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    IIT JAM (Join Admission Test for MSc.) for this year will be conducted on February 12, 2017. IIT JAM is conducted for candidates who wish to join the Post-graduate program (Joint MSc-Ph.D., MSc-Ph.D. Dual degree, MSc-M.Tech, MSc-MSc (Research)-Ph.D. Dual degree, etc.) at various IITs or at IISc Bangalore. IIT JAM will be a computer based test (CBT), conducted in seven subjects viz. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biotechnology, Mathematical Statistics, Geology, and Biological Science.

    IIT JAM Exam will have 60 questions of 100 marks and will be divided into three sections i.e. A, B, and C. Each section is compulsory to attempt.

    This article primarily focuses on one out of the seven subjects i.e. Biological Science. Candidates can find below information regarding the JAM syllabus, important topics, preparation tips, important books, etc. related to the Biological Science section.

    IIT JAM Biological Science Syllabus

    In the below table, we have listed the complete JAM Syllabus for IIT JAM Biological Science. Candidates should go through it thoroughly and start preparing each topic with to the best of their ability.

    Basics of Biophysics, Biochemistry, Molecular BiologyTrace elements in Biological Science, Buffers, enzymes and proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and lipids and their metabolisms, biological oxidation, digestion and absorption, plants and animals hormones and their action, detoxifying mechanism, nucleic acid, nervous system, nature of gene and its function, synthesis of nucleic acid and proteins, genetic codes, nucleic acid and metabolism, enzyme mechanism and kinetics, and photosynthesis
    General BiologyPro and eukaryotic organism, taxonomy and physiology, cell organelles and their functions, energy transformation, multicellular organization, internal transportation of plants, regulation of body fluid and excretory mechanism, respiration, cellular reproduction, biology, population and communities, Mendelian genetics and heredity, evolution, animal behavior, genesis and diversity of organisms, plant and animal diseases
    Structure of BiomoleculesThermodynamics and Kinetics of biological system, intra and intermolecular forces, principles of X-ray diffraction, UV and IR spectroscopy and hydrodynamic techniques
    Cell TheoryMethod of cell fractionation, cell architecture, cell division, viruses and fungi, types of chromosome structure, biochemical genetics, principles of processes of development
    Cell Biology. Microbiology, and ImmunologyLaboratory techniques in microbiology, classes of microorganisms, their characterization, pathogenic microorganisms and diseases, nutrient requirement of growth, applied microbiology, microbial genetics, viruses, antigen antibiotics, innate and adaptive immunity
    Mathematical ScienceMathematical Functions (algebraic, trigonometric, and exponential) and their derivatives (derivatives and integral of simple functions) Permutation and combination.

    IIT JAM Biological Science Books

    Books for IIT JAM 2017 Biological Science are huge in number. It is advisable to refer to a number of books that cover the entire JAM syllabus that help complete the preparation without any ambiguity. Here, we bring to you a collection of prime Biological Science books for IIT JAM preparation.

    Life science: Fundamentals and practice- I and IIPranav Kumar and Usha Mina
    Lehninger Principles of BiochemistryDavid L. Nelson
    Molecular biology of CellBruce Albert
    Cell and Molecular BiologyKarp
    MicrobiologyJohn P. Harley, Lansing Prescott, Donald Klein
    BiochemistryLubert Stryer, Jeremy M. Berg, John L. Tymoczko
    Principles of geneticsSimmons, Gardner, and Snustad
    Genetics: A Conceptual ApproachBenjamin A. Pierce

    IIT JAM Biological Science Preparation Tips

    We have bulleted relevant IIT JAM preparation tips that will definitely help you stand out in the race to ace IIT JAM.

    • Follow the IIT JAM Biological Science syllabus with precision.
    • Go for the books recommended only by the experts and toppers. Do not waste your precious time on irrelevant books.
    • Practice IIT JAM mock test papers as much as possible. It will boost your speed and will give you exam pattern know-how.
    • Use resources available online like online tutorials, study materials, online mock test papers, etc. it will save you lot of time and money.
    • Do revision, try not to skip it. It will help you to remember each concept during the examination.
    • Prepare short notes with all the tips and tricks. They will help a lot at the last moment to rehash all the important concepts.
    • Be confident, positive, relaxed, and focused during IIT JAM.

    IIT JAM Biological Science Question Paper

    It is strictly advisable to solve IIT JAM mock test papers regularly to hone your time management skill. They help you get an idea about the topics that are frequently asked in IIT JAM Exam. On that account, we have listed some of the IIT JAM previous year’s question papers for the aspirants. Candidates can find them below.

    Previous Year PaperLink
    IIT JAM Question Paper 2016Click to download
    IIT JAM Question Paper 2015Click to download
    IIT JAM Question Paper 2014Click to download
    IIT JAM Question Paper 2013Click to download



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