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TSICET 2017 Syllabus for MBA and MCA

Last Updated - June 28, 2017

TSICET 2017 Syllabus for MBA and MCA entrance test is divided into 3 sections. The 3 sections namely Analytical Ability, Mathematical Ability and Communication Ability are common for both MBA and MCA entrance test. Section A – Analytical Ability and Section B – Mathematical Ability will carry the highest weightage of questions in the exam. All the sections will consist of different questions. Candidates need to attempt all the sections. TSICET is designed to check the ability of an applicant to think systematically to use the Verbal and Mathematical skills.

TSICET Syllabus is divided into three sections:

  • Section A – Analytical Ability, (75 Questions)
  • Section B – Mathematical Ability, (75 Questions)
  • Section C – Communication Ability, (50 Questions)

TSICET (Telangana State Integrated Common Entrance Test) is a state level exam conducted by TSCHE (Telangana State Council for Higher Education) for admission to MBA and MCA courses in different Universities in Telangana State and the colleges affiliated to them.

TSICET 2017 Exam Pattern

TSICET 2017 exam is scheduled on May 18, 2017 (Thursday 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM). The exam will be held in offline (pen and paper based) mode. The question paper will consist of 200 questions and the paper will be set in English only. All the questions will be asked in MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) format. Candidate have to choose one correct option out of the given options. One mark will be awarded for every correct response. Check TSICET Exam Pattern below for more details.

SectionsTopicsNumber of Questions
Section A – Analytical AbilityData Sufficiency20
Problem Solving55
Section B – Mathematical AbilityArithmetical Ability35
Algebraical and Geometrical Ability30
Statistical Ability10
Section C – Communication AbilityVocabulary10
Business and Computer Terminology10
Functional Grammar15
Reading Comprehension15

TSICET 2017 Syllabus for Analytical Ability

Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving syllabus are the two main topics in Analytical Ability. This section will carry 75 questions under this section. All the questions are in MCQ format. This section aims to check different abilities of applicants.

  1. Data Sufficiency - (20 Questions)
  2. Problem Solving - (55 Questions)
  • Sequences and Series
  • Data Analysis
  • Coding and Decoding Problems
  • Date, Time & Arrangement Problems

Important Topics in Analytical Ability

Data Sufficiency: The questions in Data Sufficiency are in the form of two statements labeled as I and II. If the data given in I alone is sufficient to answer the question then choice (1) is the correct answer. If the data given in II alone is sufficient to answer the question then choice (2) is the correct answer. If both I and II put together are sufficient to answer the question but neither statement alone is sufficient, then choice (3) is the correct answer. If both I and II put together are not sufficient to answer the question and additional data is needed, then choice (4) is the correct answer.

Problem Solving: The questions from Problem Solving are aimed to check candidate’s problem solving skills. This topic is the most important in TSICET exam in terms of weightage of questions. Problem solving focuses on using generic or ad hoc methods, in a sequential manner, for finding solutions to problems. Some of the problem-solving techniques developed and commonly used in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, or Medicine are based on mental problem-solving techniques.

Recommended Books for Analytical Ability

Reference books is the most important part of preparation. Some popular reference books for preparing Analytical Ability section are tabulated below. Candidates can refer these books for detailed insight into all the topics.

Book NameAuthor Name
A Comprehensive Study of Data Interpretation Analysis and SufficiencyAshok Gupta
Data Interpretation & Data SufficiencyAnanta Ashisha
General Mental Ability Logical Reasoning & Analytical AbilitySachchida Nand Jha
Logical and Analytical ReasoningA K Gupta
Logical Reasoning, Analytical Ability and General Mental AbilitySanjeev Joon, R A Sharma

TSICET 2017 Syllabus for Mathematical Ability

Mathematical Ability is considered to be the most difficult section in TSICET by many test takers and experts. The section on Mathematics will consist of 75 questions in the exam. The questions in this section are based on formulas and graphs. To qualify this section, applicants need rigorous practice. The syllabus for this section is based on the following topics.

  • Arithmetical Ability - (35 Questions)
  • Algebraical and Geometrical Ability - (30 Questions)
  • Statistical Ability - (10 Questions)

Important Topics in Mathematical Ability

Arithmetical Ability: It carries the highest weightage of questions in Mathematical Ability section. This section will carry 35 objective type questions. The questions from this topic are slightly time consuming and the difficulty level of questions is usually high.

Algebraical and Geometrical Ability: The question paper will carry 30 questions from this topic. The questions are usually of moderate difficulty level. All the questions from this topic will be based on Statements, Truth tables, implication converse and inverse, Tautologies-Sets, Relations and functions, and applications - Equation of a line in different forms.

Statistical Ability: There will be 10 questions from Statistical Ability. The questions in this topic will be based on Frequency distributions, Mean, Median, Mode, Standard Deviations, Correlation, simple problems on Probability. This section is another section that requires plenty of practice.

Recommended Books for Mathematical Ability

Here is list of some highly recommended books for preparing Mathematics section. Candidates are required to prefer good books for better preparation.

Book NameAuthor Name
Principles of Mathematical AnalysisWalter Rudin
What Is Mathematics?Herbert Robbins and Richard Courant
The Mathematical ExperiencePhilip J. Davis and Reuben Hersh
How to Solve ItGeorge Pólya
Journey through geniusWilliam Dunham

TSICET 2017 Syllabus for Communication Ability

Communication Ability: This section is all about communication skills. It aims to check candidates’ communication skills such as identifying vocabulary used in the day-to-day communication, understand the functional use of grammar in day to day as well as in business contexts, ability to identify the basic terminology and concepts used in computer and business contexts, and understanding of written text and drawing inferences. This section will consist of the following topics.

  • Vocabulary - 10 Questions
  • Business and Computer Terminology - 10 Questions
  • Functional Grammar - 15 Questions
  • Reading Comprehension - 15 Questions

Important Topics in Communication Ability

Vocabulary: There are 10 questions based on the Vocabulary section. All the questions carry one mark. A vocabulary is a set of familiar words in a person's language. It is an essential tool in communication as well as for acquiring knowledge. The questions in this section are relatively easy and applicants can save a lot of time in this topic.

Business and Computer Terminology: This section deals with the terminology and concepts used in Business and Computer hardware. To ace this topic, applicants should have good knowledge of business- related current affairs and computer hardware. It will consist of 10 questions in TSICET 2017 exam.

Functional Grammar: This topic is all about grammar and focuses on checking candidate’s grasp of grammar. Functional grammar is primarily related to social usage and practical aspects. The question paper carries 15 questions from this topic. The difficulty level of this topic is moderate.

Reading Comprehension: This topic aims to test the reading skills of the candidates. Applicants have to attempt 15 questions from this topic. Candidates have to read the entire passage and answer the related questions based on its interpretation.

Recommended Books for Communication Ability

Communication Ability section is quite popular among the aspirants and there are many popular books to prepare this section. Some of the popular books for Communication Ability are tabulated below.

Book NameAuthor Name
Personality Development and Communication SkillsS.S. Narula
Difficult ConversationsDouglas Stone
The Power of CommunicationHelio Fred Garcia
Brilliant Communication SkillsGill Hasson
Principles of communicationsRodger E. Ziemer



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