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IIT JAM Geology (GG)

Last Updated - February 04, 2017

IITs and IISc’s conduct Joint Admission Test for M.Sc. (JAM) since 2004 to provide admissions to Four Semesters- M.Sc., Joint M.Sc.-Ph.D., M.Sc.-Ph.D. Dual Degree, M.Sc.-M.Tech., etc. The iit jam exam will be held on February 12, 2017 (Sunday).

Candidates aspiring to pursue courses related to Geology must sit for the Geology paper of IIT JAM. Possession of a Bachelor’s degree in Geology (three years/ six semesters) and any two subjects among Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biological Science are necessary to pursue a course related to Geology.

To qualify IIT JAM 2017, you must study strictly as per JAM Syllabus. The syllabus for IIT JAM 2017 will give a fair idea about the related topics and subjects that a candidate should prepare. It is to be noted that the IIT JAM 2017 Exam pattern will have questions.

IIT JAM Geology Syllabus

It is necessary for an aspirant of IIT JAM 2017 to study and prepare for the test as per the JAM syllabus. The details related to IIT JAM syllabus gives a complete idea to the candidate related to all the topics and subjects that he/she should prepare to crack the examination with a good score.

Given below are the complete details regarding IIT JAM 2017 Syllabus for Geology paper:

The Planet EarthOrigin of the Solar System and the Earth, Geosphere and the composition of the Earth, Shape and size of the earth, Earth-moon system, Formation of continents and oceans, Dating rocks and age of the Earth, Volcanism and volcanic landforms, Interior of earth, Earthquakes, Earth’s magnetism and gravity, Isostasy, Elements of Plate tectonics, Orogenic cycles.
GeomorphologyWeathering and erosion, Transportation and deposition due to wind, ice, river, sea, and resulting landforms, structurally controlled landforms.
Structural GeologyConcept of stratum, Contour, Outcrop patterns, Maps and cross sections, Dip and strike, Classification and origin of folds, faults, joints, unconformities, foliations and lineations, shear zones.
PalaeontologyMajor steps in the evolution of life forms, Fossils and their mode of preservation and utility, Morphological characters, major evolutionary trends and ages of important groups of animals – Brachiopoda, Mollusca, Trilobita, Graptolitoidea, Anthozoa, Echinodermata, Gondwana plant fossils, Elementary idea of verterbrate fossils in India.
StratigraphyPrinciples of stratigraphy, Litho- , chrono- and biostratigraphic classification, distribution and classification of the stratigraphic horizons of India from Archaean to Recent.
MineralogySymmetry and forms in common crystal classes, Physical properties of minerals, Isomorphism and polymorphism, Classification of minerals, Structure of silicates, Mineralogy of common rock-forming minerals, Mode of occurrence of minerals in rocks.
 -Transmitted polarised light microscopy and optical properties of uniaxial and biaxial minerals.
PetrologyDefinition and classification of rocks, Igneous rocks-forms of igneous bodies, Crystallization from magma, classification, association and genesis of igneous rocks, Sedimentary rocks – classification, texture and structure; size and shape of sedimentary bodies, Metamorphic rocks – classification, facies, zones and texture.
 -Characteristic mineral assemblages of pelites in the Barrovian zones and mafic rocks in common facies.
Economic GeologyProperties of common economic minerals, General processes of formation of mineral deposits, Physical characters, Mode of occurrence and distribution in India both of metallic and non-metallic mineral deposits, Coal and petroleum occurrences in India.
Applied GeologyGround Water, Principles of Engineering Geology

IIT JAM Geology Exam pattern

From the analysis of the previous years the examination pattern for JAM Geology exam, it has been deduced that the question paper will comprise of 60 Question. It will be covering the 3 sections in total. Each section will have different number of questions. The three sections from which the questions will be asked are enlisted below:

  1. Section-A: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
  2. Section-B: Multiple Select Questions (MSQ)
  3. Section-C: Numerical Answer Type (NAT)

IIT JAM Geology question paper is to be solved in 3 hours. The details of the examination like the weight age of each section and the number of questions asked from each section are tabulated below:

Name of the sectionNumber of questions asked from each sectionWeight age of the section (marks)
Section-A: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) 3050
Section-B: Multiple Select Questions (MSQ) 1020
Section-C: Numerical Answer Type (NAT)2030

It should be noted that there will be negative marking in the section A of the question paper. For every incorrect answer, 1/3rd mark will be deducted from the total marks obtained by the candidate. Candidate thus should not make any random guesses while solving the question paper. Also There is no provision for negative or partial marking in Section-B and no negative marking in Section-C as well.

IIT JAM Geology Books

It is important for students to read the right IIT JAM Geology books. Given below is a list of books that are recommended by most of the experts and toppers to prepare for IIT JAM Geology.

TopicName of the Books and Authors
PalaeontologyPalaeoecology: Ecosystems, Environments and Evolution by Brenchley, P. J., and Harper, D. A. T
Introduction to Palaeontology by Arnold
GeomorphologyGeomorphology by M. J. Selby
Introduction to Geomorphology by Kale, VS and Gupta, A
Remote Sensing Geology by Gupta R.P
Structural GeologyStructural Geology - Prof. Haakon Fossen
Structural Geology - S.K. Ghosh/ Billings/ Davis
GeologyPhysical geology – Mukherjee
Geodynamic Evolution of India - K S Valdiya
StratigraphyFundamentals of Historical Geology and Stratigraphy of India by Ravindra Kumar
 -Stratigraphic principles and practice by Weller,J.M
MineralogyMineralogy - Dexter Perkins/ Cornelis Klein
Optical Mineralogy by Paul F. Kerr
Optical mineralogy by P. K. Verma
PetrologyAn Introduction to Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology by John D. Winter
Igneous Petrology by Bose M.K
Applied GeologyHydrogeology - Todd and Karanth
Ground water by H.M.Ragunath
Economic Geology
Industrial minerals and rocks of India by Deb
Economic Mineral Deposits by Bateman, A.M. and Jensen, M.L
Ore deposits of India their distribution and processing by Gokhale, K.V.G.K. and Rao
Other booksEngineering Geology - Krynine and Judd
Engineering Geology - K.M.Bhangar

IIT JAM Geology Question Papers

Candidates are suggested to go through the IIT JAM Geology Question Papers before sitting for IIT JAM 2017. Solving such papers help candidates in analysing his weak areas. It also gives a clear idea to the candidate regarding the pattern of the examination and all important topics and concepts that are asked in the examination.   

Several IIT JAM Mock Test series are available in which the candidate can appear. These mock drills help the candidate to know about his/her preparation status. Solving IIT JAM mock test series ensure time-management in the exam and help gain confidence to crack the exam.

Given below are a few IIT JAM Geology Question Papers along with their Answer key:

IIT JAM Geology Question PaperLink
2014Click to Download
2015Click to Download
2016Click to Download

IIT JAM Geology Preparation Tips

Candidates can follow the below preparation tips for IIT JAM Geology paper:

  • Make a proper timetable that includes the JAM syllabus topic wise and schedule it day wise.
  • Do not study any extra subjects.
  • Follow the study schedule in a proper manner.
  • Revise the important topics frequently.
  • Do not take your health for granted. Eat properly and relax everyday for some time.



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