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    NEET 2019 final Answer Keys are released for the exam conducted on May 5, 2019. Candidates can check the same at the official website of NTA i.e. Download NEET 2019 official answer keys

    Latest: NEET Result has been released on June 5, 2019 at Check Here

    Apart from the official answer keys, many other top coaching institutes also released NEET Answer Keys. In case of any confusion, candidates can refer the answer keys given by them. The exam is conducted every year by NTA to admit candidates into MBBS and BDS courses across the various medical and dental colleges participating in NEET. Check NEET Counselling

    Applicants who will successfully qualify the exam and score equal or more than NEET 2019 Cut off will participate in the counselling process. 

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    ​Download NEET 2019 Official Answer Keys PDFs

    NEET Answer KeysDownload Link
    Paper Code – Q1Download
    Paper Code – R1Download
    Paper Code – Q6Download
    Paper Code – P2Download

    Candidates can predict their rank by putting their scores obtained from NEET 2019 answer keys in the NEET Rank Predictor 2019.

    NEET 2019 Rank Predictor

    NEET 2018 Answer Key by Coaching Institutes

    Coaching InstituteCodes AA/ BB/ CC/ DDCodes EE/ FF/ GG/ HHCodes KK/ LL/ MM/ NNCodes PP/ QQ/ RR/ SSCodes WW/ XX/ YY/ ZZSolutions
    Aakash Institute

    Download - AA

    Download - BB

    Download - CC

    Download - DD

    Download - EE

    Download - FF

    Download - GG

    Download - HH

    Download - KK

    Download - LL

    Download - MM

    Download - NN

    Download - PP

    Download - QQ

    Download - RR

    Download - SS

    Download - WW

    Download - XX

    Download - YY

    Download - ZZ






    ResonanceDownload - FFAvailable SoonAvailable SoonDownload - PPDownload - QQDownload - RRDownload - XXAvailable Soon
    Allen KotaDownload - AA, BB, CC, DDDownload - EE, FF, GG, HHDownload - KK, LL, MM, NN

    Download - PP, QQ, RR, SS

    PP - Physics

    PP - Chemistry

    PP - Biology

    Download - WW, XX, YY, ZZ



    Rao IIT AcademyDownload - CCDownload - DD

    Download - EEDownload - FF

    Download - GG

    Download - HH

    Download - LL Download - KK

    Download - MM

    Download - PPDownload - WWDownload - FF
    Career PointDownload - AA, BB, CC, DDDownload - EE, FF, GG, HHAvailable SoonDownload - PPDownload - QQ, RR, SSAvailable Soon
    PathfinderDownload - BBAvailable SoonAvailable SoonAvailable SoonAvailable SoonAvailable Soon
    Motion IIT JEEDownload - AA, BB, CC, DDDownload - EE, FF, GG, HHDownload - KK, LL, MM, NNDownload - PP, QQ, RR, SSDownload - WW, XX, YY, ZZAvailable Soon
    PlancessAvailable SoonAvailable SoonAvailable SoonAvailable SoonAvailable SoonAvailable Soon
    Brilliant Study CentreAvailable SoonDownload - GGAvailable SoonAvailable SoonAvailable SoonAvailable Soon
    Affinity ClassesDownload - AADownload - BBDownload - CC Download - DDAvailable SoonAvailable SoonAvailable SoonAvailable SoonAvailable Soon
    PotentialDownload - AA/BBDownload - CC/DD Available Soon Available Soon Available Soon Available Soon Available Soon
    ExtramarksAvailable SoonDownload - EE, FF, GG, HHAvailable SoonAvailable SoonAvailable SoonAvailable Soon
    KelvinAvailable SoonAvailable SoonAvailable SoonAvailable SoonDownload - YYAvailable Soon

    NEET 2019 Question Papers

    • The available question paper codes are AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, GG, HH, KK, LL, MM, NN, PP, RR, QQ, SS and WW, XX, YY and ZZ.
    • All the test booklets of NEET 2019 will be in English and Hindi languages.
    • NEET 2019 question paper will also be available in a total of eleven languages, including Hindi, English and Urdu, along with other vernacular languages such as Assamese, Bengali, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi, Oriya, Telugu and Kannada.

    Also Check NEET Cutoff

    NEET 2018 Question Papers 

    Paper CodeQuestion PaperPaper CodeQuestion Paper
    Code AAClick HereCode MMClick here
    Code BBClick hereCode NNClick here
    Code CCClick hereCode PPClick here
    Code DDClick hereCode QQClick here (Part 1)Click here (Part 2)
    Code EEClick hereCode RRClick here
    Code FFClick hereCode SSClick here
    Code GGClick hereCode WWClick here
    Code HHClick hereCode XXClick here
    Code KKClick hereCode YYClick here
    Code LLClick hereCode ZZClick here

    NEET Paper Analysis 2019

    The overall complexity level of the exam could be ranked at easy to moderate range. To the surprise of students, Physics was, though, the toughest among the three but, comparatively, was softer on students. On the other hand, Biology had lengthy and descriptive questions making it tougher than it usually does. Chemistry being the easiest and scoring section compensated for the difficulty of the two sections.

    NEET 2019 Physics Paper Analysis

    • Physics paper was dominated with questions from Mechanics and Electrodynamics.
    • Other major chapters include Optics, Modern Physics, Electronics, Heat and Waves.
    • More than half of paper was set from class 11 syllabus.

    NEET 2019 Chemistry Paper Analysis

    • Chemistry was an easy paper having more than 55% of questions from the curriculum of class 11 and 45% from Class 12 syllabus.
    • Physical Chemistry questions occupied the maximum space in the paper set followed by inorganic and Organic Chemistry.
    • Many questions were directly picked up from NCERT books of class 11 and 12 and previous years’ papers.

    NEET 2019 Biology Paper Analysis

    • Out of the total 90 questions, 50 belonged to Botany while 40 questions were asked from Zoology.
    • Human Physiology, Genetics and Molecular Biology Plant physiology and Ecology had maximum share in the paper.
    • Candidates who had prepared well from NCERT books would have an extra edge as, though, the questions were lengthy but completely based on the curriculum books.

    NEET 2018 Paper Analysis

    NEET 2018 comprised of three subjects: Physics, chemistry, Biology (Botany & Zoology). Each subject had 45 questions, and each question carried four marks with a penalty of 1 mark for every wrong answer. Candidates must be aware of the NEET Exam Pattern before appearing for the exam.

    In this article, we have covered a detailed summary of NEET 2018 Paper Analysis so that candidates can assess the areas they need to pay more attention to.

    NEET 2018 Paper Analysis: Physics

    Physics had a total of 45 questions. The section was lengthy and included lengthy calculations. A lot of questions were asked from private publications, and NCERT textbooks did not carry much weightage. This section was pretty balanced as per the NEET Syllabus and the important topics.

    The difficulty level ranged from moderate to difficult as most of the concepts were not tough to solve, but they included extensive calculations. Hence, this section tends to be lengthy.

    Here is a weightage-wise dissection of the most important chapters in NEET 2018 Physics section

    ChapterChapter-wise % Weightage
    Mechanical Properties11
    Current Electricity8.9
    Dual Nature of Matter & Radiation6.7
    Magnetism & Moving Charges6.7
    Rigid Body Dynamics6.7
    Work, Energy and Power6.7

    NEET 2018 Paper Analysis: Chemistry

    NEET chemistry section had 45 questions which were well balanced between organic and inorganic chemistry. Chemistry section was comparatively easier. Just like Physics, chemistry section also covered some questions beyond the NCERT textbook. However, the questions were pretty direct and thus, not such a hassle for students since they did not require much time. If one knew the formula well, then chemistry section was a no brainer. 

    Here are the chapters with most weightage in the chemistry section

    ChapterChapter-wise % Weightage
    Basic Concepts13
    Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids8.9
    Chemical Bonding6.7
    Coordination Compounds6.7
    Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry4.4
    Alkanes, Alkenes and Alkynes6.7

    NEET 2018 Paper Analysis: Biology

    The biology section was divided into botany and zoology with 45 questions each for both. The biology section was of easy to moderate difficulty. The question paper gave equal weightage to Class 11 and Class 12 syllabus. In biology, the whole syllabus was important as it was evenly distributed in terms of important topics. Genetics and biotechnology were the toughest topics in NEET Exam. 

    Refer to the following table for a better understanding of the important topics in Biology.

    ChapterChapter-wise % Weightage
    Biological Classification10
    Principles of Inheritance and Variation7.8
    Morphology of Flowering Plants6.7
    Cell: The Unit of Life6.7
    Animal Kingdom4.4

    Display of NEET 2019 OMR Sheet

    Candidates can check their OMR sheet with the help of following steps:

    1. Visit the official website of NTA-
    2. Enter your login credentials- User ID/Registration Number and password.
    3. Click on the ‘submit’ button.
    4. The OMR Sheet would appear on the screen.
    5. Candidates should download and save this OMR Sheet for future reference.

    Challenging Official NEET Answer Key 2019

    NTA will allow the candidates to register their grievance (if any) with regards to the official answer keys through an answer key challenge procedure. Candidates would be allowed to submit their complaint only via online mode by submitting a fee of INR 1000 per question. The fee will be refunded only if the challenge is found to be correct. Challenging of the answer is allowed only for a specific time period which will be notified by NTA on its website.

    Candidates must perform the following steps in case they want to challenge official NEET 2019 Answer Key.

    1. Visit the official website of NTA.
    2. Fill the complete form provided for this purpose on the website.
    3. Mention all the answer for which you want to challenge the official answer key.
    4. Upload the supporting document/documents and the required fee.
    5. Click on submit.
    6. After successful completion of document updating and fee payment process, a window will appear on the screen that would confirm the successful submission of the challenge.
    7. Candidates should take a snapshot or printout of the screen displaying above message for future reference.

    The entire procedure will be conducted online, and no offline applications for the same will be entertained.

    Also Check NEET Merit List 

    How to Tally NEET 2019 Scores?

    • Candidates would be able to evaluate their scores by comparing their OMR Sheet and official answer key released by NTA.
    • The answers can be tallied by comparing the answers marked in answer key with published answer key.
    • If the answer matches, the candidate will be rewarded with 4 marks, whereas a penalty of 1 mark will be levied for marking incorrect response.
    • Based on this, candidates will be able to get a rough idea of how much they will score in NEET 2019.
    • It is necessary for candidates to meet the minimum required cut off as released by NTA. Once qualified, candidates will be called for NEET Counselling Process.

    NEET 2019 Cut Off (Expected)

    NEET 2019 Cut off would depend upon various factors like:

    • Number of applicants for the exam
    • Seats available
    • Difficulty level of the question paper
    • Marking Scheme for a particular year and other related factors

    The cut off also varies from college to college and course to course. For your, reference we have tabulated the expected cut off (based on previous year cut off trends) for NEET 2019.

    CategoryCut Off
    General50 percentile
    OBC/ST/SC40 percentile
    PH45 percentile
    PH belonging to OBC/SC/ST40 percentile



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