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    MAH MCA CET is state level entrance examination which provides admissions to the MCA programme in the state of Maharashtra. It is organized by DTE Maharashtra. MAH MCA CET 2017 is to be scheduled on March 19, 2017. It comprises two sections i.e. General Aptitude & Computer Concepts. This paper consists of 50 questions i.e. 25 questions each. The paper will be objective in nature and held in online mode. Candidates will have to solve the paper in 90 minutes only.

    One month to go for the exam, it is time for students to fasten their seatbelts and start preparing in full swing. The more you prepare, the better you score. Here, we are providing some tips that will help you in preparing MAH MCA CET. Four marks will be rewarded for every correct response and one mark will be deducted for every incorrect response.

    General Aptitude (GA)

    General aptitude section is easier to score than computer concepts section. It consists of 25 questions. It will be of 100 marks. It comprises verbal ability, logical reasoning, algebra, co- ordinate geometry, differential equations, trigonometry, mensuration, set theory, relations & functions, probability and statistics topics. The main objective of this section is to assess the general aptitude of the candidate to pursue a computer application profession.

    Verbal Ability & Reasoning

    Verbal ability and logical reasoning is one section which might look easy but proves to be difficult if not prepared carefully. The verbal ability is done to check the language related skills. There are no particular formulae for most of the questions on these topics. This section also includes the test of the English vocabulary of the candidate. The vocabulary questions like synonyms, antonyms, one word substitution, are knowledge based questions. It can be answered correctly if the meaning of the words is known. You need to refer English newspaper, magazines to getting excel in this section. This will help you to clear this section.

    The questions that have been repeatedly asked in logical reasoning consists of following topics which are arrangement based questions, network diagrams, team formation questions, loose/ strict questions etc. Candidates have to read the questions and apply their own logic to each question. Write down all of the information given in the question to solve a reasoning problem. Candidates should be sure to read all the questions before eliminating.

    Quantitative Aptitude

    The aptitude section can be tremendously stressful for many candidates as it is quite challenging section. The best way to prepare for this section is to be extremely well versed with all essential formulae and basics of mathematics. Candidates need to apply short tricks and try to do the minor calculation in their mind. It will help you to solve the questions in less time. If you are not good in quick calculation, then there are certain topics and that can fetch you to clear this section.

    Always start with the questions which can be done easily. The questions from set theory, probability and statistics topics are easy to attempt. The questions from algebra, differential equations and trigonometry are little bit difficult and time consuming. If you stuck at any problem, leave it and move forward. Mensuration carries highest weightage in this section. The difficulty level of this section comes easy to moderate level. Candidates need to do practice of numerical aptitude on daily basis to score high marks in this section.

    Computer Concepts (CC)

    Computer concept is the main section in MAH MCA CET. It consists of 25 questions carrying a total of 100 marks. It comprises computer basics, data representation, binary arithmetic, computer architecture, computer language and operating system basics topics in the examination. Candidates should be aware of the exam pattern. Check the following table to know the complete details of this section including sub topics and level of the questions as mentioned below:

    TopicsSub- TopicsLevel of Difficulty
    Computer BasicsOrganization of computer, CPU, memory organization, I/O devicesTheoretical topics, less time consuming, easy to score
    Data RepresentationBinary to hexadecimal representation, integers, fractionsNumerical, time consuming, quite easy to attempt
    Binary ArithmeticComplement, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, Venn diagram, truth tables, Boolean algebraHigh accuracy possible, easy to moderate level, tricky
    Computer ArchitectureBlock structure of computers, interrupts, processorDiagram based questions, Very high accuracy possible,
    Computer LanguageAssembly/ high level language, programming in C, operating systemCover vast topics, moderate to difficult level
    Operating System BasicsMulti-programming/ time sharing operating systemBasics of OS, high scoring

    This section tests the computer based basic knowledge and basics of operating systems. The questions from computer basics are quite easy to attempt. Computer language and binary arithmetic questions require a lot of practice to get the accurate answer because they are highly confusing. Candidate belongs to BCA background has an advantage for this section.

    Practicing with books will be beneficially for candidates to be familiar with the exam. Here, we are providing some recommended books for MAH MCA CET preparation in the table below:

    Name of BookAuthorISBN No.
    MCA CET MaharashtraTeam of Experts-
    MCA Entrance ExaminationJ V Subrahmanyam8172541589
    A Comprehensive guide for MCAR S Aggarwal8121914817
    A Complete study package for MCA EntrancesAmit M Aggarwal9385980386
    11 Years Solved Papers MCA EntrancesAmit M Aggarwal9352037346
    The perfect study resource for MCAExperts Compilation9352039785



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