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NEET Paper Analysis of Last 10 years for Physics

Last Updated - March 21, 2018

NEET Exam, conducted by CBSE was introduced in lieu of the various state level and national level medical entrance exams. It will be conducted for admission into MBBS/BDS courses this year as well.

NEET was initially introduced in 2013 but it was replaced by AIPMT. It was conducted again in 2016. Since then, NEET has been the sole entrance exam for admission to all undergraduate medical and dental courses.

The number of questions and the difficulty level varies for every section. This article provides you an analysis of the Physics section as observed in the question papers of last 10 years.

Physics Trend Analysis for NEET

Candidates preparing for NEET have always been intimidated by the Physics section since it is the toughest out of all three subjects. To prepare for Physics in NEET, candidates must first get hold of good study material. The important topics with maximum number of questions in the last 10 years are Current Electricity (47 questions) followed by Semi-conductors (41 questions). Other important topics include Dual Nature of Matter, Laws of Motion and Rotational Motion.

Candidates can prepare for these topics by solving the NEET mock test papers. Candidates can also refer to a few help books for better preparation since it will acquaint you with a variety of questions that can be asked in the exam. The graph given below shows the total number of physics questions asked in NEET over the last 10 years:

NEET Physics Exam Analysis

Percentage Distribution of Questions

Syllabus for NEET includes topics studied in class XI and XII. According to the paper analysis for Physics, Class XII syllabus carries more weightage than Class XI syllabus. Therefore, candidates must give more time to the topics included in Class XII syllabus.

Most of the High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) questions are also from Class XII chapters. However, a lot of tricky and conceptual questions are asked from the class XI syllabus. The graph depicts the percentage wise distribution of questions asked from topics studied in class XI and XII:

NEET Physics Exam Analysis

NEET Physics Exam Analysis

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Physics Important Topics in NEET

As per the paper analysis of medical examinations conducted in the last 10 years, maximum number of questions are asked from Current Electricity and Semi- Conductors. These two chapters should be on top of your priority list since they can easily fetch you a lot of marks in the exam. A variety of conceptual and numerical questions are asked from these topics in the exam. The number of questions from each of these important chapters are enlisted below:

TopicsNumber of Questions in 10 years
Current Electricity47
Laws of Motion34
System of Particles and Rotational Motion33
Dual Nature of Matter33
Moving Charges and Magnetism30

Current Electricity

Over the years, the number of questions from this topic has decreased but the difficulty level has increased greatly. Most of the exam questions are based on basic formulas and rules of transfer of current. The graph shows the number of questions asked from this topic in the last 10 years:

NEET Physics Exam Analysis


A large number of conceptual questions are asked from this topic in NEET. Candidates must have complete knowledge of the basic concepts of Semi-conductors and its operations to score well in this section. The preparation of this topic must include study of various reasoning questions and numerical questions. Study the graph given below to know the number of questions asked from this chapter in the last 10 years:

NEET Physics Exam Analysis

Laws of Motion

Another important topic in the Physics paper of NEET, a large number of conceptual questions are asked from tis chapter. As per analysis, the questions from this topic are moderately difficult. The number of questions has remained constant over the years, i.e. there is no major change in the number of questions from this topic. Consider the graph given below for exact information about the number of questions per year:

NEET Physics Exam Analysis

Rotational Motion and Dual Nature of Matter

The analysis of questions asked in the last 10 years shows that these two topics have similar weightage in the Physics section of NEET. The questions asked can be both, conceptual or numerical. Last year, the number of questions from Rotational Motion were more than Dual Nature of Matter but the difficulty level was equal for both. Refer to the graph given below for an analysis of the number of questions in the past 10 years from these chapters:

NEET Physics Exam Analysis

NEET Physics Exam Analysis

Magnetism and Nuclei

The number of questions from these chapters also have not seen much variation. Candidates must revise all the formulas and gain a strong hold on the fundamental concepts from these chapters. The questions range from easy to moderately difficult. A graphical representation of the number of questions asked from these chapters in the past 10 years is given below:

NEET Physics Exam Analysis

NEET Physics Exam Analysis



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