to enroll in, varying on the basis of subject and specialty. Online coaching can be accessed on the following sites:

    • https://careerendeavour.in/
    • https://www.tcyonline.com/tests/iit-jam
    • www.adichemistry.com/



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