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NEET Paper Analysis of Last 10 years for Biology

Updated On - March 21st 2018

Biology Trend Analysis for NEET

Candidates must prepare for Biology from the NCERT books. It is advisable to practice as many NEET Question Papers as possible. This acquaints you with the exam pattern for NEET and the type of questions that are asked in the exam. It is imperative to be thorough with basic concepts to score well in this section. You can expect a range of theoretical and application based questions in this section; most of which are directly picked up from the NCERT Textbooks. 

The NEET paper analysis of last 10 years shows that the question paper for Biology has maximum number of questions from Principles of Inheritance and Variation (67 questions). Molecular basis of Inheritance and Morphology of Flowering Plants are also included in the list of important chapters for NEET. Other important topics include Animal Kingdom, Cell, and Human Health and Disease.

Candidates are advised to refer to help books with in depth explanation of basic concepts. They can also prepare for these topics by solving online mock tests. Acquiring good study material is essential to ace the exam. The graph below gives the total number of Biology questions asked in NEET from 10 years:

NEET biology paper analysis

Percentage Distribution of Questions

Candidates are questioned from chapters and topics studied in class XI and XII. After analyzing the weightage of questions from class XI and XII, it has emerged that questions from class XI have more weightage than Class XII chapters. Therefore, Class XI CBSE syllabus must be the priority of the candidates while preparing for Biology.

The exam also includes High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) questions from various important topics of class XI. The graphs given below displays the percentage wise distribution of questions asked from class XI and XII :

NEET biology paper analysis

NEET biology paper analysis

Important Biology Topics in NEET

The important topics are selected on the basis of total number of questions from each chapter in the last 10 years. The table given below enlists the most important topics for Biology that should be on top of your priority list. These topics require more time and attention than the others owing to their weightage in the exam:

TopicsNumber of Questions in 10 years
Principles of Inheritance and Variation67
Molecular Basis of Inheritance54
Morphology of Flowering Plants52
Animal Kingdom47
Cell : The Unit of Life47
Human Health and Disease47
Human Reproduction47
Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants43
Biological Classification41
Plant Kingdom41
Microbes in Human Welfare41

Principles of Inheritance and Variation

It is one of the most important topics of Class XII syllabus.The weightage of questions from this chapter has decreased over the years. However, the level of difficulty has increased over the years making it an important chapter. There are various questions from genetic disorders (chromosomal and mendal), mutation, monohybrid and di-hybrid cross, dominance, alleles, linkage and recombination, sex determination and pedigree analysis. The following graph shows the number of questions from this topic in the last 10 years:

NEET biology paper analysis

Molecular Basis of Inheritance

This is a topic from Genetics and Evolution which includes topics like transfer of genes and its manifestation in the offspring. The important concepts that candidates must focus on for scoring well in this section are- DNA as a genetic material, Griffith experiment, RNA, Replication, Transcription, Genetic Coding, Translation, Gene Expression, Human Genome Project and DNA Finger Printing. Study the graph given below to know the number of questions asked from this chapter over the years:

NEET biology paper analysis

Morphology of Flowering Plants

Another important topic for NEET from Class XI CBSE syllabus, it is a part of Structural Organization in Plants. As per the paper analysis, questions from this topic are quite easy. Important topics from this section include Inflorence, Fruit, Root and Leaves, Seed, and Semi-technical description and families. Refer to the graph given below for exact information about the number of questions per year:

NEET biology paper analysis

Animal Kingdom and Cell: Unit of Life

The inference drawn after analyzing previous years’ question papers is that these chapters have similar weightage or number of questions in the Biology section of NEET. Overall, there have been 47 questions from these chapters over a span of 10 years. Since this chapter is from zoology, the questions are of moderate difficulty level. This section requires candidates to memorize the level of organization and classification from Animal Kingdom.

Cell is another important chapter from which candidates can expect several questions. The important topics include: Endoplasmic Reticulum, Golgi Apparatus, Lysosome, Vacuoles, Mitochondria, Plastids, Ribosomes, Cytoskeleton and Nucleus. These graphs show a statistical record of the number of questions asked from these chapters in the last 10 years:

NEET biology paper analysis

NEET biology paper analysis

Reproduction in Humans and in Flowering Plants

In the past decade, there has not been much variation in the number of questions asked from this section. The important topics from Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants are Stamen, Microsporangium, Pollen Grains, Transverse Section of Anther, Stages of Microscope Maturing, Pistil, Mega Sporangium, Pollination, Double Fertilization, Endosperm, Seed, Apomixes and Poly-Embryo.

The important topics from Human Reproduction are Gametogenesis, Menstrual Cycle, Fertilization, Embryonic Development, Parturition and Lactation. The difficulty level of questions range from moderate to difficult. All the diagrams given in NCERT books are extremely important for NEET since most of the questions are based on them. The number of questions from these chapters in the past 10 years are given in the graph below:

NEET biology paper analysis

NEET biology paper analysis



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