NEET Online Coaching: Know best Online Platforms for NEET 2020 Preparation

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    Online coaching is a great substitute for learning. It can save a lot of money for the candidates and can even make them learn a lot more than regular classes due to the advancement in technologies and facility for repetitive consultations.

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    With the evolution of smartphones, it’s high range of accessibility and abundance in its usage with fast internet connection, transmitting education to students from distant lands has become reasonably economic and quite effective. Candidates appearing for any entrance test take support of online platforms. This is why there is a rapid growth in the number of Online Coachings for NEET.

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    There are a number of trusted online coachings available for NEET. What differentiates between them is the fee and quality of education in large. Certain coachings like NEETprep provide great content with reasonable fees. On the other hand, coachings like Byju’s which carry in its ambit amazing content but charge higher to get access to the content. It is on the discretion of NEET aspirants as to which coaching they wish to pursue.

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    Below we have provided a list of some top NEET online coachings based on student reviews. There may be many questions in students’ minds and we would try to provide an answer to all.

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    Top NEET Online Coaching

    Top NEET Online Coaching

    According to a survey report published in 2020 where the base criteria was personal attention to students, one to one classes, and ranks, there are top 5 online NEET Coaching centres listed below:

    1. Gate Indian Institute of Tutorials (GATEIIT)

    Gate Indian Institute of Tutorials (GATEIIT) is considered to be the best Online NEET-UG coaching classes for almost all branches and subjects.

    Gate Indian Institute of Tutorials is one of the best online coaching institutes where class strength is restricted to maximum 10 students in every batch to maintain the high teaching and learning quality so that students can learn best. Moreover, faculties perform at the level of excellence with an aim to provide all students individual attention to their performance and clear one to one doubts of each student.

    The online coaching platform covers the NEET-UG Syllabus two times with revision so that all students can learn well all the subjects without having any doubts.

    Not only this Gate Indian Institute of Tutorials is also very good for NEET-UG study material, two times syllabus completion, unlimited tests, class notes, assignments, best professors, etc, and many more things which a candidate can get access to at an affordable price.

    GATEIIT has received best ranks and results in 2019 for NEET online personal classes.

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    2. Aakash iTutor ( By Aakash Institute )

    Aakash iTutor is a digital solution that provides you access to recorded video lectures from top faculties of Aakash, high quality ebooks, assessments, quizzes and test series {All India Test Series (AIATS)}, and video lectures & study material in memory chips.

    Advantages of Aakash iTutor are:

    • Get taught by the best teachers
    • Comprehensive content
    • Flexibility of choosing content of one’s choice
    • Doubt Resolution by Experts
    • Best coaching at a fractional price
    • Self-paced Learning
    • Online Test series for different sets of question papers for practice

    3. NEETprep 

    Going by the name, NEETprep is solely for NEET students. This online coaching is really good for those who can’t get themselves enrolled in big brands or who can’t move to Kota (city hub for coaching) for some reason. It is a boon for those students who belong to small cities where there are no good institutions.

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    4. Darwin 

    Darwin allows a candidate to attempt enough mock tests of varying difficulties with confidence and calmness. Apart from daily practicing the topic-wise MCQs and solving previous year questions, candidates can attempt daily mock tests present on the app on a regular basis. This will not only help them to get aware and comfortable with the latest exam pattern but also to know where they actually stand in the competition. They can make use of the platform to monitor their progress on a daily basis.

    The revision tests provided by Darwin are extremely beneficial. They help candidates analyze where they are lagging behind and work specifically on mistakes (MCQs that might go wrong in previous tests).

    The most advantageous feature is that one can design their test based on a certain topic(s) and try to solve them in a decided time. 

    5. ALLENtab ( By ALLEN Career Institute ) 

    ALLENtab is basically a Testing & Analyzing e-Book which will increase the probability of selection of Medical/Engineering/IIT aspirants by manifolds. It is one of the best e-learning tools for academic brilliance. ALLENtab is customized to improve students’ results and ranks.

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    Benefits of ALLENtab

    ALLENtab is a beneficial revision tool for a student which  adds on to improve the performance of candidates  in competitive exams. It provides:

    1. Comprehensive study material is designed by world class faculties.
    2. A student can avail the advantage of e-learning all the way through a string of interactive tools viz. Smarter Learning, Regular Tests, Analytical Performance Reports, SWOT Analysis etc.
    3. With the preparation of target exams, a student can prepare for his/her respective boards examination also as it comes with board revision tools.
    4. With the availability of necessary hints & solutions, doubts can be cleared on the spot, thereby time, energy and money are saved.
    5. Students can create their own glossary & wiki.
    6. Digitized voice notes in huge inbuilt storage reduce the size of bookshelf.

    6. Byju's

    Byju’s provides study materials designed by the best mentors of top ranked medical institutions in India. A medical aspirant can practice various NEET exam previous question papers, latest NEET exam pattern and syllabus, biology and other NEET exam topics. These medical entrance preparation apps are also useful for other medical entrance exams such as AIIMS, KEAM, AIPMT, COMEDK, JIPMER etc.

    The learning app of the online coaching platform contains video class modules that provide a clear understanding. Special modules have been included for NEET coaching class for students studying in class 11 and 12. The app also features a mock test for each chapter based on CBSE, ICSE, and state board syllabus.

    During the process of preparing for NEET exam, the app analyses a candidate’s study pattern and suggests that they focus on weaker subjects. Candidates can contact their mentor at any point of time through the app.

    Advantages of Byju's Learning App

    • Visualization of the concepts helps students retain heavy concepts and terminologies in Biology better, and avoid memorization route.
    • Medical aspirants can get access to multiple test modules across chapters until they attain perfection.
    • Students will learn quick techniques that will help them in managing time and cracking complex questions for chemistry and physics.
    • Also. students will get better at selecting the right questions to solve.

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    7. Toppr

    Toppr is a platform that helps a candidate boost up its confidence and makes him/her accomplish the set goal. In the last weeks of NEET preparation, no candidate wishes to be overwhelmed by having extremely tough questions put forward one after another. The platform understands the skill level of the candidates and provides intuitive question format. The format is such that it possesses challenging questions progressively that further pushes candidates to perform better.

    The tests on Toppr, also offer hints and solutions that allow one to understand where they are going wrong, assess their strengths and weaknesses and work on the areas where they need to. With real-time feedback candidates will also get immediate information on your performance, allowing them to hone their strengths and rectify their weak zones for better results in NEET.

    Why should one take NEET Online Coaching?

    Why should one take NEET Online Coaching?

    There are many merits of NEET online coaching, reason why today we see a surge in the number of online students along with coaching platforms. Some of the advantages are listed below:

    1. It is less expensive: Online Coaching is the best option for NEET Exam Preparation with lower tuition fees. One has to pay less fee than an offline coaching institute. Also, many facilities like concept notes, videos lectures, audio lectures and question banks are provided in the same amount of fees depending upon the platform.
    2. Schedule Flexibility: Many students are stressed about not completing the syllabus on time with self-study. It lays a negative effect on their preparation for NEET or any other competitive exams. The e-learning classes are coming up with their flexibility of time for all aspirants willing to appear for NEET Exam. With e-learning classes, candidates can set their schedule according to their time availability. Students can learn any time or any day whenever they have time. They can also watch video lectures while traveling.
    3. Familiarity with Technology: NEET is conducted in online mode so it is necessary to be familiar with technology before giving the main exam. Not only NEET, but many competitive exams are today held online.
    4. It is not boundary centric: Online coaching has no boundaries for any candidates as they are not geographical oriented. One can access any website, video lectures or study materials while sitting in any corner of the world. Also one can easily access it from remote areas also.



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