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    JAKBOPEE offers reservation to certain candidates belonging to various categories. Such candidates are offered relaxation in the JKCET 2017 Eligibility. The Categories for reservation is decided as per the criteria set by the Government Of India.

    An attested copy of the valid Reserved Category Certificate is to be uploaded by candidates who have claimed the benefit of any reserved category. In case a candidate fails to upload the certificate with the application form, then he or she will be considered as an Open Merit Candidate. If a candidate does not have a valid Reserved Category Certificate issued by the designated authority at the time of application, he or she will not be given another chance to submit the certificate after the last date of JKCET 2017 Registration.

    There are 15 recognised categories allowed in JKCET 2017 by JAKBOPEE. Lets have a look at the Reservation Criteria in JKCET 2017.

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    JKCET 2017 Reservation Of Seats

    There are total of 15 recognised categories with Reservation of Seats in JKCET 2017

     CategoriesCategory Codes Reservation in Seats (%)
     Open Merit (OM)6 50
     Scheduled Caste (SC)7 08
     Scheduled Tribe, Gujjar & Bakerwal (STGB)8 06
     Scheduled Tribe, Leh District (STL)9 02
     Scheduled Tribe, Kargil District (STK)10 02
     Other Scheduled Tribes (STO)11 01
     Weak and Under Privileged Classes, Social Castes (OSC)12 02
     Residents of Backward Area (RBA)13 20
    Residents of Area Adjoining Actual Line of Control (ALC)14 03
     Children of Defense Personnel (CDP) * (State Subjects only)15 03
     Candidates possessing outstanding proficiency in Sports (SP)**16 02
     Children of State Police Personnel and Paramilitary Forces (JKPM)17 01
     Poor and Backward Families (P&B)18 Notified against colleges/courses, wherever applicable
     Tuition fee Waiver Scheme (TFW) ***19 05 of sanctioned intake capacity
     TFW and P&B20 

    JKCET 2017 Reserved Categories

    Children of Defense Personnel (CDP) Category

    The candidates claiming the benefit of the CDP category have to upload a valid certificate along with JKCET 2017 Application form. A candidate whose father is working in Defense Department and getting the salary from Defense Estimates is not entitled to the benefit of CDP Category. In case a candidate gets admission on the basis of the wrong certificate due to some reason, BOPEE holds the right to cancel his or her admission, when this mistake comes to its knowledge.

    Candidates possessing Outstanding Proficiency in Sports (SP) Category

    The candidates claiming the benefit of the sports have to submit their sports certificates to the Secretary, J& K Sports Council. The sports council will inturn submit the awarding points to the BOPEE. It is the responsibility of the candidate to make sure that the sports points are forwarded to the competent authority on time.

    The submission of the certificates is to done within the prescribed date. Separate notification will be issued for the same.

    Children of State Police Personnel and Paramilitary Forces (JKPM) Category

    The wards of serving BSF, CRPF, ITBP and CISF fall under the category of JKPM. The candidates claiming the benefit of the JKPM category must enter the correct category code and upload a valid certificate along with JKCET 2017 Application form.

    Reservation for Girls

    50% seats in government Medical and Dental colleges are reserved for girls. Odd seats will be rotated between male and female students.

    The Reserved Category Certificates that are dated after October, 2005 must be issued under SRO 294 of 2005. The Reserved Category Certificates that are dated before October, 2005 must be issued under previous SRO. A valid P&B certificate can also be used for claiming the benefit of TFW certificate. Limited numbers of seats are reserved in medical courses in private colleges for children of Poor and Backward families (Annual Income less than INR 70,000). The seats are allocated to the candidates on the basis of the merit. 5% seats are reserved in engineering courses in private colleges for candidates whose Annual Income from all sources is less than INR 4, 50,000.

      Reservation in JKCET 2017: Key Points

      Candidates need to take note of the following points while claiming their reserved categories during JKCET Registration

      • The reservation of admissions shall be applicable only in Government-run colleges only.
      • The category certificate issued after the expiry of the last date shall in no case be accepted.
      • No under process certificate shall be accepted/ entertained at any cost. It includes under process certificate for the renewal of category certificate.
      • Where a category certificate has not been issued by the designated authority, the candidate shall not be given an opportunity to validate it after the expiry of the last date for submission of the Application Form.
      • The category certificate must be valid at the time of submission of online Application Form as well as at the time of submission of Confirmation Page in the BOPEE office.
      • Where a candidate fails to submit reserved category certificate along with the “Application Form”, his/her application will be considered under Open Merit category, if found otherwise eligible.



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